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Guns protect the innocent

2015_11 10 Boy defends home with mom's gun

Gun control advocates claim to want to reduce violence, but the fact is that gun owners stop a lot of criminal mayhem every year.

Incidents where a gun was fired in self-defense are under-reported, as are incidents where a criminal fled when they discovered their intended target was armed.

And any time a citizen is able to shoot an attacker or hold a felon until the police arrive, it is likely that future crimes have also been prevented.

The thug who survived the above mentioned shooting was arrested.  Like his dead buddy, he had a long rap sheet … and a gun that he clearly had no legal right to carry.

NOTE: An anti-gun group cobbled together a bogus “study” to “prove” that guns are rarely used for self-defense. The Blaze explains why it was a load of donkey doo.


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Greatest gun salesman in American history

Since Obama took office, Smith & Wesson’s stock price is up 800%, Ruger’s is up 700%.

  • This year, shares of three publicly traded stocks with the heaviest concentration on firearms — Sturm, Ruger (RGR), Smith & Wesson (SWHC) and ammo maker Vista Outdoor (VSTO) — have jumped 70%.
  • This year on the day after Thanksgiving, 185,000 Americans got background checks for firearms. That’s a one day record in this country.

This is good news for the safety of all Americans, especially women.

Armed women

States that have adopted concealed carry laws have seen a reduction in crime rates. 

  • Since 1950, all but one public mass shooting in the U.S. has taken place in a gun-free zone.
    • Shooting rampages stopped by police officers had an average of 14.3 deaths.
    • Shooting rampages stopped by armed civilians had an average of 2.3 deaths.
  • Despite strict gun regulations, Europe has had 3 of the worst 6 school shootings anywhere.

US Gun crimes vs self defense

Americans should support the Second Amendment and oppose efforts to disarm civilians.


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Liberal Logic and Guns

2d Amendment A cop won't fit in my purse

Kimberly Weeks was brutally raped in college.  She is now a vocal advocate for the right to own firearms. “Had I been armed, I very well could have changed my circumstances and possibly prevented another attack on myself or the next victim.”

Kim’s story [1:30]

New York Times editorial writer David Firestone sneers at what he calls her “use of fear” to fight gun control.  Cuz Democrats never Never NEVER use scary stuff to advance their political agendas.  Oh wait.  Yes they do.  All the time.  It’s also typical of the New York Slime to demonize victims of their Nanny State policies.

Michelle Malkin notes, “The Times has spilled barrels and barrels of ink decrying the campus rape epidemic. Its opinion writers and reporters call for more money for sexual assault prevention, more government programs and more respect for rape victims. But when a rape victim advocates armed self-defense, where’s the crusading New York Times? Catcalling courageous armed women like a Big Apple street bum.”

Liberal Logic - Cops and guns


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Concealed Carry and Good Aim Saved Four

2014_07 05 Chicago shooting hero


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“This is why I carry.”

2d AMENDMENT Accessory for your rape whistle


Kristina Ribaldi is a gun-toting Grizzly Mama. This is her story:

I had a stalker for five years. Restraining order: Check. Do not contact order: Check. We spent thousands of dollars putting up security lights, obscured glass, even got an attack dog. Guess what? He still tried to enter our backyard and our home. He was caught no less than four times trying to enter into our yard. He was continually arrested, slapped on the wrist with trespassing charges and released in a matter of days / weeks. I also testified in court against him. Let the judge and the stalker know that I would protect myself with deadly force if necessary. It was not until I chambered a round in our shotgun (unmistakeable sound) at the window. He continued to stalk / peep / trespass and violate the lives of countless other victims. He did not continue to stalk me. I found out later that this stalker was a known meth user. Do you think any female could stop a predator hopped up on meth without a firearm? If you do you’re an idiot. This is why I carry. I’m a mom. I have an obligation to protect myself and my children. I live in a small town with good police officers. They could not save me. Women: Protect yourself. Learn basic self defense and if you’d shoot it, carry a gun. If you wouldn’t shoot it: Don’t carry a gun! It’ll be used against you. Know yourself. Learn your limits.


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Beauty Pageant Answers

These beauty pageant answers became famous for making no sense whatsoever.

Miss Teen USA** 2007 – Miss South Carolina “answers” a question [:49]

Miss Utah USA Gives Worst Pageant Answer Since Miss South Carolina [1:04]

But the winner of Sunday’s Miss USA pageant got some bossy liberal panties in a bunch for saying women should learn self-defense.

Miss Nevada Interview Response [1:00]

Huffington Post’s Mandy Velez tweeted she was sorry Miss Nevada won, because self-defense, then tweeted her hope that “Nevada uses her media tour to reiterate that teaching girls self defense is NOT the best way to protect against assault.”  Ummmmmmmm, Mandy? You do know that “reiterate” means to say the SAME THING several times, right? Or don’t they bother much with vocab at HuffPo?

Cosmopolitan editor Elisa Benson said it was “icky to pretend like self defense is the answer.” The derpitude is strong in this one. Her own rag published “How to Save Your Ass With Self Defense” @

Other LibTweeters opined that the real solution was to “teach men not to rape.” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Cuz “let’s all be victims together” is sooooo much better than what my karate instructor told us girls, which was heavy on “kick him in the balls, then stick your thumbs in his eyes.”

