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2020_07 24 love enemies

TRUMP: May 17, 2005 – “I love to help people.”

OPERATION LEGEND: [32:29] – President Trump announced he is sending federal agents to Chicago and other major cities to combat a recent spike in violent crime.

The surge of agents is part of Operation Legend, named after 4-year-old LeGend Talifero, who was fatally shot while sleeping in a Kansas City apartment last month.

HANNITY: [15:09] – By expanding Operation Legend, President Trump is standing up to the appalling failure of Democrat leaders to keep their citizens safe.

2020_07 24 Seattle

SEATTLE: On Wednesday night, a mob of about 150 ANTIFA militants gathered near the former CHAZ/CHOP in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and spent several hours smashing windows, setting fires and looting stores.

2020_07 24 wheeler

PORTLAND: While hundreds chanted “Black lives matter” and “Feds go home,” rioters barricaded federal officers inside the courthouse building and tried to set it on fire.

(ACAB stands for “All Cops Are Bastards.”)

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler has stood in solidarity with ANTIFA/BLM. He even showed up to a recent riot to express his support.

Rioters didn’t care. They cussed him out and got rowdy enough that his security whisked him away.

Wheeler is also the police commissioner.

God help the members of the Portland PD who have HIM for a boss.

LIARS: [3:02] – Democrat mayors, governors, and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi raged about the feds attempts to restore order in Portland, claiming it is unconstitutional.

They also said the federal troops weren’t wearing identification. They’re either ignorant or just flat out lying, because they’re wrong on both counts.

2020_07 24 oakland

ANTIFA/BLM: Oakland, CA, Mayor Libby Schaaf has been open about her support for Black Lives Matters. She wants to defund the police and has approved having “Black Lives Matter” painted on a public street.

On Tuesday, her BLM bffs vandalized her home, spray-painted slogans and demands associated with the movement on the mayor’s garage door and sidewalk.

Oakland Police Department is looking into the matter.

2020_07 24 saw

ME TOO NOT: CLICK [:19] – Viewer discretion is advised for this security cam footage of a man hitting a woman with a saw.

Bystanders screamed at the cops who tracked down the guy and arrested him.

In BLM world, when a black man assaults an unarmed white woman, you’re a racist for caring about the woman.

2020_07 24 BLM

BLM: He’s been arrested. The county prosecutor’s office is deciding what charges to file.

2020_07 24 spitter busted

BUSTED: It wasn’t known how many officers’ drinks were tainted. Those who may have received the tainted drinks will be tested for the coronavirus.

2020_07 24 Walk Away say no to hate

WALK AWAY: CLICK [:35] to hear what happened when this guy decided to listen to Trump for himself, so he could crush right-wingers with facts and data.

2020_07 24 new york

NEW YORK: On Friday, a federal judge granted a preliminary injunction blocking New York from enforcing its stringent coronavirus restrictions on religious services.

His ruling said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo violated the Constitution by restricting religious services while simultaneously condoning mass protests.

2020_07 24 catholic hospital

HEALTH CARE: The ACLU has filed suit against Maryland’s St. Joseph Medical Center for refusing to take out a woman’s perfectly healthy uterus. It goes against the hospital’s religious beliefs.

Religiously affiliated groups have already demonstrated that, if forced to choose between violating their beliefs and going out of business, they will go out of business.

2020_07 24 COVID nursing home deaths

COVID-19: Worth watchingCLICK [6:54] to hear Klavan report on Trump’s presser about the coronavirus spike and how the media and Nancy Pelosi responded.

2020_07 24 Biden nurses

BIDEN: CLICK [:33] to hear the context. I’m thinking Joe’s “memories” of nurses blowing on him and going to his home to get him pillows were just dreams. (Or maybe fantasies.)

I was seriously ill in 2016 and had all kinds of weird memories while I was in the ICU. Afterwards, I did a reality check with Dearest and a dear friend who had taken turns sitting by my bed 24-7.

They assured me the weird things never happened. Yet to this day, those memories feel just as real as the ones of things that did happen.

2020_07 24 Twitter blocks Trump

2020: Rasmussen’s latest national poll shows Biden’s lead dribbling away.

Not so long ago, Biden enjoyed a ten point lead.

This week, it’s 2 points.

This, despite continued persecution by Leftist “platforms” continuing to selectively target the Trump campaign and conservative news sources.

CHINA: [2:53] – President Trump has ordered the Chinese to vacate their Houston consulate.

2020_07 24 Mozambique

MOZAMBIQUE: The world is largely ignoring the savage and escalating violence in northern Mozambique, where Muslim extremists have been burning Catholic churches, beheading people, and kidnapping young people.

The girls are sold into sex slavery while the boys either join the extremists or die. More than 200,000 people have been displaced by the violence.

2020_07 24 catholic

CATHOLIC 101: In common parlance, there’s little to no difference between a nun and a sister. But in canon law, there is.

In simplest terms, a nun typically spends her life in prayer and work and silence in a cloistered convent, whereas a sister lives an active life typically serving in health care or educational institutions.

2020_07 24 PARENTING tired

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