Silly me for ever thinking Obama couldn’t possibly get any worse

2015_01 22 Obama meeting with GloZell

See and hear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu @

See and hear GloZell Green @

EAGLE God help us



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5 responses to “Silly me for ever thinking Obama couldn’t possibly get any worse

  1. As a general rule, perversity aside, I don’t care what these video people do. Are we not all delighted by the explosion of videos created by the ubiquity of the cell cam? We have to take the “Worst Fail” along with the “People are Amazing” — because that’s how people are.

    Bathtub full of Fruit Loops? That’s hilarious, at least in concept, harking back to the exotic “milk baths” of Hollyweird starlets. Cinnamon challenge was a thing awhile back. First, and last, time I saw anyone try it was Jenna Marbles; always glad to watch others being stupid, since vicarious wisdom gleaned beats direct experience, but I can’t help thinking, these people never cooked at all, because if you ever caught a stray whiff of cinnamon, you’d know. Want a real challenge? Try cayenne powder.

    Didn’t watch either of these videos, by the way. Nor the ones with the Traitor in Chief. Being delighted by the explosion of videos doesn’t require me to watch them. πŸ˜€


  2. Sorry. Just seemed appropriate to pass it along.


  3. This is the reason people don’t express them selves.. society will always use something against them.. Please stop addressing GloZell as if she wasn’t a sane human.. You don’t know her and she see this


    • Pistol Pete

      You don’t know her either.But I know an attention whore when I see one.She’s just like Barry except far less educated and far less dangerous.