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2018_05 20 Trump tweet

DON’T INVESTIGATE: John Brennan, Obama’s 2d term CIA director, objected very strongly to Trump’s plan, saying such an investigation would do disastrous harm to our democracy. I’m thinking the very opposite is true. Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, pointed out that Mr. Brennan is among those senior Obama administration officials who may have civil and criminal liability if Trump’s charges are true. Continue reading


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Sunday Punday

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Or not. Whatever.
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Bits & Bytes

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Happy Armed Forces Day

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So True


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Bits & Bytes

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I just love this internet meme. The tag line said the image is from the 13th century.

13th c Mary punching devil image

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Friday Morning Shooters

There were two shootings today, one in Florida and one in Texas. Click “Continue Reading” for details and links. Please note: It is a matter of policy for me to NOT publish the names of these people.

2018_05 18 Friday Shooters

In Florida, police responded to an active shooter yelling “anti-Trump rhetoric” at a Miami-area Trump golf course. The man, armed with a handgun, exchanged gunfire with the police and was taken into custody after being shot several times in the legs. Continue reading


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Euthanasia in the UK

Leftists who support nationalizing ALL of our health care into one, government-run operation claim this is the only “compassionate” choice. Click “continue reading” to hear how that’s working out for the Brits, who opted for this kind of system many years ago.

2018_05 Alfie Evans Continue reading

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The Republican “War on Women” continues

The Senate has confirmed Gina Haspel to head the CIA. She succeeds Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and will be the first female to hold the position.

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Reading Is Good for Your Brain

2018_05 keep calm and love reading

Scientific studies have found that reading is good for you.

Reading fiction helps you be more open-minded. The same brain regions are activated when you experience something in real life as when you get into the heads of characters and imagine walking in their shoes.

Reading protects against cognitive decline. “Use it or lose it” applies to your thinking ability. Reading is exercise for your brain. Continue reading

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