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Two-faced lying hypocrites

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry sang very different tunes on VIETNAM, IRAQ, LIBYA, and SYRIA.

The “Anti-War” Democrat Party [11:58]

Pelosi Bomb Syria to see what's in it

God help us!

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Joke by Andy Borowitz went viral

It was SATIRE, written by comedian Andy Borowitz.    

PETERSBURG (The Borowitz Report)—Hopes for a positive G20 summit crumbled today as President Obama blurted to Russia’s Vladimir Putin at a joint press appearance, “Everyone here thinks you’re a jackass.” etc. etc.


Obama did not call actually call Putin a jackass. I think it is telling that so many found this joke all too believable. Obama has demonstrated a remarkably thin skin in the past, even lost his temper, spouted off a string of insults and then left important meetings in a huff. He’s also famously flipped his middle finger at people he doesn’t like, demonstrating conclusively that his emotional development stalled back in the 8th grade.


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This is the real reason Dems oppose voter ID

Democrats vote after death too

North Carolina voters roll shows that the Tar Heel State has 2,214 voters that are 110-years-old. Most of these voters are Democrats and most seem to live in four democrat-controlled counties. Some of these aged voters have already voted absentee. Two voters — and, yes, they’ve already voted in early voting — are over 150! One in Gaston County is 154 and another in Granville County is an astonishing 160!




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“They’re children wherever they are.” – Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi’s five-year-old grandson asked her why she thinks the United States ought to make war on Syria, and the following exchange takes place:

Nancy: “You know, they’ve killed hundreds of children there. They’ve killed hundreds of children.”

Grandson: “Were these children in the United States?”

Nancy: “No, but they’re children wherever they are.”

Somebody left the irony on in Nancy “Abortion Is Sacred Ground” Pelosi’s brain pantry.  “Wherever” includes the womb, Nancy.

Democrats and The Children

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