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2018_11 03 Fall back

TISSUE ALERT: “I was moved by the gesture, too. But it wasn’t the first time someone in America had bought me a drink for being a veteran. What I didn’t immediately understand is that from my wife’s point of view, it was a singularly unprecedented, characteristically American, display of gratitude. … Lilya, like so many Ukrainians of her generation, possesses a clear vision of the life she wants and deserves. And you, dear reader, are already living it. … My wife saw our moon rockets and our skyscrapers and our monuments and our natural wonders. Yet, in the end, what impressed her most were those unnecessary and unsolicited acts of thanksgiving for my military service by total strangers.” She said, ‘This is the greatest country in the world. But most Americans don’t know it.” Read the whole piece … and pass it on! Please!

MILITARY ON BORDER: The first 100 active-duty troops arrived at the U.S.-Mexican border at the port of entry in McAllen, Texas. The Pentagon said more than 7,000 troops are being sent to the southern border. President Trump said the number could reach 15,000. Trump also said he told the military mobilizing at the border that if migrants try to throw rocks at soldiers, they should act as though the rocks are “rifles.” When a reporter asked if the troop deployment to the southern border was a political ploy, Defense Secretary James Mattis said: “We don’t do stunts in this department. Thank you.”

TRUMP ECONOMY: A new Harris poll found that 47% of respondents believed that President Trump is responsible for the current economy, compared to 21% who think that Barack Obama is responsible.

UNEMPLOYMENT: New applications for U.S. unemployment aid fell last week and the number of Americans receiving benefits was the lowest in more than 45 years.

2018_11 02 Racism by Stilton

MEANWHILE: Megyn Kelly has just been canned from a $69 million contract for mentioning casually on her morning show that it used to be okay for White kids to dress up as Black characters when she was a kid.

MEDIA BIAS: Recent media coverage of political violence reveals a clear double standard. “Days before anything was known about last week’s bomber, the media had settled on Trump as the cause.” Yet when a Bernie Sanders supporter and campaign volunteer shot up the Republican baseball team, “the media quickly stopped mentioning the connection.”

HYPOCRITE: Within a space of five seconds, CNN’s Don Lemon went from saying we shouldn’t demonize people to broadly labeling white men as our nation’s ‘biggest terror threat.’

DIVISIVENESS: A recent Politico/Morning Consult poll showed that 56% of Americans believe Trump has done more to divide the country. But Americans believe the media is even more divisive — with 64% of Americans believing the media is doing more to divide the country.

CELEBRITY WHACK JOB: Alec Baldwin has had anger issues for a long time and it seems he hasn’t done much to address them. He was arrested Friday after punching someone over a parking spot. Like many prominent, loud-mouthed Democrat celebrities, Baldwin has a bad case of TDS. Speaking at a lavish fundraiser for Democratic donors recently, he told the crowd that they need overthrow the government over President Donald Trump. Isn’t that just super special?! We’ve fought wars over the right to have an orderly transfer of power decided upon by voters. But Democrats don’t get what they want and so it’s time to stage a coup.

REAL TOLERANCE: The Jew-hater who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh is being treated by Jewish doctors and nurses. “We’re here to treat sick people.” I’m really struck by the difference between the nobility and selflessness of these people as compared with the Trump haters who can’t bear to allow Republicans to wear MAGA hats in public.

SOROS: The left has made a concerted attempt to link any criticism of the billionaire financier with anti-Semitism. But it is well known that George Soros was a Nazi sympathizer who helped his fascist friends round up Jews and confiscate their property. Rep Louie Gohmert (R-TX) said, “It isn’t anti-Semitic to criticize Soros and Israel issued a statement a year ago saying just that!”

LEADERSHIP: Jair M. Bolsonaro, the President-elect of Brazil and frequently referred to as the “Brazilian Trump,” intends to move Brazil’s embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem and to close the Palestinian Embassy in Brazil.

KAVANAUGH: A woman who had claimed Kavanaugh had raped her now admits they’ve ever even met. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley has referred the woman for criminal prosecution and revealed her actions were part of a ploy to take down Kavanaugh’s nomination.

