MEDIA FAIL: Lamestream spins Pope Francis AGAIN!

2015_05 16 Pope did NOT call Abbas angel of peace Source:


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6 responses to “MEDIA FAIL: Lamestream spins Pope Francis AGAIN!

  1. Must acknowledge your work, cth, once again.

    I earlier blogged the “Pope calls Abbas Angel” story from AP, by way of Truth Revolt. I have modified my blog link to point here instead.

    The Truth Revolt article and the AP page it linked to seem to have disappeared.

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  2. Thank you for this, Chrissy. Da Tech Guy and Adrienne have been writing about this, as well. And I’m getting tired of trying to remind conservatives that the MSM is not trustworthy in quoting this Pope about anything. Oy.

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    • dammit, went to hit thumbs up, hit thumbs down instead. PBBBBBBT!

      but me too. Ppl on my FB feed who always are saying “Don’t trust the liberal/ state/ demon media”, but then suddenly believe any crap written about the Pope. The ultra “conservative” catholics are trying to vye with the 7th Day Adventists, I swear . . .