Netanyahu’s speech

2015_03 03 BIBI Finally a leader that loves America

March 3, 2015: Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a historic speech before Congress on Tuesday, touching on the strength of Israel, their fears of a nuclear Iran, and their gratitude for the support of the American people.

I have made a Facebook photo album about the speech with links, cartoons, and commentary. I’ll spare you the Too Big email and just give you the Facebook link. It’s a public album. You should have no problem accessing it even if you do not have a Facebook account.

ChristineBravoMom’s Facebook Album

“March 3, 2015: Netanyahu’s speech”

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This is really, really bad news


US Military Spacecraft Explodes – March 2, 2015

The Air Force has confirmed that a [non-critical] U.S. military satellite exploded after detecting an unexplained “sudden spike in temperature” followed by “an unrecoverable loss of attitude control.” Dozens of debris chunks are now orbiting the Earth, putting other satellites at risk. The lost satellite was the 13th to be launched as part of DMSP, designated DMSP-F13, and had been in Earth orbit since 1995.

In absolutely completely unrelated news /sarc:

New Report says China’s Space Plans Threaten U.S. Military Ability – March 2, 2015

“China is developing space technologies aimed at blocking U.S. military communications and destroying its ability to win conflicts, according to a report commissioned by a panel created by the U.S. Congress.”

“The little bit of hydrazine remaining on board is extremely safe. There was nothing to explode. That sudden spike in temperature is code-speak for ‘anti-satellite laser weapon being tried out by the Chinese, but we don’t want to accuse anybody’.” – Grunt of Monte Cristo

“Accuse anybody? Obama probably sent them flowers.” – Chrissy the Hyphenated

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Or maybe it’s just a case of terminal disillusionment.

For more than six gut-wrenching years the lop-eared Kenyan has flaunted his lawlessness in our faces,grinning all the while because he knows he has nothing to fear given the cowardice/duplicity of republicans and a media who have sworn a blood oath to protect him at all costs. He’s often bragged if Congress won’t help him demolish the constitution he’ll do it himself. And he has.

From 2008-2010 he had carte blanche to do anything he wanted because of democrat majorities in both houses. The GOP got a majority in the House in 2010,but he wasn’t fazed an iota. He has Reid to stop any legislation from coming to the Senate floor so he could rule by executive fiat. You know the rest of the story.

Now comes the Butcher of Benghazi,primed and ready to take over the kingdom,or what’s left of it when Obastard wings his way to Hawaii for endless golfing and speaking engagements at about a quarter mil per. The private e-mail accounts set up explicitely to hide any evidence about the slaughter of Americans she facilitated would disqualify anybody but her. Living with a pathological liar and rapist can be rewarding if he’s charming and politically savvy (read: 100%phony bullshit artist).

The House surrendered and gave Barry funding for his illegal amnesty takeover. It seems the outcome was pre-ordained and they were planning on caving in all along. SCOTUS is hearing arguments today that could nullify Obamacare. Don’t get your hopes up. Obama has Roberts in his back pocket,probably because he has something to blackmail him with. That’s how he gets what he wants.

The left has been playing more than half the country for willfully ignorant,apathetic,gullible consumers of all the free government stuff that the dwindling pool of working,taxpaying people provide for decades. They’ve never been disappointed. That’s why Hillary will be the next Caesar.

Missing Inaction Sm











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Obamacrats working for destruction of Israel

Feb 28, 2015: The following is based on a Kuwaiti newspaper quoting “well-placed” sources

Last year, when Israel discovered that the United States was about to sign a nuclear agreement with Iran behind Israel’s back, Netanyahu and his top people decided to launch airstrikes against Iran’s nuclear program. Israeli fighter jets trained for several weeks and carried out experimental stealth flights in Iran’s airspace.

When an Israeli minister secretly revealed the plan to the Obama administration, Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets before they could reach their targets in Iran, forcing Netanyahu to abort the operation. Since then relations between Israel and the Obama administration have gotten even worse than they already were.

Obamacrats and Nuclear Iran

Leftist protesters led by CODE PINK gathered outside AIPAC2015 (American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting) to raise the Hezbollah flag and chant slogans calling for the destruction of Israel.

Why no room for Palestinians


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There are a number of items to post today, but of course,everybody’s talking about Netanyahu’s speech before Congress. He treated the Kenyan half-breed,Popeye Reid, and the rest of that pack of gargoyles with far more respect than they deserved or they returned. I’ll post some of the pertinent news here then follow in the reply section. There’s no real organization to it,but that never stopped me before.


Democrats LASH OUT at Netanyahu, Tell Him to Go Home, Call Him “a Child”

Here’s the video of Rep. John Yarmuth from Kentucky losing it:

Minority leader Nancy Pelosi and Black Caucus members left Netanyahu’s speech before it was over.

Netanyahu to US Congress: This is a VERY BAD DEAL – We’d Be Better Off Without It (VIDEO)
Nobel laureate and Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel was in attendance today.

From his speech…
Why would anyone make this nuclear deal with Iran?

The foremost sponsor of global terrorism could be weeks away from an entire arsenal of nuclear weapons.

“If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country.”

Iran needs the nuclear deal more than you do.

This is a very bad deal. We’d be better off without it.
The alternative to a bad deal is a much better deal.

Why Obama So Dislikes Netanyahu
There is no question about whether President Obama — along with Secretary of State John Kerry and the editorial pages of many newspapers — has a particular dislike of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But there is another question: Why? And the answer is due to an important rule of life that too few people are aware of: Those who do not confront evil resent those who do.
Read more at:

Netanyahu Slams White House Deal With Iran: “Even If Israel Has to Stand Alone, Israel Will Stand”

Just as he did in his speech to AIPAC yesterday in Washington D.C., Netanyahu hinted that Israel will take on Iran by itself, if necessary, to prevent the regime’s nuclear program from moving forward, but expressed hope America wouldn’t force the Jewish State to do it alone.

“The days of the Jewish people remaining passive in the face of genocidal enemies, those days are over,” Netanyahu said. “Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand.”

“I know that Israel does not stand alone, I know that America stands with Israel,” he added.

h/t to Jim Hoft@Gateway Pundit






Added by CtH, cuz this is my Rep and I am proud of him for posting this:

2015_03 03 BIBI Reed proud to attend speech


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Put your glowing screens away before bed time

March 2, 2015: Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital reported today that people who read a book on a glowing screen before bedtime took longer to fall asleep and felt less alert the next morning, as compared with when they read a printed book.

2015_03 02 Light emitting screens suppress melatonin



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Democrats govern like self-centered adolescents

Businesses mean jobs, but Democrats treat businesses the way surly teens treat their parents (badly) and their parents’ credit cards (take take take).

2014 Illinois population drain

The worst states for business are all blue (majority Democrat); the best are all red (majority Republican).

2014_07 Walmart hiring sign Williston ND



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Ben Stein: Obama Is a Catastrophe, and the World Knows It

The following are excerpts from The American Spectator article by Ben Stein entitled, This Man Is Dangerous.
Let’s be clear about this: Barack Obama is a great disappointment.

He’s been in office six years now. He has traveled the world nonstop, as has his former Secretary of State, Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton. He does not have one single foreign policy success to show for it. Neither does Mrs. Clinton. His whole foreign policy effort has been a disaster.
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