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HAPPY LENT: [6:44] – Also, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump issued an Ash Wednesday message and offered prayers for everyone observing Lent.

“Today, millions of Christians will be marked on their foreheads with the sign of the cross. The imposition of ashes is an invitation to spend time during Lent fasting, praying, and engaging in acts of charity.

“This powerful and sacred tradition reminds us of our shared mortality, Christ’s saving love, and the need to repent and accept the Gospel more fully.

“May you grow closer to God in your faith during this blessed season.”

CHRISTIAN WARRIOR: [14:22] Austin Joyner (18) was with three friends at an overnight music festival when he was grossly humiliated by Keenon “YG” Jackson, who pulled him up on stage and demanded he curse Donald Trump. Austin refused.

It took Austin some months to prayerfully discern how to respond. His beautiful letter exemplifies Christ’s admonition to pray for your enemies and to turn the other cheek.

The text is posted at the link. It’s well worth your time.

IMMIGRATION: [27:18] The Trump administration is putting a rule in place that will make it harder for immigrants to become permanent citizens if they have used welfare.

The main reason this got done is because we have a president who is determined enough to make self-sufficiency matter again in a meaningful way.” – Acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli

ROGER STONE: Update [3:41] Judge Jeanine discusses judicial misconduct with Tucker Carlson.

Among other things, Stone’s activist judge has threatened to punish him if he presumes to talk about his case. He’s been convicted and sentenced. There is no justification for muzzling his First Amendment rights.

PROJECT VERITAS: Undercover video of ABC News Correspondent David Wright [7:31] In other news, ABC has suspended Wright for letting himself get recorded telling the truth.

Or maybe it was the snarking he did about Disney (ABC’s owner) promoting its movies on its news shows.

The sound on the video is poor and I found the man difficult to understand. However, there is a transcript of the recorded conversation at the PV link below.

2020_02 27 Nigeria

NIGERIA: A group of reportedly more than 100 militant terrorists, believed to be members of the Islamist Boko Haram group, have attacked a town in northeast Nigeria, burning churches and other buildings and forcing residents to flee the area.

The militants apparently arrived with about 60 motorbikes and 20 mounted gun trucks, armed with automatic assault rifles and grenade launchers. At least five churches were destroyed.

2020_02 27 china

CHINA: There’s an interesting article at Back to Jerusalem suggesting that, since the ChiComms increased their attacks on the Christian church in 2018, the nation has/is/will likely experience four major disasters: Trump’s trade war, Coronavirus, African Swine Fever, and locusts.

Yes, locusts. Billions of locusts have so far devastated areas of East Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and India. It’s not clear if the species involved will continue to move east or if they can even survive in China. Time will tell.

2020_02 27 Iran

IRAN-ic: The nation’s health minister has Coronavirus. After he was taken into quarantine, he put out a video saying Iran will be “victorious in our combat against this virus.”

Several of Iran’s neighbors including Iraq, Bahrain and the UAE have shut down transport links.

2020_02 27 Still ok to abort

ABORTION: Weep for the babies who cannot weep for themselves The U.S. Senate voted 53-44 for the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would stop most late-term abortions.

The U.S. Senate voted 56-41 for the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have required abortion survivors to receive medical care consistent with their gestational age.

Both pieces of legislation needed 60 votes in order to pass.

Notice the 53 and 56 YES votes.

It boggles my mind that 3 senators managed to draw their moral red line somewhere between tearing pain-capable babies to pieces and denying care to babies who manage to take their first breath.

2020_02 27 Carson

MEDIA MALPRACTICE: CNN caught heat from conservative voices Tuesday for publishing a report that refers euphemistically to an abortion survivor as a “fetus that was born.”

As it turns out, though, CNN is not even close to being the first newsroom to deploy this nonsensical term.

SAVED IN AMERICA: [3:21]This amazing group of volunteers tries to find missing kids before traffickers can get a hold of them.

2020_02 27 defend your answer


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