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Our sin sick nation

I hope you will give this video your full and prayerful attention.

Bishop Barron on Atheism and Assisted Suicide [8:46]

John 3 36

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NO to Assisted Suicide


Assisted suicide is legal in four states: Oregon, Washington, Vermont, and Montana. A fifth, California, will soon implement its own recently signed suicide law.

Patients Rights Action Fund

Democrats generally favor this allegedly “compassionate” law, but now J.J. Hanson, a former aide to former Democratic New York Governors Eliot Spitzer and David Paterson, is taking a strong stand against it.

Hanson, who suffers from Grade 4 Glioblastoma, has founded Patient Rights Action Fund to “inform both Republicans and Democrats, and then allow them to arrive at their own conclusion” about assisted suicide.

“We have found that when citizens on both sides of the political spectrum understand the realities of assisted suicide, they oppose the issue,” he explained.

“Assisted suicide diminishes the focus on patients choosing to fight and survive a terminal diagnosis,” Hanson said. “It reinforces the implicit and explicit message from doctors, insurers, and government that people living with a ‘terminal’ prognosis or disability may be better off dead.”

“Patients with strong support systems facing this type of illness already face significant emotional and cost challenges. Those challenges only multiply for the poor, elderly, or those without access to health care options.”


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