How Cold Is It?


Piercing cold blast to feel subzero in central, northeastern US to kick off 2018
Cold air rivaling that of the past 100 years for early January will make it painful to be outdoors and may lead to damage in the central and northeastern United States.
AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures are projected to be below zero over much of the Northeast and well below zero in much of the Midwest.
People who rang in the new year in Times Square endured a temperature of 9 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight, which marked the second coldest ball drop on record in New York City. The coldest ball drop occurred a century ago with a midnight temperature of 1.



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9 responses to “How Cold Is It?

  1. Pistol Pete

    A blast from 1966.
    I know,I was there

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  2. Ting

    I love that one with the ice and salt recipe! It seemed like a good idea at the time but now not so much – my daughter and I are going to get a pedicure today, but that means we have to drive home in flip flops. I hope it will be worth it!


    • Ting: we have to drive home in flip flops

      More proof that women will literally kill themselves for fashion.

      Man: I put on the extra-heavy insulated snow boots this morning, just to walk around the house.

      Woman: Pedicure, flip-flops. Through the slush puddles.

      HNY, Ting! Make 2018 Great Again. For the first time.

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      • Ting

        HNY to you, too, Mindful!

        It turned out that the Cap’n drove us to the nail place, while we drank mimosas on heated seats. Then he picked us up with the vehicle already warm and toasty so that there was a very minimum amount of outside time with the flip flops. He had gone to get us sandwiches and brownies for lunch to eat on the way home, too. What a jewel! After 42 and a half years of marriage, I think I will keep him. Of course, it goes without saying that the boat was out of the question today, so he was at loose ends and happy for something to do.

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      It’s 12 degrees here. I made Dearest take the dog out. We made 10 degrees her “stay inside and do your business on the potty pad” cut off point. But she’s been stuck inside for days now. Flip flops. BWAHAHAHA!!

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      • Ting

        What we do for our daughters! She needed a little pick me up so it was supposed to be a fun little treat that I really didn’t need but I wanted to be with her. Thank goodness for the Cap’n, who is right up there in the league with your Dearest.

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  3. Wow, thanks, Pete! I wasn’t aware it was that cold until you pointed it out.

    (He wrote, prying more ice off his fingertips to continue typing)

    Seriously, great collection of winter humor. I liked the frozen ghost.

    I spent two winters at Beloit, and fourteen in Chicago. I will not complain about a week of below-freezing in Oklahoma. Okay, I will, too, complain, but it will always end with, “at least I’m not in Chicago!”

    Happy New Year, Pete. Looking forward to what you’ll have for us in 2018, a/k/a Trump Year 2.

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  4. chrissythehyphenated

    The Texans are home and complaining of the “cold.” It’s 28 degrees. I’m sorry, but were you not JUST IN NEW YORK LAST WEEK?! Actually, it didn’t get seriously frigid here until after they left, so that was nice. They had clear roads to and from, plus enough snow to play in while they were here. Army Princess misses winter, so it couldn’t have been better. Such wonderful memories we all have!

    As for that icy toilet … yup. One of the BIG THINGS that happened for Christmas was the Texans U-Hauled their 10 year old leather couches (never exposed to fragrances or smoke) to OUR HOUSE. It’s really hard for people like me (chemically hypersensitive) to get nice, comfy furniture. The new stuff takes ages to out gas. The used stuff is usually contaminated beyond repair.

    Anyway, Army Prince suffered a service related injury to his neck and shoulders, is recovering from surgery which he described to me and it made me cringe (scraped down this, pinned that, etc. etc.), and had to replace their living room suite with higher backed couches to support his head. They are such sweet, generous people; instead of selling their beautiful couches, they rented a U-Haul trailer and drove them up here! I haven’t had a nice couch since I got diagnosed in 1984!

    To fit both couches into our small living room, Dearest had to remove the baseboard heater and install a “cove” heater (up by the ceiling). It’s radiant, instead of convection. I’m still unclear what that means technologically, but it’s obvious what it means in real life. That heater is BRILLIANT! It heats ME, not the air. I love standing under it when it’s on. It’s like being out in the sun. I can just BAKE my aching back. Mmmm so nice.

    After the temperature dropped into the wee numbers and the bathroom got really chilly … it took me about 5 seconds to start asking for a cove heater in there. Maybe for Valentine’s Day!

    As for leather furniture … I never in my life even considered such a thing. I thought it was only for rich people and cowboys, but doggone they are comfortable and apparently last forever. It’s hard to believe these two WHITE couches are ten years old and have been through 2 kids! And the BEST part is, they are WASHABLE. With WATER and liquid soap!

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