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RAAACISM: The Duct Tape of Liberalism

FBI wanted poster - CAPTURED

There’s a bunch of RAAAAACISM tweets flying around because Dorner died and Little Boston Bomber Brother didn’t. I’m not going to dignify any of them by repeating them here. They’re @ http://twitchy.com/2013/04/20/some-believe-boston-bombing-suspect-captured-alive-because-hes-not-black-like-christopher-dorner/

I just like the response tweets:


Racism – It’s like duct tape to the liberals because it can apply to anything.


Jillane Kent – The fixation with race is superfluous and completely unproductive. Dorner killed himself, therefore apprehension and interrogation was necessarily compromised. This latest miserable excuse for a human being engaged with the police officers, making apprehension and negotiation far easier.

Miss Clairee – Whoa, whoa, whooooaaa! Hold on there, sister! You gotta quit using those twenty dollar words so the tweeting morons can understand!

Jillane Kent – I’m an SAT tutor by trade. Being incomprehensible is part of the job 😉


Some believe Boston bombing suspect captured alive because he’s not black like Christopher Dorner.

Yes and some believe in UFO’s, that the WTC was an inside job and Obama is a US citizen.

Hey, give a guy a break, and leave the UFO’s alone!

Foley Schucking Hit, did they miss the part where one of the two Boston Bomber perps was shot dead?

Did they miss the part where Dorner insisted he wouldn’t be taken alive?

Did they miss the part where Dorner fired on the cops while Little Boston Bomber Brother cowered in a boat?

Did they miss the part where Dorner SHOT HIMSELF?

If these racist morons have a problem with Dorner not being taken alive, maybe they should take it up with the guy that shot him.

So what you’re saying is that Dorner was a racist for killing himself.

They said Dorner only killed cops. Totally forgot about the one cop’s DAUGHTER.

And those two random people at that traffic light.

And her civilian boyfriend.

The stupid. It burns….

I’m starting to think “The Walking Dead” is a documentary about liberals.

I’m not so sure they all classify as liberals. I think “Dip$hits” works though.

I think the words ‘liberal’ and ‘dip$hit’ are entirely interchangeable.

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God and Dog

This is beautiful!

It’s also a good excuse to share some of the dog pics I’ve been collecting in my “on deck” folder. 🙂

DOG Gate open Still in yard
DOG BABY Kid and dog get a drink

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The Malignant Narcissist in the White House

2013_04 Obama's pissy puss

2013_04 17 Obama shows anger


Never mind Benghazi. Where was this supposedly righteous anger after Aurora? The victims in that case weren’t small children, but that can’t possibly explain O’s dramatically more subdued reaction after that shooting. They were innocent people too; many of them were young, if not kindergarteners. No angry Rose Garden press conferences freaking out about Senate inaction after Aurora, though. Any theories why? Anything, maybe, having to do with when that shooting happened vis-a-vis Newtown? Right: One of them came three months before a presidential election and the other came a month after. That’s the difference. As you watch him point the finger here at supposedly gutless senators who care more about retaining public office than Doing Something, remember that there’s hardly one among them who’s as attuned to political self-preservation as O. He kept his mouth shut nice and tight about guns when it was his own ass on the line last year in purple states; he ignored gun control almost completely when he had 60 Democratic votes in the Senate early in his first term; and as we know from the gay-marriage farce, he isn’t above lying outright to voters about his true positions in the name of getting elected. (Let’s not start on the many ways he’s followed Bush’s counterterrorism lead after selling himself to the left in ’08 as the anti-Bush on foreign policy.)

Given his record, there’s every reason to believe that what’s really bothering him is the fact that red-state Dems denied him an easy chance today to demagogue Republicans as the party of child murder or whatever, which he was hoping to use next year as a way to retake the House. Then, once he had a Democratic Congress again, he could pass some new horrible permutation of ObamaCare or immigration or the minimum wage or some other liberal wishlist item that has nothing to do with gun control. Just like in his first term! That’s what he’s mad about, that a political bludgeon was essentially taken out of his hands before he had a chance to use it to achieve unrelated goals.

