I had a sensational check-up yesterday!

I’ve been cleaning up my dying puter in anticipation of getting an upgrade from the House of Buzz, where puters are upgraded to actual newness, leaving me happily and cheaply surfing the trailing edge of technology. 🙂

Anyhoops, I came across this scan of my graduate school i.d. card. I thought y’all would be highly amused. Keep in mind that, by the time they took this picture, I had been standing in lines for about 5 hours, trying to get registered for the classes I needed. If I look a tad manic, it’s probably because I was feeling a tad manic! LOL
So, on to the main topic!

Fifty weeks ago, I was admitted to the ICU for kidney failure and severe electrolyte imbalance. Then, while I was hospitalized, I sprung a leak and lost a bunch of blood, which led to one more visit to the ER.

Yesterday’s check-up revealed my kidneys have improved amazingly! They were functioning at 15% when I was admitted to the hospital. Afterwards, they improved quickly into the low 20s, then stayed stuck there for months. The nephrologist told me that if they stayed below 25%, I would suffer permanent kidney damage and end up on dialysis.

Yesterday, my blood test showed my kidneys are functioning at FORTY-ONE PERCENT!!

Two other signs of kidney recovery include Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), which is now in the normal range, and creatinine which dropped from 2.0 in April to 1.3. If I do as well again during the next 3 months, I’ll be in the normal range by my next check-up in October!

My electrolytes are still a tad off, but they are improving, and I’ve almost replaced all the blood I lost.

Also, since the hospital, my doctor tested my thyroid, found it underactive and put me on Synthroid, which has helped my energy level. This time around, since I have so many auto-immune issues and continue to battle with fatigue, we tested for thyroid and adrenal antibodies. No sign of either, which is outstanding.

PRAISE GOD!! And mega huge thanks to all of you who have prayed for me!


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8 responses to “I had a sensational check-up yesterday!

  1. Wonderful news! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. Pistol Pete

    thanks to Almighty God!(your ID still made you look like a serial killer).

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  3. ✝ Lord, keep up the improving chrissy project, please; joy! for her progress so far!

    (A variation on my basic prayer-mantra: “Help! Thank You! Help! Thank You!” Repeat perpetually.)

    I so want to reach into that ID and just pinch those little cheerful cheeks. From now on, this image is how I will visualize you.

    Consider using it for your avatar? 😀

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  4. mamaduck27

    That’s great news, Chrissy! I was so glad when you started writing again. You have a special spirit about you.

    A side question: Didn’t you used to write at Hillbuzz? I’m wondering what happened to Kevin?

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    • chrissythehyphenated

      Kevin gave me my start in blogging, for which I am grateful. We parted ways after he … well, that’s water under the bridge, so I won’t rehash it.

      Sufficient to say that I needed to answer to God and my own conscience more than I needed to kowtow to him and his issues.

      After some months of hibernating, I received an email from one of the good folks who put this site together. She slathered on the flattery and convinced me to try blogging again.

      It’s been a good fit for me and I’m so happy to have all y’all who actually come here to listen to me every day and who, God be praised, PRAY for me!

      As for Kevin, from the day I made my decision to leave Hillbuzz, I never once went back, so have no idea what he’s doing.


      • mamaduck27

        I thought I remembered you starting over there. That was such a long time ago, wasn’t it? I know Kevin had issues (how could he not?), but he definitely brought a unique view to the political landscape. I hope he finds peace with God at some point.

        I don’t comment on blogs very often, but I do read and enjoy everything you (and your comrades) post.

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