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Up, up and awayyyyyyyy with Captain Underpants!

Obama Underpants

From Fox News Update: “There’s chutzpah and then there’s being self-deluded. President Obama appeared to veer toward the latter when he vowed to ‘redouble vigilance’ against ISIS in the wake of the Islamist militant’s latest and most depraved atrocity, burning alive a pilot from a key member of the U.S.-coalition fighting the group.”

Here’s a news flash, Cockroach-IN-Chief: Your “vigilance” toward militant Islamic terrorism was ZERO. ZERO times TWO was ZERO. Redoubling it still equals ZERO.

Cockroach IN Chief

Also from Fox News Update: “The president wouldn’t say the name of ‘radical Islam’ and instead chose to be facile in denouncing ‘whatever ideology they are operating off of’ as ‘bankrupt’. Hmmm. Which ideology is it again? Are they feminists? Dadaists? Jacobites? Maybe Jedis?”

Probably Right-Wingnut, Climate-Denying, Tea Party-ists. If you doubt me, ask Brian Williams. He never ever lies about anything.

Muslim terrorists

Now comes word that Obama chose the National Prayer Breakfast to rant at American Christians about not getting all high-moral-horsey about ISIS atrocities because, you know, the Crusades and slavery and Jim Crow laws.

Ummmmmmmmmmm … Muslims invaded Christian nations. Last I heard, even Democrats didn’t have a problem with people defending themselves from aggression.

Truth about the Crusades

As for slavery, Christians ended it while Muslims still practice it. And don’t get me started on Jim Crow laws (and the KKK) which were, you know, entirely a DEMOCRAT phenomenon.

Now … if you wanna talk about whose moral horses actually ARE higher:

2015_02 James Woods on burned pilot

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ISIS uses religion to justify sex slavery

Mosul sex slave market

ISIS has produced a pamphlet explaining its justification for enslaving non-Muslim women for sex. The video below is from a CNN report about the pamphlet and how it only represents an extremist, minority version of Islam. I find it very intriguing that the Left is so careful to make this distinction about Islam, while consistently perpetuating as normative various extremist, minority versions of Christianity.

CNN report on ISIS pamphlet justifying atrocities

Excerpts from the pamphlet:

Question 2: What makes al-sabi permissible?
What makes al-sabi permissible [i.e., what makes it permissible to take such a woman captive] is [her] unbelief. Unbelieving [women] who were captured and brought into the abode of Islam are permissible to us, after the imam distributes them [among us].

Question 4: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive?
It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with the female captive. Allah the almighty said: ‘[Successful are the believers] who guard their chastity, except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are free from blame [Koran 23:5-6]’…

Question 5: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession [of her]?
If she is a virgin, he [her master] can have intercourse with her immediately after taking possession of her. However, is she isn’t, her uterus must be purified [first]…

Question 6: Is it permissible to sell a female captive?
It is permissible to buy, sell, or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property, which can be disposed of [as long as that doesn’t cause [the Muslim ummah] any harm or damage.

Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?
It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse.

ISIS Has a Message for the U.S. By Kevin Boyd – Dec 14, 2014


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Captured by ISIS and sold into slavery

2014_10 Yazidi women sold as sex slaves


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So ridiculous, and yet so unsurprising

My pick of tweets and comments at Twitchy:

  • Who’s more dumb, Sheila Jackson Lee or the people who keep voting her into office?
  • Having once lived in her district, I can confidently say “yes.”
  • Find that U.S. flag on Mars yet, Sheila?
  • I wasn’t surprised that Sheila Jackson Lee thinks the Constitution is over 400 yrs old. I was surprised she knew we had a constitution.
  • Now imagine if Sarah Palin had said the Constitution is 400 years old.
  • Or that we had “two Vietnams, North and South.”

  • 400 years……..??? Isn’t that the last time Guam capsized….?????
  • Scary isn’t it that these people think they’re better than us.

More “wisdom” from the Congresswoman in the Black Skin:

“I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.” Sheila Jackson Lee, February 13, 2013

“Let us vote to provide for unemployment insurance for working men and women so that faces across America will not have the tear of desperation on their faces.” Sheila Jackson Lee, December 12, 2013

“Don’t condemn the gangbangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked, that are not enforced, that are straw purchased and they come into places even that have strong gun laws. Why? Because we don’t have sensible gun legislation.” Sheila Jackson Lee, April 9, 2013



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Slavery has not been abolished

Kleenex alert.

