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Whatever happened to Roe?

The author of this piece had the chance to meet Sarah Weddington, the attorney who successfully argued the Roe v. Wade decision.  

She asked her,“Whatever happened to Roe?”

She writes that the woman’s “gracious demeanor and beautiful smile changed instantaneously” as she answered.

“She’s a stupid piece of white trash. She’s pro-life and a Christian,” she snarled throwing in a few decidedly ungracious and unrepeatable curse words. “She’s a piece of trash. She was stupid when we found her and she’s worse now.”

This encounter had a startling effect on the author:

“I would no longer blindly follow a feminist agenda that defined progress on the backs of dead babies. I began a journey from pro-choice to pro-life. Why? Because Roe v. Wade, the decision that supposedly was the rallying cry for all feminists, was achieved by taking advantage of a “stupid piece of trash” not fighting for the rights of all women. Just another example of a rich liberal white woman imposing her beliefs on those that shouldn’t be allowed to think or believe.”

She writes a moving tribute to the real life “Roe”, Norma McCorvey who recently passed away.


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