Another look at GloZell

2015_01 Glozell

I thought GloZell was a kool-aid drinking drooler, but that just shows you what I did not do, which is research. Okay, I did do SOME … I watched 5 or maybe even 10 seconds of one of her videos (couldn’t deal with the shrieking) and I watched entire mooooments of her interview with Obozo (couldn’t deal with the droning). But it took my friend, Frankly, and Michelle’s Mirror to wise me up to a Real True Fact, which is that GloZell is a satirist and darn funny to boot. As the Mirror put it, “she’s not your ordinary video fool, she just plays one on the internet.”

Obama is a good president because he black he black he black

Your Higher Taxes pay for My healthcare thanks President Obama


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3 responses to “Another look at GloZell

  1. Oh, I’m glad you saw the Mirror’s article. I meant to mention it on the earlier thread.

    I still haven’t watched any of GloZell’s videos. Always appreciate that others will make the sacrifice to report on such things for me. 😀