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Beauty Pageant Answers

These beauty pageant answers became famous for making no sense whatsoever.

Miss Teen USA** 2007 – Miss South Carolina “answers” a question [:49]

Miss Utah USA Gives Worst Pageant Answer Since Miss South Carolina [1:04]

But the winner of Sunday’s Miss USA pageant got some bossy liberal panties in a bunch for saying women should learn self-defense.

Miss Nevada Interview Response [1:00]

Huffington Post’s Mandy Velez tweeted she was sorry Miss Nevada won, because self-defense, then tweeted her hope that “Nevada uses her media tour to reiterate that teaching girls self defense is NOT the best way to protect against assault.”  Ummmmmmmm, Mandy? You do know that “reiterate” means to say the SAME THING several times, right? Or don’t they bother much with vocab at HuffPo?

Cosmopolitan editor Elisa Benson said it was “icky to pretend like self defense is the answer.” The derpitude is strong in this one. Her own rag published “How to Save Your Ass With Self Defense” @ http://www.cosmopolitan.com/advice/tips/self-defense

Other LibTweeters opined that the real solution was to “teach men not to rape.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Cuz “let’s all be victims together” is sooooo much better than what my karate instructor told us girls, which was heavy on “kick him in the balls, then stick your thumbs in his eyes.”

**On a personal note: I was in the Miss Teen USA pageant back in the day. No, not at the high level. I was in a prelim. Our participation consisted entirely of walking on stage and having somebody point at a few girls who were kept on while the rest of us were shooed away. That was IT. Nobody ever talked to us. We didn’t DO anything but walk on to the stage, stand and smile, then get sorted and dismissed. My mom said she thought they were just putting together a nice-looking crowd of girls in a variety of colors to ship on to the next level. One of the other girls said backstage that she’d traveled with a girl who claimed she’d already been told she was going to be Miss Teen USA. I was inclined to believe it. – CtH


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