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2020_06 28 chesterton

THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER: [:36] – A violent mob destroyed the statue of Francis Scott Key in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, because he was a racist. He was also a good friend of another racist, Democrat President Andrew Jackson, who hated abolitionists and shoved Native Americans off their land.

So yeah, not a great guy by today’s standards. But honestly, I couldn’t care.

Plus, the suggestions for substitutions include the idiotic John Lennon song, “Imagine,” which expresses longing for no borders, no religion, and no Heaven.

Hey, as a description of New Earth, it works fine. As a national anthem for a nation here on today’s Earth, it’s moronic. Dangerous even.

My one and only objection to our National Anthem is that it is so difficult for most people to sing. Even professional musicians struggle with it.

I wouldn’t mind “God Bless America” at all. But “Imagine”? NO freakin’ way.

CLICK [1:44] to hear an adorable CHILD absolutely crush her performance!

CLICK [1:47] to hear an impromptu duet. This is so beautiful, I needed a tissue!

GOT PLANS THIS NOVEMBER? Because they do. [:59]

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: Big stories from last week that the Slimers ignored [3:20] – More evidence that Obama and Biden were directly involved in targeting Flynn; BLM is Marxist and wants to tear down America; YouTube banned a former trannie (Walt Heyer) because he called gender dysphoria what it is; in every demographic, a majority of Americans do NOT want to abolish the police.

ERASING HISTORY: This is worth watching [3:50] – “These men are the reason why I’m free.”

I just want to point out that I watch many videos and only post the ones I think are worth YOUR time to watch. When I add, “This is worth watching” (or “reading”), it means, “This is extra special so, if you’re too busy for everything I posted today, do try to at least make time for this one.”

The Blaze article about the Emancipation Memorial is worth a look, but I was so angered by it that I couldn’t bring myself to try and summarize it.

Some things are just too upsetting to write about, you know?

2020_06 28 Wisconsin

WISCONSIN: This Black Lives Matters activist faces federal charges for shaking down Madison business owners. If convicted, he faces 20 years for each charge.

He also faces local charges for berating tavern patrons with a bullhorn while armed with an aluminum bat. He also reportedly used the bat to harass and threaten a woman and her children who were outside praying a rosary, but the woman has said, anonymously, she doesn’t want the attention and blowback of filing charges.

BLM activists, incensed that one of their own had been arrested, went on the rampage, rioting and tearing down statues. (What a surprise. NOT.)

Madison’s lesbian Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway (Democrat) has said she hopes to see thug released on bail. What. An. Idiot.

2020_06 28 minnesota

MINNESOTA: The Minneapolis City Council has unanimously advanced a plan to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department. The proposed amendment, which still needs to be reviewed by a policy committee, would replace the police department with a new “Department of Community Safety and Violence Prevention.”

The City of Minneapolis has hired private security to protect council members who have received threats. Taxpayers are currently spending $4,500 a day on this service for people who voted to dismantle the police department.

The hypocrisy … it burns!

MISSOURI: [2:40] – Newly obtained evidence has revealed the woman who accused a former Missouri governor of sexual abuse was paid big bucks to make false allegations against him.

2020_06 28 obamacare

OBAMACARE: The Trump administration has asked the Supreme Court to strike down the entirety of the Obamacare law, saying it wrongly limits consumer choices, raises Americans costs and violates the Constitution.

In particular, the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate violated the Constitution, and if that provision is struck down, the rest of the law must be terminated.

2020_04 23 state church

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM: A federal judge on Friday ruled that New York must allow indoor and outdoor religious services in the same way it would allow mass outdoor protests or indoor shopping malls.

New York City, currently in the second reopening phase, had allowed some indoor offices, retail stores, and salons to operate at 50% capacity while churches were restricted to 25% capacity.

Judge Sharpe on Friday said that those businesses are “not justifiably different than houses of worship” in the risk they pose to the spread of the virus.

The New York State Catholic Conference, which represents the bishops of the state, told CNA on Friday that churches would probably continue to follow state health guidelines for reopening, even though they are no longer bound by law to do so.

2020_06 28 catholic health care

CONSCIENCE PROTECTION: The Trump administration has acted to enhance protections for healthcare workers who have religious and/or moral objections to participating in certain practices or procedures.

They need it. Catholic medical professionals and their advocates report that healthcare institutions (including some of the Catholic ones) routinely pressure their employees to violate their consciences.

2020_06 28 catholic

CATHOLIC: The people destroying our statues are Marxists. The Church Pop article explains the five reasons why the RCC has condemned Communism from its earliest days.

