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Ting’s Garden

This was last year, but it will be like this again in about 2 weeks.  I get lots of zinnias (thousands, I am sure) from about $10 worth of seeds.  I plant them in 2 week intervals because they like it to be nice and hot to germinate and thrive.  If we get a cool snap before they get going well they stay sort of puny all season, so I stagger the planting.  The little house was my daughter’s play house made from old windows we tore out of a house we were renovating, and odds and ends of left over construction inventory.  Now that she is grown and gone I store my garden equipment in there.  I miss the tea party days, though.


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There is hope for spring!

posted by Ting
3/1/11 daffodils

Ting's daffodils opened today.

pansies 3/1/11

The pansies are waking up and doing their thing.

Today the first daffodils of the season opened in my garden.  The pansies that wintered over have broken out, so there is hope for those of you who still have snow drifts taller than you are.


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Saturday’s Path – February 19th, 2011

by Dee


It looks like it’s going to be another spring-like day in the middle of the country.  What’s going on in your neck of the woods? 

And now, a literary contribution from my darling husband:

There once were some teachers on strike
About whom was much to dislike
Their lawmaker allies
Have fled under night skies
And the protesters think it’s the Third Reich


Happy Posting!


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