Climate Alarmism: Lying with statistics

When temp records began

These aren’t the only years or headlines that use deceptive language and inaccurate data to hype Climate Alarmism. They are merely the two I chose as examples. Climate scientists use other means such as ice cores and records of harvest and snow falls to infer temperatures prior to 1850. According to these records, temperatures have been much warmer than they are now.

Global temps over past 11 millenia



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  1. I have read, as you probably also have read, that weather stations are now placed in warmer spots, parking lots instead of meadows, for example. Not that a big slab of asphalt could have any effect on local temperature…!

    Reminds me of something I read in Reader’s Digest this morning. (Why, yes, I was at the dentist’s. How did you know?)

    The complaint came that a weather station at a military base kept registering strong wind gusts when there were none.

    The technician asked, “Do you know where the weather station is located?”

    “Sure,” came the reply, “Right by the helicopter landing pad.”



    • chrissythehyphenated

      I blogged about this back in my HB days. The worst example was the climate station placed at the end of a jet runway. Some others were placed where giant air conditioning units vented the hot air all over them.


  2. We get the same BS over here. The claim is that 2014 is the third hottest year… but…..

    The record temperature that was set at Oodnadatta in 1961 has not been broken.

    Australia has always had lots of extreme temperatures. In January 1959 (about this time in January I might add), the high was something like 110F. I know this because my sister was lying in a coma in hospital after we had been involved in a very serious accident. Her condition at the time was critical. Yes I was very young when this happened, but I do remember the hot days that we experienced. I lived in Melbourne and our summers during most of the 1960s were very hot. There was a change in the weather pattern somewhere around the late 1960s and into the 1970s, when we had a lot more rain, thunderstorms etc around Christmas. I used to spend a lot of time on the beach, and I remember the many nights that we used to drag the television to the front door and then we would watch it whilst sitting outside!!

    There have been other years with extreme hot years including 1983 and 2009. Both of these years included bush fire disaster events. There have always been bush fires in Australia during summer. I983 was the last time that the Adelaide Hills had very severe bushfires, as did the usual region in Victoria (Cockatoo and the Dandenongs). At the time I was heavily pregnant with my third son. The weather that summer was very hot too. Then there is 2009 which saw yet another disaster in Victoria with something like 100 people losing their lives and some of the fires were deliberately lit.

    In fact a lot of the fires in NSW, Victoria, South Australia and elsewhere are deliberately lit. During October 2013 we had a disastrous bushfire not all that far from where I am living at present and at the same time the Blue Mountains went up in smoke. It was deliberately lit and it kept on starting up because the fire was in a coal seam (an unusable coal seam). The fire in the Blue Mountains was not deliberately lit but it was due to irresponsible behaviour of some Army people. New South Wales, like Victoria and South Australia has plenty of disastrous bushfires.
    I can point to many more events and also point out that Australia had those same high temperatures back in the nineteenth and eighteenth centuries.
    The kicker for me though, is that Washington State had a record temperature at the end of July 2009. We were there in Seattle when they got that record high temperature.

    With regard to the earth’s surfaces, warmer temperatures can be explained because of natural events such as volcanoes. The rise in the sea temperature probably has a lot to do with the fact that there are more sea creatures due to bans being placed on fishing.