This Monster Known as Harvey

We’ve been in touch with our relatives in the area. Their opinion is: “This is WAY worse than Katrina!” Eighteen counties have been declared disasters. It’s hard to fathom.

We claim two households in the area. One family home is fine and the inhabitants are helping with relief efforts. The other family was out of state to view the eclipse, so they’re safe, but their house is flooded, so they are staying where they are for now.

TEXAS NOAD: This page has a list of organizations working on hurricane relief.

Mattress Mack: Joel Osteen may have said NO, but this capitalist not only rescued, but is also housing and feeding hundreds in his STORES!

Aug 29, 2017: Trump at the Emergency Operations Center [1:44]

Aug 29, 2017: Briefing on Hurricane Relief Efforts [13:16] < WORTH THE TIME! It is refreshing to see good, competent people in charge.

Some of the Many True Acts of Heroism During Hurricane Harvey – Be sure to watch the ones that start at 2:54 and 8:16! There are more videos in the column on the right side of the screen. I’m watching them and sniffling. SO proud of my fellow Americans!

These guys deployed from my state. ๐Ÿ™‚ This video shows them using a special harness to rescue a ONE MONTH OLD baby! I need a tissue.


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3 responses to “This Monster Known as Harvey

    • Y’know, I really hate to rain ๐Ÿ™‚ on any heroic efforts, but someone pointed out something interesting about this CNN pulls man from truck video.

      At 0:32 you can see the red-jacketed CNN guy running behind a sign, but there’s one frame you can clearly see he’s wearing shorts and sandals.

      Then there’s a cut.

      When we re-focus on them with the trucker, red jacket guy appears to have on long pants and waders.

      What the ever-lovin’ what th’? Was that maybe a different guy in red jacket? Or did CNN dude take time to change clothes before being video’d “helping the trucker”?

      At this point, being as it’s CNN, I wouldn’t put it past them to have staged the stupid move of that truck driving headlong into water in the first place! I mean, what kind of Texan gets out of his truck and leaves his hat on the dashboard?

      I know, I know, I’m just being paranoid. It’s not like anyone ever saw a CNN Crisis Actor Caught Red Handed 4 Times In A Row!!!

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