EDUCATION REFORM: A North Carolina business entrepreneur, Robert Luddy, is using some of his wealth to start new schools. He has a thriving chain of K-12 schools and is now looking to open an extension into higher education, which will be called Thales College. The curriculum will be old — a true liberal arts education — but the pedagogical approach will be new — the “flipped classroom” where students listen to lectures on their own time and classroom time is reserved for discussion of the material. Faculty members will need to have strong teaching and mentoring abilities in addition to their doctorates. It will be a real bargain too. Only $4,000 per term and students will be able to earn their degrees in three years.

2018_11 03 PC Jesus

TRUTH: The biggest heresy facing Christianity in Western countries today is Affectus per solam. I.e., “By Feelings Alone.” So-called “political correctness” demands that the truths about sin not be articulated, even gently, lest they hurt some sinner’s feelings. Cardinal Ratzinger (later Pope Benedict XVI) wrote in his 1991 book To Look on Christ: “A conception of ‘gospel in which the seriousness of God’s wrath is absent has nothing to do with the biblical Gospel.” The modern world prefers “a Jesus who agrees with everything and everyone, a Jesus without his holy wrath, without the harshness of truth and true love”, but this “is not the real Jesus as the Scripture shows but a miserable caricature.”


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  1. A nice thing about a longer multi-topic post is I can leave a longer combined comment and not have my avatar overflowing the Fresh Pollen list.


    A new Harris poll found that 47% of respondents believed that President Trump is responsible for the current economy, compared to 21% who were too stoned to understand the question. (And the other 31% answered with irrelevant nonsense just to mess with the pollsters.)


    …56% of Americans believe Trump has done more to divide the country… Trump didn’t foment division, but he shined a great spotlight into the shadowy pit of existing deep(-state) divisions in this country. His clearly defining the existing divisions drove the left mad, gave the right some spine, and forced slow thinkers and fence-sitters to awaken and choose sides.

    Speaking of: A commenter on Ace this morning said his commie brother had never voted, but now he was going to vote straight GOP because of the Dems at Kavanaugh. Lots of anecdotes like this. Trump Effect train rumbles on.


    The Jew-hater who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh is being treated by Jewish doctors and nurses. And like the Palestinians treated in Israeli hospitals, he’ll likely come out of it unchanged and ready to kill Jews again. Madness.


    Finally: The Democrats have promised, if they regain a majority in Congress, they will replace the current Daylight Saving Time with Day Saving Time. In the Spring, a day will be dropped from the calendar, moving Sunday to Monday, and Tuesday-through-Saturday replaces Monday-through-Friday, and Saturday moves to Sunday. Then, in the Fall, a day is added to move everything back to its proper place. Vote Dem, this coming Wednesday!


    • chrissythehyphenated

      LOL I always enjoy your commentary on my posts. 🙂

      “Trump didn’t foment division, but he shined a great spotlight” … I had the same thought when I read the poll. The division was certainly apparent to us long ago, particularly when our kids were deployed. One young cousin asked our dd, “Do you really torture people?” ::sigh:: I’m glad he asked, so she could explain that it was a violation of the UCMJ for the military to torture anyone and had been all along. Obama didn’t change anything about what the MILITARY did, just the CIA. But the Demos and their lapdog skanks in the media didn’t bother to make any distinctions. The nun who was serving as associate pastor at the time refused to even LOOK at us because our kids were serving. One of our veteran members was so badly treated by her, he changed churches.

      “vote straight GOP because of the Dems at Kavanaugh. Lots of anecdotes like this” … I was telling Dearest recently that I thought the Dems had really miscalculated with their Kavanaugh crap. They never had a snowball’s chance of stopping his confirmation. All they accomplished was to alienate even more of their moderate base. I noticed that right after being elevated to one of the most prestigious posts in the land, this good man, whom they said wasn’t “fit” to serve, was right back at his weekly shift serving food at a soup kitchen as he had been doing for years.

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