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Sandra Fluke is ALL about women’s rights. Right?

Uhhhhhhhhhh … not so much when it comes to paying her own female campaign workers.

Last Tuesday, Sandra Fluke lost her bid to be elected to the California State Senate. She campaigned hard on raising the minimum wage and on women getting a fair wage and free birth control.

But when a female campaign worker asked about getting paid for 108 hours of work, Sandra’s reply was the equivalent of “take it up with human resources.”

2014_11 12 Fluke blows off campaign worker

Tweeters were quick to call her out on her hypocrisy:

  • Just to be clear Sandra, you are paying 20.00 P/hr., correct?
  • And what about covering their birth control?
  • Please see the government for payment. Ms. Fluke does not pay her own bills.
  • LOL Of course you don’t pay your employees. You’re a hypocrite.
  • Dems much better at taking money from workers than paying them.
  • Pay them in Obamacare condoms.
  • Sandra Fluke may have suffered a setback, but she’ll be back on her back in no time.
  • When you count on the vagina and penis vote, you’re likely to get screwed.



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Left’s Spin: An Election About Nothing

ejection day

The buzz words the LSM has apparently agreed on is that this was a “Seinfeld election” (Seinfeld show’s premise was “a show about nothing.”)  President Obama said it wasn’t a “true national election.” Ooooooooooooookay. Funny how after Obama won a single primary, it was “the day the oceans began to recede.”

2014_11 04 Chris Matthews pouts Bush laughs

I guess when you vote with your little brains instead of your big brains, you can actually believe people like Joe Biden and Chris Matthews are wise and truthful prognosticators of reality.

2014_11 Biden says Dems would hold Senate

Far from being a nothing election, some of Tuesday’s wins were actually historic. Come January 2015, the GOP will have the most seats since the Truman administration. In those seats will be the first female war veteran ever elected, Iowa’s and West Virginia’s first female Senators, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, the first Black Republican woman ever elected to Congress, and the first Black Senator elected in the South since Reconstruction. Odd how they’re all Republicans, what with, you know, Democrats being soooooo all about advancing Blacks and Wimmin. Or something.

GOP old white men

Dems famously opined in January 2007 that NOW they would have a chance to GOVERN. Well, they’ve proved they can’t and in the process lost their traditional guilt-and-hate-hold on voters-with-brains.  Dem candidates, like Mark Udall, Wendy Davis and Sandra Fluke, who all got a lot of positive MSM national press for their Uterine Campaigns ALL LOST. And when Democrat Martha Coakely prefaced a debate question to her opponent Republican Tom Reed with, “As part of the war on women,” the studio audience spontaneously burst into LAUGHTER.

Even Billary lost big!  According to the left-leaning Politico, Bill and Hillary Clinton were the most sought-after campaigners this election season.  “In the final weeks of the campaign, nearly every endangered Democrat brought [Bill and Hillary Clinton] along on the stump – from Kay Hagan in North Carolina to Mary Landrieu in Louisiana, Mark Udall in Colorado to Mark Pryor in Arkansas. But it was an overwhelming wipeout — of the Clinton-backed candidates in the closest Senate races, only [Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-N.H.] hung on.”

2014_11 04 Hillary's Losers

According to Harry Reid, “The message from voters is clear: they want us to work together. I look forward to working with Senator McConnell to get things done for the middle class.”  Scott Ott at PJ Media wrote:

No, Senator Reid. Americans don’t want Washington to “work together” to “get things done.”

If Americans were tired of divisiveness in D.C., and frustrated with the failure to work together to pass legislation, Democrats would have swept Tuesday’s midterm elections. They did not.

If Americans wanted to get back to the good old days of the Clinton administration, they would have supported the candidates who Bill and Hillary backed. In the crucial Senate races in Georgia, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, North Carolina (and others), they did not.

Americans would have returned Harry Reid to the Senate majority leader’s chair, with a filibuster-proof Democratic majority, if they yearned to…

pack the courts with abortion advocates, or
hold onto their Obamacare health plan, or
yield their children to compulsory Common Core curricula, or
slap down corporations through higher taxes, or
muzzle the voice of the Koch brothers, or
protect the bureaucrats who snoop on and target us, or
put that hinkle dreck Netanyahu in his place. (Apologies to my Pennsylvania Dutch and Jewish brethren.)

They did not do that, because they do not want that.

In Iowa, the Joni Ernst for Senate campaign caught fire when she implied she would castrate Democrats and their cronies in D.C. — figuratively, of course.

If America wanted nothing more than peace in the D.C. pigpen, Joni would be headed home.

Instead, Senator-elect Ernst is pulling on her Carhartts and snapping on the latex gloves.

2009_01 20 The day it became the Senate's full time job

As Pistol Pete put it … “The Republicans were not elected to change the tone in DC. They weren’t elected to work with Obama to get things done. They were elected to STOP OBAMA!”

Brit Hume: ‘This Was a Night When The Chickens Came Home to Roost’ [1:13]



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If the boss has to pay, then the boss gets to say

As of 10:42 a.m. … if 1,950 more people donate ANY amount to LifeSiteNews’ summer campaign before the end of today, a generous donor will contribute an extra $50,000 to the campaign. This site is the premiere Pro-Life news organization. They more than deserve $5 or $10.

