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Fox News’ Bill Hammer with Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani — NoKo meeting, Mueller investigation

TRUMP WINS: The US economy is strong and growing. He has changed the game on the Korean peninsula. And, he is making good on a critical and lasting legacy promise re: the federal judiciary.

TROLL STOMPING: Navy SEAL, bestselling author, and Fox News contributor Rob O’Neill said, Americans “are tired of this impeach talk. They’re tired of the negativity. They want America to work together.” A Twitter troll sneered, “So cute. Where were u during the Obama years? I didn’t hear u call for unity so shut up.” O’Neill replied, “Where was I during the Obama years? In bin Laden’s bedroom. You?” Boom.

JUST BARELY: The troll (above) also claimed “a majority of us” hate Trump. Mmmm, not so much and your “majority” is shrinking all the time. Latest Rasmussen: 49% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.

FIRING FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: President Trump signed an executive order making it a little easier to fire federal workers for poor performance and misconduct. Currently the process to terminate an employee takes between six months and a year — even longer if it’s appealed.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Abortion is the Antichrist’s demonic parody of the Eucharist. That’s why it uses the same holy words, “This is my body,” with the blasphemous opposite meaning.” -Dr. Peter Kreeft

SOCIETY OF CATHOLIC SCIENTISTS: A group highlighting the harmony between faith and science is experiencing major growth.

DID YOU KNOW? In his famous portrait, Chief Sitting Bull is wearing a crucifix. This article tells the story.

SAD: It makes me sad that Brad/Chelsea Manning can’t seem to find happiness. Committing treason didn’t do it. Being freed from prison didn’t do it. Changing genders didn’t do it. Running for public office didn’t do it. Zher needs Jesus.


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  1. With the Memorial Day weekend and other distractions, I’m a ways behind on my PoliNation reading. So you may already have seen and mentioned that one of our favorite satire sources – the Babylon Bee – has been sold. I don’t have a direct link for the story, so here’s where I heard it:

    The Babylon Bee has been sold to a new owner. Current owner cites pressure and censorship by Facebook. He said anyone trying to get the Gospel out is being severely curtailed.

    I love the Bee. I hope it can continue in the same vein, with great satire. Doesn’t look promising. –grammie winger commenting on Ace of Spades.

    (I’m on a tab-closing binge today. You probably know what I mean.)


  2. “Many people tell me they wish they had lived in New Testament times. Well, good news. You do!”

    Yup. Our little world is still a hotspot in the War in Heaven, looks like to me.

    So, had to look up Eusebius, which led to Arius, and fine points of Trinitarian doctrines, and the Council of Nicea. (At least Eusebius didn’t get into fisticuffs!)

    I run into phrases like “he accepted that the Homoousion [‘Not to be confused with homoiousian’] referred to the Logos.” When I have to look up every other word, I start to wear out easily. 😉

    I’m glad the teachings of Jesus don’t require me to fully wrap my feeble mind around all the finer points of exegesis.

    Do they? :/

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Hmmmmmmmmm … I think you mean “theology” there. “Exegesis” is the “critical explanation or interpretation of a text, especially of scripture.”

      And, no, I don’t think following Jesus means you have to know what homoousious is (though it can occasionally come in handy while doing crossword puzzles). I actually learned it, not in theology, but in history class, when it was on the exam about the rise of early Christianity. It means Jesus was/is truly God: Begotten, not made, one in being with the Father.

      As for Eusebius’ History of the Church, it’s pretty much a continuation of the Acts of the Apostles through to the early 300s. I.e., history (who did what when), not theology. Lots about Roman emperors, persecutions and martyrs, which is why I mentioned it in my comment. It’s very readable.

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      • I think you mean “theology” there. “Exegesis”…

        I suppose so. Theology may derive from exegesis, but sometimes goes off on jags of its own. 😉

        [Knowing] …homoousious …can occasionally come in handy while doing crossword puzzles…

        Heh. I’ll bet my crossword-wizard Mom knows that one.

        If I can ever find time in my life to read again, Eusebius is on the list. Thanks.