Corrine Brown Convicted

2017_05 Corrine Brown convicted

Former Florida Representative and Democrat Corrine Brown has been tried on 24 federal fraud counts related to her fake education charity that she used primarily as a personal slush fund.  Of the $833,000 raised for charity, only $1,200 actually went to fund scholarships for poor and minority students.

Yesterday, Brown was convicted on 18 of the 24 charges including conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud, aiding and abetting mail fraud, aiding and abetting wire fraud, engaging in a scheme to hide facts, endeavoring to obstruct and impede IRS laws, and filing multiple false income tax returns.

Brown insisted she just made some mistakes and that spending $830,000 on lavish parties and other extravagances was an accident.



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2 responses to “Corrine Brown Convicted

  1. Pistol Pete

    She callously ripped off the poor people she was supposed to be helping.No conscience,no guilt.Black politicians are entitled to as much money as they can steal.Their voters will still support them until the last.


  2. “…Brown insisted …that spending $830,000 on lavish parties and other extravagances was an accident.”

    Well, sure, it could happen to any of us, right?

    Democrats seem to have an awful lot of serious “accidents,” though.

    *cough* stained blue dress *cough*

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