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INDIA: Persecution of Christians

2017_06 India Christian

Something else you won’t see on the MSM’s excuse for news …

Under the leadership of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party, crackdowns on Christians have steadily increased.  Five states currently ban conversion.

Especially alarming is the impunity that follows hate crimes, which have targeted Christians and other faith minorities including Muslims.

Open Doors President David Curry says, “The ruling party of Prime Minister Modi does not even hide its agenda to drive out Christians by the year 2025. Major news media reports in the country show his key advisors publicly bragging about this injustice perpetrated against the Christian community of India, comprised of an estimated 63 million Indian citizens.”


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Goddess of Destruction, Kali on the Empire State Building; Apocalypse Clock Jumps 10 Years

But white and blue lights to honor Mother Theresa? Not so much.
The Times of India – In a breathtaking spectacle, Goddess Kali was projected on the Empire State Building in New York.

220px-Kali_by_Raja_Ravi_VarmaArtist Andrew Jones designed the portrait of the goddess to make the point that Mother Nature now more than ever needs a fierce avatar to fight the dangers of pollution and extinction, Firstpost.com reported.

Uh huh. I know what Maa Kali is. Patron Goddess of the Thuggee Cult. Goddess of time, destruction and death.

From Wiki:

A variety of writers and thinkers have found Kali an exciting figure for reflection and exploration, notably feminists and participants in New Age spirituality who are attracted to goddess worship. [For them], Kali is a symbol of wholeness and healing, associated especially with repressed female power and sexuality. [However, such interpretations often exhibit] confusion and misrepresentation, stemming from a lack of knowledge of Hindu history among these authors, [who only rarely] draw upon materials written by scholars of the Hindu religious tradition.

That figures. My Indian friends are Christians, and they’re not fond of Kali. Just sayin’.


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