See to it, Venerable Brethren that the Faithful do not allow themselves to be deceived! Communism is intrinsically wrong, and no one who would save Christian civilization may collaborate with it in any undertaking whatsoever. Those who permit themselves to be deceived into lending their aid towards the triumph of Communism in their own country, will be the first to fall victims of their error.” Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, 1937

COMMUNIST CHINA: For many Chinese widows, Women’s Rights Without Borders is the only hope [6:48] – China’s One Child Policy has led to skyrocketing elder suicide rate, as old people find themselves alone and destitute. Suicide has become the expected “solution” to old age in this atheist society.

For Christians, suicide isn’t an option and religious persecution makes their situations even more dire. A Catholic widow in Fuzhou city, Jiangxi province, has had her pension revoked because she refused to renounce her faith. She is not alone.

2020_06 28 save the babies

ABORTION: Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho is suing to stop “The Church at Planned Parenthood” from holding monthly prayer and worship services outside the clinic.

Since these events occur only in the evenings after the clinic closes, they obviously have no earthly impact on the clinic, its staff, or its patients! Satan HATES prayer!

Pastor Ken Peters says, “We are making the temple of Satan angry. This isn’t a political war or an earthly battle. It is spiritual. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty. Planned Parenthood is proving that by their response to us.

Prayer, praise, giving and preaching the Gospel just works. They can sue God’s people if they wish, but God will avenge us. God sees our heart for His creation. Planned Parenthood isn’t attacking us, they are attacking God.”

2020_06 28 beatification

CATHOLIC: Woohoo!! – The Vatican has approved an inexplicable healing of an unborn baby as miraculous. And because it happened after the family prayed to Father Michael J. McGivney, the miracle is grounds for his beatification.

The child suffered from a severe case of fetal hydrops, a life-threatening condition of an abnormal buildup of fluids in the tissue around the lungs, heart, or abdomen or under the skin. The doctor told the parents that, in 30 years of practice, she’d never seen a baby survive this.

The child, Michael, is now 5 years old.

2020_06 28 shower angel A's FHC veil

GRAMMY NOTES: Bunny’s First Communion veil had a funny smell, so Mama Buzz hand washed it and hung it to dry. She sent the pic labeled “shower angel.” LOL

2020_06 28 baptism


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  1. I like that rousing anthem with the broad stripes and bright stars and with the free and brave stuff, thank you very much.

    John Lennon’s Imagine has been such an object of scorn, not just for the lyrics, but also because of those who picked it up as a hippydippy hymn and played it to death.

    I’ve long threatened to write an extensive parsing of the song, to address the lyrics and the author. (I did do one extensive article about “no hell below us.”)

    But you, chrissy, have said it all.
    “Imagine…” expresses longing for no borders, no religion, and no Heaven.
    Hey, as a description of New Earth, it works fine. As a national anthem for a nation here on today’s Earth, it’s moronic. Dangerous even.

    Exactly! It’s expression is idealistic nor realistic. Like “Get rid of police,” et many cetera. Sure. I love my neighbor as Jesus said, but I lock my doors.

    I always just thought of “Imagine” as just one of John’s many snappy but sometimes shallow musings derived from some pop poster. (From the rocking “Whatever Gets You Through the Night” through the lovely and haunting “Grow Old with Me”)

    John was a lefty-influenced but sincere seeker of he knew not what, expressing his confusions as he went along, a shared musical journey of pain, and searching, and eventual recovery. His modern mind rejected archaic concepts (“above us only sky”), but seems he never found a suitable theistic belief system. Typical lost boomer youth in that regard.

    He found peace in his marriage and in raising his young boy, and gave us that in his last two albums. Who knows what changes he might have sung about had he not been murdered. He might’ve even come to hate what they did with Imagine.

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  2. Sean Ono Lennon seams based.

    On the Star Spangled Banner – if I can sing it, anyone can – until I tear up… Perhaps this is the difficulty singing it? No, I understand. Still, after some practice, it is possible to belt it out nicely. And it has tavern-tied history (which is where much political debate was had when outside the church). The tune is based on Scottish drinking ballad, right? (not looking that up – done for today…)

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes, not often, what you post, I’ve seen. Good info., great minds… This true Pentecostal is really getting to understand, appreciate, and find the wisdom of true Catholicism.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      “This true Pentecostal is really getting to understand, appreciate, and find the wisdom of true Catholicism.” … oh my goodness … I need a tissue! 🙂