**On a personal note: I was in the Miss Teen USA pageant back in the day. No, not at the high level. I was in a prelim. Our participation consisted entirely of walking on stage and having somebody point at a few girls who were kept on while the rest of us were shooed away. That was IT. Nobody ever talked to us. We didn’t DO anything but walk on to the stage, stand and smile, then get sorted and dismissed. My mom said she thought they were just putting together a nice-looking crowd of girls in a variety of colors to ship on to the next level. One of the other girls said backstage that she’d traveled with a girl who claimed she’d already been told she was going to be Miss Teen USA. I was inclined to believe it. – CtH


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Car Jacker Nightmares

DOG That awkward moment

As bad as the above may appear, at least the furries with the razor teeth can’t drive. Texas Grizzly Mom, Dorothy Baker, was returning home from shopping with her five-year-old and two-year-old sons when a man who had been hiding in the back of her minivan appeared, brandishing a knife and demanding money.

‘I asked him how much he needed and he said $200,’ Baker said. ‘And I told him I didn’t have that kind of cash, I had about $20 in my account, and he said I better figure out a way to get it, or my kids were going to get hurt.’  As she drove along, the asshole climbed into the front passenger seat where he saw that Baker had surreptitiously dialed 911 on her cell phone.

The pair began to struggle, but really … you shouldn’t mess with a Texas Mom after threatening her cubs. Despite getting slashed across the chest, Baker managed to get the knife away from the man, then punched him in the face and ordered him out of her car.

Then she hit him with it. He is expected to face felony charges once he is discharged from the hospital.

The children were unhurt and their father says of his wife, ‘She’s my hero. I’ll take her anywhere. I’ll take her anywhere twice on Sunday. She’s a tough one. I wouldn’t have it any other way.’

Source @

H/t Pistol Pete

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Do not take advice from Joe Biden

Joe Biden recently stated, “You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim. It’s harder to use and in fact you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself. If there’s ever a problem just walk out on the balcony here and fire two blasts outside the house.”

This advice is BOTH ILLEGAL and FALSE.

Fire Two Blasts From The Balcony – ILLEGAL. Real gun safety and self-defense experts will tell you warning shots are a bad idea. Few of us live in isolated mansions with balconies, the way “Regular Joe” does but, even for him, shooting at nothing constitutes reckless discharge of a firearm. Depending on what your ammo hits, you could also face serious legal problems for personal or property damage.

An AR-15 is Harder to Use – FALSE. They’re about the same for the first shot, but after that the AR-15 is the clear winner. Shotguns generate so much more recoil that they are significantly harder to reaim and shoot again. Plus, after two shots, the shotgun needs reloading, which requires the kind of fine motor skills that go all to hell amidst the rush of adrenaline in a home invasion scenario. The AR-15 holds 30 rounds and its reload requires only gross motor skills.

You Don’t Need 30 Rounds to Protect Yourself – FALSE. In a 2011 study of NYPD officers, it was determined that, on average, officers discharged 11.5 rounds in a gunfight with a bad guy, only 30% hit their target and even fewer of those rounds proved to have actual stopping power.

Shotgun Proven To Be more Dangerous Than AR-15 [12:28]

If you’re too busy to watch the whole video (sorry, I know it’s long), here’s the quick version.

  • Each gun is fired by a WOMAN.
  • They show the ammo side-by-side at about 3:20. (Or just check out the screenshot I took.)
  • You can see the recoil from the AR-15 at 4:30 vs the shotgun at 5:40.
  • The comparison in the sizes of the holes the two types of ammo make is at 6:32.
  • The difference in precision and safety for bystanders is show at 7:30.

Shotgun shell vs AR-15 shell


Vice President Biden’s criminally stupid advice about self defense

Posted on February 20, 2013 by John Pierce @

Vice President Biden can get you killed or imprisoned with his latest advice

Posted on February 20, 2013 @

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Joe Biden shoots off

Self-Defense Tips from Joe Biden [:46]

Assault rifle vs Shotgun

H/t Pistol Pete

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Lone gunman halts terrorists intent on mass murder

July 25, 1993 – Charl Van Wyk, who carried a gun to a service at St. James Church, Cape Town, South Africa, stopped terrorists armed with semi-automatic weapons and bent on mass slaughter. He saved hundreds of lives.

Were people at the service put off by his action? On the contrary, some of the undecided came to Christ as a result of these events. Van Wyk notes that self-defense is biblical.

“The Bible clearly teaches, ‘A righteous man who falters before the wicked is like a murky spring and a polluted well’ (Proverbs 25:26). Surely we would be ‘faltering before the wicked’ if we cannot protect worshipers in a church!”

Guns - Dial 911 and die

He also says gun control progressives live in a “sheer utopian fantasy” to expect “homicidal maniacs” follow gun laws. He believes politicians should do what’s right to save the lives of children and teachers.

“In Israel teachers and parents, serving as school aides, are armed at all times on school grounds, with semi-automatic weapons. Since this policy was adopted in the 1970s, attacks by gunmen at schools in Israel have ceased,” he said.

“In 2004 Thailand adopted a similar approach for safety of children. It may be politically incorrect, but it does have the advantage of saving the lives of innocent children and teachers. The policy? Encouraging teachers to carry firearms.” he continued. “Though Thailand’s government is extremely hostile to gun ownership in general, it has recognized that teachers ought to be able to safeguard their students and themselves,” he said. “Maybe we can learn something from these countries.”

Guns - Chicago proves gun control fails to control gun crime

He argues strict gun control actually leads to more crime.

“Besides the mother’s womb, gun-free zones are the most dangerous places on earth. At the end of the day, we need to be prepared to defend ourselves. The only person who can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun; nobody else will be of much help.”

Gun Free Zone

See Van Wyk describe his shooting experience and its aftermath [8:21]


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