Making Unicorns Cry

From Twitchy: As news broke across social media that Sessions had taken the advice of the FBI disciplinary office and had fired Andrew McCabe the Left went into a serious meltdown.

Like more serious than usual.

Hey, we know, they freak out at the drop of a hat (which is hilarious) but this was a MAJOR freak out, thousands of them screaming that Trump was corrupt for this, that it was political, that Sessions should go TO JAIL (we see you, Rosie) … we’re talking a meltdown of nuclear levels where unicorns cry.

They acted this same way with James Comey; they HATED HIM and wanted him destroyed in 2016 when they blamed him for Hillary and then they decided they totally loved him when Trump fired him.

2018_03 16 Rosie tweet2018_03 17 McCabe tweets2018_03 17 Rhodes tweet



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3 responses to “Making Unicorns Cry

  1. I don’t have TV sources. If I see anything from the LaughingStock Media, it’s some clip uploaded by Mark Dice or someone. Most of the news celebrities are names I barely know.

    I also don’t tweet nor twit but see only what folks link to in tweetville.

    What I like in the tweets above is the levelness of the playing field. Whatever some ABCBNBSCNN overpaid minion blithers, there’s hearty countering retorts galore (at least until Twitter bans ’em). Zzzzing!

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Thanks to Michelle Malkin, who founded Twitchy, those bannings and deleteds are preserved and posted.

      I also don’t tweet or watch t.v. but I do love seeing what Twitchy posts. Rosie O I know, but I had to google those other two.


  2. chrissythehyphenated

    Did anyone else notice that Rhodes and Brennan both referenced “demagogue” and “political corruption”? Methinks the Journolist is still alive and functioning somewhere on the interwebs, sending out Approved Talking Points to loyal, goose-stepping Progs.

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