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Apocalypse Now?

I haven’t done the research on this, because I don’t have the astronomy software to verify his statements. But it’s interesting and I’ve blogged about similar things in the past, so here it is for whatever it’s worth to you. I have no idea what it means, apart from the usual, which is true for all of us regardless of how near or far away the end of the world may be:

Jesus can call you home at any time, so keep yourselves holy and prayed up! And don’t forget that, while we are saved by faith, we will be judged on our works. Don’t believe me? Read Matthew 25 and the Epistle of James.

2017_09 23 Sign of the Woman Rev 12

And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered. –Revelation 12:1-2

On November 20, 2016, Jupiter, the King planet, entered into the “womb” of the constellation Virgo the Virgin. This day was also the Feast of Christ the King and the last day of Pope Francis’ declared “Year of Mercy.”

Due to retrograde motion, the King planet spent the next 9 ½ months within the “womb” of the Virgin constellation.

On September 23, 2017, while the moon was at the feet of Virgo and the sun was rising directly behind her, Jupiter moved out of the “womb.” Upon the Virgin’s head were twelve “stars”, formed by the nine stars of the constellation Leo the Lion (another king), with the planets Mercury (Messenger), Venus (Woman), and Mars (Man).

The celestial “birth” of the King planet on September 23rd occurred just 3 weeks before October 13, 2017, which will be the 100th anniversary of the great miracle of the sun at Fatima.

On October 13, 1884, exactly 33 years prior to miracle, Pope Leo XIII had a vision in which he heard God grant Satan one hundred years to try and destroy the Church. Jesus was 33 years old when he died and rose again.  Immediately after his vision, Pope Leo XIII composed this prayer to St. Michael.

Prayer to St Michael



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Don’t miss the Super Blood Moon tonight!

The moon will be at perigee (its closest point to the Earth) for this eclipse, making it appear at its largest in our sky.  It should be quite a show!

Eastern time: The moon will start darkening at 8:11 pm, reach peak at 10:47 pm, then start to lighten again. Peak (when the moon turns red) will only last a few minutes.

2015_09 27 Super Blood Moon

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Why did I label Jubilee with a question mark?

2015_09 Calendar

I posted the calendar above on Monday @  Below is why I put a question mark after Jubilee.

In the Jewish calendar, every seventh year is a Shemitah [shmee-tah] year, during which God commanded the Jews to leave their fields fallow and trust Him to provide for their needs.

The Second and Third Blood Moons were during Shemitah 825 (825 x 7 = HY 5775). HY 5775 ended Sept 13, 2015. The Fourth Blood Moon will be in two weeks, on Sept 28, 2015, which is the first day of the Feast of Sukkot [soo-kote] (aka, Tabernacles, Booths) for HY 5776.

God also commanded that the year after every seventh Shemitah would be a Jubilee year when Jews were commanded to return to the land God had given them.

Jews were not permitted to sell the land that God had given them. However, they were permitted to lease it for a time. The value of the land lease would be the value of the projected harvests x the number of years until the next Jubilee.

At Jubilee, everyone who had leased out land was commanded to return and take possession of their ancestral inheritance.

  • The Jubilee year is also the first year of the next 49 year cycle, putting it in the 50th year.
  • Jubilee means 50.
  • To calculate from one to the next, you add 49, not 50.

Pastor Cahn says nobody knows how the early Jews calculated Jubilee.

  • Shemitah years are those Hebrew years that are evenly divisible by 7.
  • It may or may not follow that Jubilee years are those Hebrew years that are evenly divisible by 49, plus one.

If we go with the Hebrew years evenly divisible by 49, plus one, then the previous Jubilee year was HY 5734 (Sept 27, 1973 – Sept 16, 1974). The Yom Kippur War began on Yom Kippur HY 5734 (October 6, 1973) and the next Jubilee year will be HY 5783 (Sept 26, 2022 – Sept 15, 2023). (This is easier to see in the graphic below.)

But what if we go with recent history concerning the Jews’ return to their ancestral land?

  • In November 1917 (HY 5678), the British declared their intention to give the Holy Land back to the Jews.  This document is known as the Balfour Declaration. HY 5678 was the year following Shemitah 811.
  • In June 1967 (HY 5727), the Jews regained control of Jerusalem during the Six Day War. HY 5727 was the year following Shemitah 818.  It is also 49 years after HY 5678.
  • If these two years mark Jubilee years, then the next one began Sept 14, 2015 (HY 5776).
  • (Again, this is easier to see in the graphic below.)

But what if God is using both ways of counting Jubilee years?

Let’s suppose that Sept 13, 2015, marked the end of both HY 5775 and the Age of the Gentiles and that the Christian “return to homeland” (i.e., Rapture) will occur during the Jubilee year as calculated by the Balfour Declaration and Six Day War (HY 5776 = Sept 14, 2015 – Oct 2, 2016).