And now he’s a lame duck, with few opportunities to pass something big and a real chance that he’ll end up with a fully Republican Congress in 2015. He might have no choice at this point but to try to tank the immigration bill too so that he’s got something to scream about next year. I wonder if Democrats will trip him up there too.


Also worth a look:

WSJ editorial about why keeping guns away from dangerous or unstable people was less important to Dems than defeating the NRA.



  • So it took 1,000 cops & 200 shots to bring 1 bomber down & UR telling me I don’t need more than 10 rounds?
  • Who in Boston is saying “Thank God I’m not allowed to own a gun” right now?
  • Obama, ask your mentor, Jeremiah Wright, if he thinks the chickens have come home to roost for Boston.
  • Maybe he meant Chechens.
  • Note when something’s already accomplished the president speaks of “I” (I directed resources), but when it’s yet-unaccomplished it’s “We”

Obama cries like a little girl

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It’s their ideology that matters

2013_04 19 West on domestic Muslim terror

2013_04 19 Coexist bumper sticker on car bomber jacked

MSM tried to blame right wing white Americans for Boston



  •     5 min after bombing, MSM blames right-wing Americans. Now we know bombers are Muslims, it’s “We can’t speculate on motives.”
  •    News Media: Don’t you just hate it when you solve a crime, and then the cops arrest somebody and you have to make it back into a mystery?
  •     People saying “what a great guy Jahar was” are pissing me off.. I wonder how great a guy Martin Richards would’ve been?
  •     The punk placed a bomb next to a child. I don’t need to know why. Because why will not change the fact that he placed a bomb next to a child
  •     That poor dead cop. I don’t need to know that the punk who shot him had a strong relationship with his brother. Save it for Dr. Phil.
  •     The color of their skin is as irrelevant as the color of their socks. It’s their ideology that matters.
  •     Ironic that people who think it acceptable to accuse Catholic priests of being pedophiles are now warning us against stereotyping Muslims.
  •     Video Posted by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: “go through martyrdom of Allah”. I say to the media: “It’s the Jihad, stupid.”
  •     One Tsarnaeyev Brother posted youtube videos glorifying Islamic terror attacks. But media holds out hope this was just term paper research.

2013_04 19 Forecasting media coverage of bomber

  • CNN portraying bomber as a “victim”?!
  • CNN wants 2 make sure we know that the youngest #BostonBombers was sweet kid & a good wrestler.
  • CNN – Bomber’s HS coach/neighbor Larry Aaronson calling him a “lovely lovely kid”
  • Bombing ppl is just a hobby.
  • Fort What? Politico Asserts Obama ‘No Longer Has an Unblemished Record’ on Stopping Domestic Terrorism.
  • Obama Warns “Not To Rush To Judgement” About “Motivations” And “Groups”
  • This is the same guy who said the cops behaved stupidly. So yeah. No rushing to judgment there.
  • Media: White male loner killing white kindergartners in CT = NEWS.
  • Media: Black doctor butchering black babies in PA = NOT NEWS.
  • Sure, it’s another attack by Muslims. But they didn’t do anything truly awful like think taxes are too high or own a rattlesnake flag.

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Space Station Experiment – Wring It Out < FUN VIDEO!!

What happens when you wring a sopping wet washcloth out in space? For that matter, how do you even get a washcloth sopping wet in space?

The “Wring It Out” experiment was designed by two 10th-graders in Nova Scotia. Kendra Lamke and Meredith Hatfield won a contest sponsored by the Canada Space Agency to come up with an experiment for an astronaut to perform in micro-gravity.

Commander Chris Hadfield, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, did the experiment on this video. The results are amazing!

Wringing out Water on the ISS – for Science! [3:18]

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