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Chelsea Handler Gets Handled

In a desperate attempt to garner some attention and sense of relevance, the unfunny comedienne Chelsea Handler tried to pick a fight with the First Lady. The results were predictable.

Trump’s Lawyer Calls Chelsea Handler “Despicable” For Her Comments On Melania
In a video interview with Variety about the Women’s March, Handler mocked Melania Trump’s accent. When asked if she’d have the First Lady on her Netflix series, Handler replied, “Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

[CtH: I remember President Obama lecturing us about how we all needed to learn Spanish so we could communicate with immigrants who refuse to learn English.  NOW, it’s apparently okay to mock the accent of an immigrant who not only speaks excellent English and her native Slovenian, but also Serbian, French, Italian, and German.

I googled and found lefty websites questioning whether she actually does speak six languages, but she is absolutely fluent in her native language and the language of her adopted nation.  I’m also inclined to believe she can get by well in French and Italian, since she worked as a model for major fashion houses in Milan and Paris.

I dunno about German or Slovenian, but many Europeans are multi-lingual, so who knows.  My brother once remarked to his Dutch graduate student that he’d done better on Cornell’s English competency entrance exam than most of his American-born students and “It’s your second language.”  The Dutchman responded,  “Actually, it’s my fifth.”]

[CtH: The interviewer made the interview into a drinking game. Unbelievable.  Handler claimed, “Everybody’s voice matters”, then said she would not interview either President or Mrs. Trump and told them both to “f**k off.”  Liberals, this is why we don’t respect any of you or your talk about “ending divisiveness.”  You’re phonies who are too dumb to recognize your own hypocrisy.]





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