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Idiots to the left of me

2013_09 Cher changes her mind

Kerry is an idiot

Cindy Sheehan's soapbox

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Democrats say NO to investigating Benghazi

2013_09 11 Dems say no to investigating Benghazi



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Think of the children, for goodness sake

Christianity has done more for science than atheism ever could By Matt Walsh

The new Common Core “Next Generation” science standards … call for a renewed emphasis on man-caused climate change and, of course, evolution. Evolution — atheistic, nihilistic, materialistic, mindless evolution — must be taught as fact, without other ideas presented to compete with the theory.

Too often Christians cede “science” to the atheist and shrink away from his challenges, backing off in defeat while muttering something about “faith” and “belief.” “Well, you might have your fancy science books, but I’ve got faith.”

Yes, faith and belief are important, but you, my Christian compatriot, are standing on the Mountain of Truth. You have the high ground. YOU have the facts and the science on your side.

Your faith does NOT conflict with science. Christianity built this civilization; your Christian ancestors are the pioneers behind the greatest advancements in many fields of study.

You’d be hard pressed to find a single bit of modern scientific knowledge that wasn’t discovered, or heavily influenced by, the work of devout Christians.

Our understanding of the universe deepened so profoundly during the Christian era because of the Christian tradition that brought a sense of order and rationality to the universe.

Really, we must get atheism away from education before we all end up like the modern atheist’s greatest prophet, Nietchsze, who died insane and naked, eating his own feces in a mental institution. This is not the sort of fate we should wish upon our children.

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GALLUP Historical polls evolution vs creation

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Yearning to possess

This blog by our good friend Angelaisms is so superior, I want to share it with all y’all in toto.  But, in the interests of her hit count at Misfits, I’m only going to whet your appetites and give you a “read the rest” link. 🙂 I hope you will.

A Closer Look at the Tenth Commandment By Angelaisms

The Law of Moses dealt primarily with how one behaves on the outside – don’t steal, don’t sleep around, don’t lie, don’t murder, get rid of that stupid golden calf and don’t make another one, etc. Well, all except that last commandment: “Thou shalt not covet.”

  • Note from CtH: Catholics divide up the Ten Commandments passage slightly differently:
    • 9. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife.
    • 10.You shall not covet your neighbor’s goods.

Coveting is not looking at a guy with a nice car and saying, “Wow, I’d like a car like that.” Coveting is looking at the guy with the nice car and wanting to take his car away from him. It is not the desire to have something; it is the desire to take something to which you have no moral or legal claim – that guy’s car, your brother’s wife, your neighbor’s ass. (What? It’s a quote.)

Thou shalt not covet

Read the rest @ http://misfitpolitics.co/2013/09/a-closer-look-at-the-tenth-commandment/

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