Not Today: A movie about human trafficking in India [2:59]

Trailer @

Netflix has it.

The Abolitionists [10:47]

Want to help?

Operation Underground Railroad


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The Democrat war on US

It goes back a long way.


Holder swears

It's not cuz he's black

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Free At Last

Elbert Guillory speaks truth to power about blacks and politics [4:17]

Democrats Then and Now`

H/t Pistol Pete

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January 1, 2013: The 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

150 years. Do you know anyone that old? No? Me neither.

1863 Abe Lincoln

92 percent did not own slaves

  • During the Civil War, the Union armies had about two and a half million men.
  • The majority were white Protestants.
  • Less than 200,000 were African American.

They gave life and limb




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Proving they hate America

The Congressional Black Caucus (Motto: No Conservative Blacks or Whites Representing Majority Black Districts Allowed) have proposed pre-eminent House Negro, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The cabinet-level position is being vacated this fall by the ever-incompetent Janet Napolitano, who demonstrated her ability to always do what she’s told to advance the Left’s wet dream of destroying America and has therefore been rewarded with a cushy position as president of the University of California.

For an analysis of Napolitano’s tenure as head of HHS, read

Obama and Jackson Lee - Redefining incompetence

As a replacement, Jackson Lee would bring the same level of incompetence and immorality that Napolitano brought, but with the added bonus of being BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. The following is just a sampling of her behavior since coming to Congress in 1995:

Feb 13, 2013: “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.”

Jackson Lee has a B.A. in political science from Yale no less, plus a law degree from the University of Virginia. You’d think between the two, she might have gotten a clue that black people stopped being legally defined as property many, many, many years before she was born and that it was due to the efforts of Republican presidents and Republican congresses that they have all the rights they’ve got.

July 15, 2010 to Congress: “Today we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working.”

Jackson Lee is a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and there is no North and South Vietnam anymore, only the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

July 15, 2010 to Congress: Bemoaning the loss of American lives in Vietnam, because “the leadership of this nation did not listen to the mothers and fathers who borned the burden of 58,000 dead.”

No doubt she means the Republican Nixon, who inherited the mess in Vietnam from the Democrat Kennedy-Johnson administrations. I can’t speak to how Gold Star moms and dads “borned” their burden. Is that Ebonics or just bad English … but I repeat myself.

Also in July 2010, Jackson Lee announced at the NAACP convention, amidst cheers, that Tea Partiers are nothing more than Ku Klux Klan members without their robes.

The KKK was founded by and filled with Democrats. Tea Partiers predominantly self-identify as either Republican or Independent.

February 2007: Jackson Lee ignored the Bush administration’s policy toward Chavez’ anti-American Socialist rule of Venezuela and traveled there as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which paid for the trip.

Venezuela supplies about 11 percent of America’s oil imports. Despite Chavez’ declared intention to take a majority stake of U.S.-run oil operations in the country, Jackson Lee declared he had many friends in the “new Congress”, referring to the take-over of the House and Senate in January 2007 by a Democrat majority that was openly hostile to the Bush administration.

Jackson Lee has also urged the U.S. to sell F-16 fighter jets and spare parts to Venezuela, which has close relations with Iran and Cuba.

Jackson Lee sits on the House Committee on Homeland Security and on the Subcommittees on Border, Maritime, and Global Counter terrorism, Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection, Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, and Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law.

2005: On a visit to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jackson Lee asked if the Mars Pathfinder had photographed the American flag Neil Armstrong planted in 1969. Reportedly, the embarrassed guide replied simply that this had not been possible, since that flag is on the Moon while the Mars Pathfinder was on Mars.

Jackson Lee has been the Democrat representative for Houston, where NASA is based, since 1995. At the time of this faux pas, she was also serving on the House Science Committee.



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Blacks hating on blacks

Sanger and LBJ RACISTS

Yesterday, CNN host Piers Morgan debated black conservative talk radio host Larry Elder about race in America. Elder spoke hard truths, which triggered a vitriolic Twitter attack.

You can see numerous examples of these hate tweets @

One of the most common slurs thrown at Elder was “house nigger.” I’ve been thinking about this “house nigger” thing lately.

As I understand it, the house slaves got goodies from their owners by supporting them in their oppression of the field slaves. Given the massive damage that leftist policies have wrought on black America, it seems to me that blacks who support these policies are the true “house niggers”, not the conservative blacks like Elder who see and speak the truth.

Racism Republicans do something about it


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