My latest update on the campaign trail.

RAAACISM: Top female wrestler who switched sides in 2016 [3:42] – She presents her ideas about how we can combat the Left’s “all racism all the time” schtick.

voter id

VOTER ID: Mexico also requires thumb print identification. And there’s no motor voter anything. You have go go the the voter registration place when your card is ready and prove you have a right to it.


BIDEN: [1:45]He can’t even talk coherently about his own health care plan. We’re supposed to trust him with the nuclear launch codes?

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BIDEN: He is either delusional or a bald-faced liarAnd Monmouth’s latest poll was very bad news for the former front runner.

A national random sample of 800 adults age 18 and older were asked, “I know the 2020 election is far away, but who would you support for the Democratic nomination for president if the candidates were the following?

Sanders: 20% (+6 over previous)
Warren: 20% (+5 over previous)
Biden: 19% (-13 over previous)

De BLASIO: Out-tweeted by a grilled cheese sandwich – When a tweeter noticed that Bill de Blasio’s fundraising tweet had scored only 10 retweets in TEN HOURS, he posted a photo of a grilled cheese sandwich under it saying, Let’s see if my grilled cheese is more popular than Bill de Blasio!

When I checked, the score was:

  1. Cheese Sandwich: 5,908 Retweets 8,177 Likes
  2. DiBlasio Video: 44 Retweets 90 Likes

Also, DeBlasio’s ratio is abominable, with 1,600 comments vs. 90 likes. The comment thread is absolutely brutal. Some of it is also funny.

My personal favorite: “You got a better chance of getting pregnant than getting the nomination.”

BETO: Three pans for four burgers? Using a metal spatula with a Teflon pan? Is there a single thing that he doesn’t suck at? – The comments are great.

Texans were especially triggered by a fellow Texan making a burger in a frying panwith processed cheese … and raw yellow onions. ::smh::

My personal favorite: “He like burgers! I like burgers! He’s just like me. Maybe I should vote for him. … Oh, that’s right. I’m voting Trump.” [Attached photo from when the government was shut down, so Trump used his own money to pay for a fast food spread for the Clemson Tigers.]


GILLIBRAND: Reports are circulating that former staffers of and a fundraiser for Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) are urging her to drop out of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary race.

Stating that she comes across as an “opportunist” and that her debate presence is “performative and obnoxious,” the former staffers contend that she should drop out “graciously.”

Maybe she comes across that way because that’s who she really is. Just sayin’.

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