Did CNN FAKE this?

From Allen West: “With the whole world watching the tragic loss of life and property in Texas, CNN corespondent Drew Griffin decided to play the role of hero and assist in the saving of a man in distress, which on the surface is certainly worthy of applause.”

When I saw the clip, I thought it was a bit much when the guy thanked them for “saving my life.” But it gets worse. A sharp-eyed tweeter noticed that the “heroic” talking head apparently took the time to CHANGE HIS CLOTHES in the middle of the so-called rescue. When he first runs behind the wheelchair sign, you can see he’s wearing the red hoodie with shorts and sandals. But later, he’s wearing black pants.

2017_08 30 CNN fake



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2 responses to “Did CNN FAKE this?

  1. As I mentioned in a previous comment (didn’t I? I think I did!), someone suggested that the shorts-and-sandals guy was actually the cameraman, dressed in a red CNN jacket just like the “reporter.” Note that the camera does appear to have been abandoned at that point. So, maybe not a fake-out. Two different people.

    Now, the timing of the truck driving headlong into the water, and the driver leaving his cowboy hat on the dashboard were certainly suspicious. But, if you can’t trust CNN…

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      My first thought was that the shorts guy was the camera man, but then I watched the video again and noticed how the truck driver had his arm resting on the open window of his door the truck was floating away and that he was never more than a couple of feet from either the grass or the road. If he was truly in any danger, why didn’t he immediately open the door or shout out the window or get out of the cab and climb to safety either over the front or the back of his truck? But, as you note, “if you can’t trust CNN.” Oh wait. We CAN trust CNN … to make up crap!