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Cruz Fionina 2016

From Carly’s Facebook:

I’m proud to announce that I’m joining Ted Cruz’s campaign as his nominee for Vice President. And I wanted to tell you why:

It’s clear the media elites are ready to anoint Donald Trump the Republican nominee before this race is even over. It’s also clear, to you and me, that Donald Trump’s nomination would be a disaster for conservatives.

If Trump is our nominee, conservatives will be forced to choose between two liberals in November: both corrupt, both big government crony capitalists, both part of the system that has gotten us in the mess we’re in.

Worse, if we nominate Donald Trump, we would be guaranteeing four years of Hillary Clinton in the White House.

Over the past five weeks, I’ve traveled the country with Senator Cruz and his wife Heidi. I have come to know him and his family. I know the Ted Cruz the media won’t tell you about–the loving father, the devoted husband, the movie buff. (Did you know he can recite every single line from The Princess Bride?)

Ted Cruz is a constitutional conservative who has made enemies in both parties—because he’s dared to stand up to bipartisan corruption in Washington.

He has fought tirelessly to change the system. And I know, if elected, he will bring back American jobs, protect our constitutional freedoms, and defend our nation.

Our country is being taken away by the elites, the crony capitalists, and the special interests that have captured both parties. They want to take away what we treasure about this nation.

As I said many times before, we need to take our country back in 2016. I wholeheartedly believe Ted Cruz is the man to lead that fight. And I am prepared to give everything I have to ensure we defeat Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The stakes in this fight are higher than ever.

It’s about whether we want our kids to be able to get a good paying job when they get out of school. It’s about whether we will stand up for religious liberty and our second amendment. It’s about whether we want to live in a nation that secures its borders and calls Islamic terrorism by its name.

It’s about the future of the American people, the character of our nation, and the great country we must rebuild together.

This is why we fight. Join us at

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Crowder Goes There

Just about what I’d do in a similar circumstance

Comedian Steven Crowder Dishes Out Brutal, Nearly 5-Minute ‘Reality Check’ to ‘Social Justice Warriors’ When They Interrupt Event

Comedian Steven Crowder mercilessly tore into so-called “social justice warriors” when they disrupted his opening remarks within seconds of him taking the stage.

Crowder was scheduled to “tell some jokes” and discuss free speech at the University of Massachusetts on Monday night alongside other speakers, including conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos and former philosophy professor Christina Hoff Sommers. However, the comedian quickly ditched his prepared material to give his vocal critics a “reality check.”

“Do you have any idea, sir, how pathetic it must be to be you? These people wanted to hear a few jokes, some thoughtful discussion, but your head pops off the pillow in the morning with, ‘How can I be a professional victim today?’ Let me go in and screw with their act just because, oh my god, your parents didn’t tell you that your opinion wasn’t worth that much,” Crowder said.

For emphasis, he added, “I’m not your gender studies professor who has to cater to your trigger warning, microagression, safe space bulls**t!”

It wasn’t long before Crowder was apparently accused of being a “racist.”

“Oh, I’m a racist…that’s a new one. Where’d you learn that, in social human studies 101?” the comedian asked mockingly.

But the bigger issue, Crowder explained, is that the left is now “openly against” free speech and the open debate of ideas.

“You’re not fighting for free speech, you’re not fighting for rights — you’re fighting for the right to be a p***y and not hear opinions that you don’t like,” he said.

“All right, I’m done,” he concluded.

(Warning: Strong language)


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The Left Wins Another Battle …

… in its War on Christianity.

Brit Gay flag


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Life begins with a bright flash of light!

2016_04 Light show at conception

For the first time, scientists have captured the explosion of tiny sparks that erupts from the egg at the exact moment of conception.

CtH: I think this gives credence to the only theory re: how the image on the Turin Shroud was made that ever seemed plausible to me.  It speculates that at the moment Jesus resurrected into His now glorified, eternal body, there was a huge release of energy that marked the cloth.


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On Parade: Corporate Liberal Hypocrites

PAYPAL hypocrisy

PayPal is joined by Unilever, Live Nation, Time Warner, General Electric in having publicly attacked recent religious liberty measures in Georgia and North Carolina.

Yet, all of these corporate hypocrites do business in foreign countries where homosexual behavior is illegal and, in some places, carries the death penalty.

Georgia HB 757: A BILL to provide that religious officials shall not be required to perform marriage ceremonies in violation of their legal right to free exercise of religion.

North Carolina HB 2: An ACT to provide for single-sex multiple occupancy bathroom and changing facilities in schools and public agencies.


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Bernie Math

You thought Common Core Math was tough? Bernie Math is even tougher:


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A Day With the Obamas

The final stage of terminal nausea is settling in. I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

Queen Forces Obama to Reduce His Carbon Footprint… Banned Half of Obama’s Choppers from Landing on Windsor Lawns


The Queen called Obama’s bevy of choppers “over the top”, meaning the Secret Service had to rethink their plans to land about six aircraft in the 300-year-old gardens of her main residence.

“It was a write-off and the Queen was not amused,” ‘Daily Express’ quoted a royal source as saying.

“Her Majesty refused to back down and said, ‘three helicopters only’. The Secret Service had to go away and think about their plan. The President’s officials were told that the Queen regarded Windsor Castle as her family home and the most important of all royal residences,” the report said.

Michelle Obama Celebrates “College Signing Day” With A Picture Of . . . Michelle Obama…

Any excuse will do.

Democrats Allow Voting By Felons to Help Hillary Clinton

McAuliffe is a lifelong best friend of the Clintons. This wasn’t subtle. There was no attempt to hide or disguise what just happened. This is clearly his gift to his close friend Hillary. The Governor of Virginia just added 200,000 low-lifes and dirt-bags to the voter rolls in Virginia to try to steal the election for his buddy Hillary.

Funny how these things work when you’re tone deaf to what this looks like to good, hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying Americans.

Democrat Governor McAuliffe’s new law applies to any convicted felon…even violent felons…even felons from other states now living in Virginia.

It doesn’t just allow them to vote — this new law allows them to run for office, serve on a jury, or become a notary public.

Obama And The Brave New World…

Obama tried virtual reality this weekend with his occasional frenemy Angela Merkel at an industrial technology trade fair in Hanover, Germany. He reportedly reacted to the technology by saying that it was a “brave new world.”
Obama spends a little time in the ‘brave new world’ of virtual reality





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Marian Miracle in Ecuador

2016_04 16 Mary statue unharmed by earthquake

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