Obama’s October Surprise: Ebola Comes to the U.S.

“October 2, 2014: UM, CALL ME CRAZY, BUT cleaning up Ebola vomit with a pressure washer seems like a lousy idea, with droplets blown into air and such. Note the absence of protective gear. Note woman in sandals standing next to runoff. Maybe they’d hosed everything down with bleach first. Somebody please tell me this isn’t as bad as it looks. . . . ”

2014_10 02 Cleaning up ebola vomit



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4 responses to “Obama’s October Surprise: Ebola Comes to the U.S.

  1. Nope. It’s as bad as it looks. In Liberia, they would be wearing protective gear. Does that make us a 4th world country?


  2. Looks like the family of patient zero has been refusing to comply with requests, so they’ve been forcibly quarantined. If they want to move around more, I’ll buy them tickets to Washington, DC.


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    Top men.


  4. Yep, send ’em to DC & let hop the WH fence like everyone else has been doing lately.