The Jews have one more “week”i.e., period of seven yearsbefore the Age of the Jews is complete.

  • If Sept 14, 2015, marked the beginning of that last seven year period, then Jesus will return as the warrior Messiah (Armageddon) during the next Shemitah year in HY 5782 (Sept 7, 2021 – Sept 25, 2022).

After Satan has been locked up for good*, God is going to destroy our fallen world and create a New Heaven, a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem for those who have chosen eternal life in His presence.

  • At that time, all those who have chosen Jesus during the Final Tribulation will “return to homeland” (Final Judgment) during the Jubilee year as calculated via 49 + 1 (HY 5783 = Sept 26, 2022 – Sept 15, 2023).

Click on graphic to embiggen.  If you hold the CONTROL key down while clicking, it will embiggen in a new window so you can click tabs to go back and forth between the confusing text above and the explanatory graphic below.

Jubilee years

Cross reference Hebrew-Roman calendar dates @

*The Roman Catholic Church condemns the idea that the Millennium will occur after Armageddon.  See further explanation:

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Shemitah ends today and the Fourth Blood Moon is coming soon

Don’t roll your eyes at me.  This is important!

2015_09 Calendar

I believe in the Rapture and I believe it is imminent. But really … if you are a believer, you should not need to believe either of these things to know that you need to be ready to meet Our Lord at a moment’s notice.

Anyone could die at any moment, with no warning.

  • I had a cousin who was feeling a little off, but nothing that made him concerned enough to see his doctor. When his wife woke in the morning, his body was cold.
  • I had a friend who was driving his grandson somewhere; obviously he felt fine or he would never have been behind the wheel, particularly not with a child in the car. He started to feel bad, so pulled off the highway and died.
  • My girlfriend’s mom was visiting a friend. She put her head back on the couch and died.
  • My childhood pastor was hale and hearty. He had a headache one afternoon, so laid down for a nap and died.

Don’t wait to get 100% right with the Lord. If you’re Catholic, get your butt into the confessional. If you’re not Catholic, do whatever it is you do the examine your conscience and clear the slate.

2015_09 28 Fourth Blood Moon



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Signs in the Sky and the 4th Harbinger

A few days before He was crucified, Jesus said that “awesome sights and mighty signs will come from the sky” (Luke 21:11) to alert us to the coming End Times.

Sept 10, 2011: By Jewish reckoning, a new day starts at sunset.  I’m not sure where this photo was taken, but the photographer says the only change she made was to enhance the color slightly. N.b., the 2012 date on her signature is the year she published, not the year she took the photo.  She had it for sale somewhere on the internet, but I’m sorry to say, I’ve lost the link.

2011_09 10 flag sunset

Sept 10, 2014: Again, by Jewish reckoning, a new day starts at sunset.  I know this was definitely not photoshopped, because four different people posted their own snapshots of the sunset flag over Richmond, Virginia.

2015_09 10 Flag over Richmond

How rebuilding the WTC was a sign of defiance that brought judgment on the United States.
Jonathan Cahn 2015 4th Harbinger The WTC Tower is rising as a Sign of Judgement


2015_09 10 Rainbow WTC tower

If you have not read Jonathan Cahn’s books yet, I urge you to do so asap.

Cahn and books

JONATHAN CAHN – September 3rd 2015 – COLLAPSE has BEGUN – Part 2


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Leo the Lion and its brightest star

God, Leo the Lion and Regulus



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The third Blood Moon was this morning

2015_04 04 Lunar eclipse time elapse from Everglades

This was taken in Coral Springs, looking westward over the Everglades. Photo by Mark O’Byrne.

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The Extraordinary Medjugorje Matchers

I compared the current Blood Moon Tetrad with the Medjugorje Anniversaries.

Current tetrad with Medjugorje Ann

Remembering Herod’s eclipse and the calendar matchers for the Medjugorje Anniversaries of Jesus’ Bris and Crucifixion, I started searching the NASA data base to see what else God might have put in the sky to warn us the end is near.

In all, I found SEVEN PAIRS of eclipse matchers for Medjugorje Anniversaries. Seven is the number of completeness; pairs speak of First and Second Comings.

Even freakier, these SEVEN PAIRS showed a stunning degree of similarity in days, dates and paths. First, I’ll show you the individual pairs, then after that, I’ll show you the Excel file I made that highlights these patterns.

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 1 - Herod A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 2 - Bar Mitzvah  A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 3 - Jn6 BM1 A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 4 - Jn7,8 BM2 A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 5 - Solar A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 6 - CrucifixionBM3 A

MedjAnnEclipsePaths 7 - BM4 A

Medjugorje Anniversaries - chart and notes FINAL VS

Click on graphic to embiggen for easier reading.

Please feel free to copy/paste, print/reprint, blog/post, or forward as the Spirit moves.

Sources and Background Reading:


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