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Families of Charleston Victims Sue Over ‘Government Negligence’ that Allowed Roof to Get a Gun

They saw Freddie Gray’s family grab a cool $6.4 million for nothing.They be all like: ‘Hey! We want some of that!’

Last year, the city of Charleston suffered a devastating tragedy after Dylann Roof walked into the predominantly black Emanuel AME church and gunned down nine people. Reports revealed that Roof, who sympathized with white supremacist groups, should never have passed a background check to allow him to buy a firearm, because he had been previously arrested for drug possession. The victims’ families are now suing the federal government for their deadly mistake.

Congressional Black Caucus Plans to Disrupt House Tuesday

The Congressional Black Caucus is calling on its members “to be as disruptive to Speaker Ryan as possible next week” when the House returns for business on Tuesday.

The Washington Examiner has obtained a memo sent to Democratic offices that states that CBC members are coordinating a “day of action on the floor in regards to gun violence.”

Left Eats Left: Black Lives Matter Briefly Halts Toronto Pride Parade

“We are not taking any space away from any folks. When we talk about homophobia, transphobia, we go through that too … It should be a cohesive unit, not one against the other. Anti-blackness needs to be addressed and they can be addressed at the same time, in the same spaces,” she said.

“We didn’t bully our way into Pride … we made space for ourselves in a place where we have been erased,” Williams added.

In a news release, the group said Pride Toronto “has shown little honour to black queer/trans communities, and other marginalized communities.

Clinton Labor Secretary Warns Against July 4th ‘Americanism’

Robert Reich…AKA the mayor of Munchkinland

Former Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration and current University of California Berkeley professor Robert Reich wants Americans to be vigilant this July 4 against “exclusive patriotism” that “asserts a unique and superior ‘Americanism.’”

“We hear a lot about patriotism, especially around the Fourth of July. But in 2016, we’re hearing about two very different types of patriotism. One is an inclusive patriotism that binds us together. The other is an exclusive patriotism that keeps others out,” Reich writes.

Hillary Clinton Raised Nearly $70 Million in June

Hillary Clinton raised almost $70 million in June, an eye-popping sum for one month.

Not all of the funds raised will go to her presidential run. Politico reports that $40.5 million will go to her campaign, while the other $28 million will go to the Democratic National Committee and state parties.

The funds going to the DNC and state parties will go through the Hillary Action Fund and the Hillary Victory Fund.

Clinton currently has $44 million in her coffers. Her campaign has raised a total of $288 million this cycle. Clinton has also raised approximately $90 million for the joint fundraising agreements with the Democratic Party, and she enjoys a wide advantage over presumed Republican general election opponent Donald Trump.

ABC’s Martha Reddazz Asks Trump Supporter If ‘KFC Hillary Special’ Goes ‘Too Far’
Guest host of ABC’s “This Week” Martha Raddatz incredulously asked a female supporter of Donald Trump if she was offended by the slogan “KFC Hillary Special: Two fat thighs, two small breasts, left wing.”

Raddatz talked to one woman who was near the stands that sell Trump bumper sticker and t-shirts.

The ABC host asked the woman, “Some of the things [Trump] has said about women, does any of that bother you?” Without skipping a beat, an unnamed woman replied, “Doesn’t bother me at all.”


Army Vet Rescues Bald Eagle Dangling from Rope in Tree by ‘Mowing Down the Branches’ with Rifle


A bald eagle was freed from a tree by a patriotic Army veteran, who spent 90 minutes firing 150 shots into three branches ahead of the Fourth of July holiday.






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Two Faces One Hatred

Dylann Roof, the angry young white man who murdered nine black people in a Charleston church said he did it in hopes of inciting a race war. The Leftists immediately labeled him a “right wing hater.” Logic is not one of their strong suits. Dylann has far more in common with the far left.

2015_06 Charleston shooter race war burning flag

2015_06 24 Farrakhan race baiting and flag



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This is a first. I’ve never done three posts in a day. This is a vanity post from FreeRepublic.com.
It makes many salient points far better than I can. I hope you take a minute to read it.

Here we go.

The perfect incident just took place last night for creating chaos, conflict, and division when Dylann Storm Roof decided to channel his inner Satan to slaughter innocent people praying at a church.

Unlike the predecessors in the Soviet Union, China, and various fascist regimes during the past century, our leftists usually don’t concoct phony incidents to propel their agenda. They wait, patiently, sometimes for years, waiting for an incident which can be used to promote their agenda. The agenda right now is fundamental transformation, and transformation is a revolutionary action that requires angry, focused masses gathered to tear down the structure of society. Dylann Storm Root, may he rot in hell, has given the forces wanting to fundamentally transform society the perfect storm.

His guns will become one part of the transformation. Pres. Obama has already come out lamenting that the killer could easily get his guns, even make the false but appealing allusion that this kind of crime only takes place in the United States. Only the informed will remember similar massacres in a Scotland kindergarten and a Norwegian summer camp. Everyone is rightfully shocked, and the easy solution to ban guns might be finally within reach. In any case, the left will start, as they always do with something like this, to press again for gun control.

The church setting is horrific, even more than the elementary school at Sandy Hook, and that will be heighten emotions concerning guns. There are people ambivalent about the curriculum and approach of schools, but only the left has real qualms about the teachings of Jesus and people gathered for prayer. It will be very difficult for anyone to posit that people at a prayer meeting should be armed, in the same way that some suggested teachers be armed in school. Good news for gun control.

The race of the shooter and his victims creates division and distrust, and that will be a powerful focus among those seeking transformation. Someone will point out that practically all racial crime actually goes in the opposite direction, and they will be targeted as cruel and racist, and that will be that. Unlike the support for police that is a constant in the various stories about white and non-white police in shooting incidents with black citizens, no one will support Dylann Storm Root.

That’s good news for the left. The transformationists turned Trayvon, and Michael Brown, and many others into heroes, but it was a hollow heroism, easily punctuated by facts. The people murdered in the church are real victims. The shooter is a real villain. The racial differences will be accentuated. If there are revenge killings, and sometimes there are, the deaths will be reported with an embarrassed expression on the faces of the newsreaders as just another problem with white privilege.

Hatred against whites could be energized by the correct kind of media statements and political maneuvers to cement divisions for decades. Good news for the transformationists.

The reporting on Dylann Storm Root’s background will be relentless. Every email, every friend, every word written by this sorry little man will be read and explored for meaning and breathlessly reported. My guess is that he’ll be described as “white conservative shooter Dylann Storm Root.” The term “conservative” will be a hammer to nail down the stereotype of conservatives a racist thugs waiting to kill victimized minorities, and few conservatives will willingly stand up to argue the point lest they be tarred with the same brush as the one used to describe the shooter.

If he’s a subscriber to Rush 24-7, or the American Spectator, or listens to Glenn Beck, that will be used as a weapon against those people.

The story will be in the news for most of the next year, a perfect placement during the primaries in an election year. Any candidate claiming to be conservative will be linked to Dylann Storm Root. Any candidate claiming to support the Second Amendment will be linked to Dylann Storm Root. And all Republican candidates will be obligated to answer questions about the leftist transformation of society endlessly as the media waits for a candidate to misspeak, or even say something innocent that can be taken out of context.

There’s no need for Kristalnacht or the burning of the Reichstag. Those political tools are so crude. The American left patiently waits, like a tick on a blade of grass, waving its legs in the air in expectation that there will be a moment when the right issue walks by. And there’s sick, racist thug Dylann Storm Root ambling down the trail.

Here we go.

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