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2018_06 06 Health coverage tweets

According to these twits, it is “journalism” to speculate (i.e., make up crap) about why Melania chooses to recover from surgery in private, but it was “sexism” for voters to want to know why a presidential candidate had nonstop coughing fits at rallies and was filmed being thrown into a van after falling ill during a 9/11 memorial.

MAD MAXINE FOR THE FAIL:  Terrence K. Williams: “Mad Maxine Waters had a Massive Crowd of 10 Millennials and 1 Elder and 2 Volunteers. She wants to impeach 45 but can’t get 45 people to show up to her event.” This guy is funny!

REMEMBER WHEN PRO ATHLETES WOULDN’T GO TO THE OBAMA WHITE HOUSE? Super Bowl XLVII champ, Matt Birk, turned down the opportunity to meet President Obama in 2013, citing religious differences. “I have great respect for the office of the presidency, but about five or six weeks ago, our president made a comment in a speech and he said, ‘God bless Planned Parenthood.’ Planned Parenthood performs about 330,000 abortions a year. I am Catholic, I am active in the pro-life movement and I just felt like I couldn’t deal with that. I couldn’t endorse that in any way.”

PRO-LIFE WIN: On June 5, 2018, Operation Rescue posted an article concerning a medical waste disposal company that had contracted with LeRoy Carhart’s late-term abortion facility, which conducts abortions throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Supporters were encouraged to contact the disposal company and ask them to end their services to abortion facilities. The same day, the waste disposal company sent Operation Rescue a copy of the letter they had sent to Carhart, terminating services effective immediately.

PAIN: I’m going to send this to my doctor. Last visit, I told him the pain descriptions on his paper didn’t mean anything to me. He said, “Those are insurance company words. They won’t take colors or poetry.” I like my doctor. But I like this pain scale better than colors or poetry even. Of course, I did major in Art History! LOL

Portrait Pain Scale


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  1. freedom1781

    I LOVE the pain scale! I majored in commercial art and had to take 3 courses on art history. A few weeks ago, I came across my color-coded note cards that I used to study for my senior year college course. I’m holding on to them to give to my daughter.

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  2. I agree — the pain scale is pure genius.


  3. When one gets to Hieronymus Bosch levels of pain, there is no relief.

    (I was going to link some hideous Bosch pic here, but, they were all a little too out there.)

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