Note: The site pops up $35, but it can be changed to another amount and I know they will take $10, cuz I just gave it to them. They will also take $5, but they told me one time that the fee on credit cards makes $5 not too profitable for them. However, the $50K donor is only looking at the number of DONORS, not the amounts, so if you only have $5 to spare, please do.  Thanks.

FLUKE Boss pays, boss says

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly shoot down Sandra Fluke’s lie

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Sandra Fluke is absurd

Sadly, she’s running in San Freakingcisco, so she’ll probably win. And she’ll fit right in with the other Leftie Whiners in the State Senate of Nuts, Berries and Bankruptcy. Her campaign has featured a picture of her with boxing gloves and a big claim to have “won her fight with Rush Limbaugh.”  Yesterday, she claimed, “My fight with Limbaugh clearly show you the kind of leader that I am.”

2014_05 31 Sandra Fluke is absurd

Sandra Fluke’s ONE public “accomplishment” has been to demand Congress force other people to pay for her birth control. Her “fight” with Limbaugh was over him calling her a “slut” after she told Congress that she was a 30-year-old college student who couldn’t afford the $3000 she’d spent on birth control. Her big “fight” with Rush Limbaugh started with him calling her a slut and ended with him apologizing. Yeah. “Leadership.” Uh huh. Riiiiiiiiight.

Tweeters had fun:

  • Yes, actually it DOES define you. It’s the only reason anyone knows you. The only thing that gave you any measure of fame.
  • You defined yourself when you went before Congress demanding that we pay for your contraception.
  • I don’t think “leader” means what you think it means.
  • “Pitiful” is the word you’re looking for.
  • That she still references Limbaugh speaks volumes.
  • Rush lives rent-free in her head.
  • Wanting Americans to pay for your your contraception is being a leader? Yep you’re a Democrat all right.
  • It shows you can play the victim and get on talk shows. What kind of leadership is that?
  • It shows she’s the kind of leader who wants other people to assume the costs of her decisions.
  • I didn’t know great leaders acted like victims.
  • She learned everything she knows about leadership from Barack Obama.
  • She showed what kind of a “leader” she was when she held a rally in a parking space.

2012_10 Sandra Fluke has Ocare rally in parking space

Her claim to have spent more than $3000 on “birth control” always struck me as deeply fraudulent. Nothing but ABORTION costs that much and abortion was allegedly not part of the whole “free birth control” thing. Except tax-payers funding abortion has ALWAYS been what Obamacare and the HHS mandate have been about.  The only people who don’t get that are the Christian Democrats who still have their heads stuck up where the sun don’t shine. I pity them when they get to judgment.


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Random fun stuff from my Twitter and Facebook surfing

Obama in PeePee has its own Twitter account @ #Obamainpeepee. This is its profile pic. [I did not realize the doll Glenn used was an Obama as Jesus doll. That makes this even more fun.]


The same ppl who relentlessly degraded GWB & cheered the Piss Christ are now outraged over Obama in Pee Pee

If the media responded to Benghazi like they did #obamainpeepee we may have gotten some answers there

Put Jesus in a jar of urine, liberals call it art. Put Obama in urine, liberals become unhinged!

I, for one, think the Obama in a jar of pee pee is hilarious because 1) It’s not really pee pee and 2) it makes lefties cry hippie tears.

Glenn Beck tried to sell his artwork via eBay with proceeds to go to charity. Bids got up to $11,300 when eBay abruptly yanked the listing.

Tweet: Either @GlennBeck gets federal funding for his art, or they’re trying to shut down free sPEEch.

Now, at eBay, there is a new item for sale – A printout of the bidding history on Obama in Pee Pee! $4.15.

Tweet: Nude activists protest in Boehner’s office For once, I wish there had been a govt cover-up. 

Tweet: Feminists & minority activists are such hypocrites.You can’t argue that we’re all equal and then ask for special treatment for “your people”

Tweets @ #IfObamaWasJesus –

After 40 days and nights in the desert, he would see a blaming bush

He would find someone else to die on the cross.

He would have pointed to the Earth and yelled to God – “You didn’t build that!”.

He would find someone else to die on the cross.

He would’ve spent most of his sermon on the mount blaming the previous messiah.

He would have sat down and had a beer summit with the money changers as the people got hosed.

The first time Peter denied him he would have called him racist.

He would find someone else to die on the cross.

Tweet: Difference between Obama and Jesus? Jesus turned five loaves and two fish into a meal for 5,000. Obama turns a meal for 5,000 into Solyndra.

Tweet: I’m inclined to agree with those who say we’ve already gone over the fiscal cliff, and are just awaiting the “SPLAT!” at the bottom.

I remember when gas was less than a dollar a gallon, which makes me ancient

Tweet: 100% right—>Krauthammer: Obama isn’t trying to fix our fiscal issues, he’s trying to destroy the Republicans.

CtH: I think it’s the Republic he wants to destroy. Taking down Republicans is just one of the items on the To Do list, along with driving small businesses out of business.

Tweet: Egyptian Islamists think that the pyramids need to be destroyed. So why didn’t Mohammed Atta, et al., just fly planes into the pyramids?

Tweet: Replace Susan Rice w/Sarah Palin SAYING EXACT SAME THINGS. You think #MSNBC #CBS #ABC #NBC #CNN #NYT #Democrats wld scream sexism & defend?

Tweet reply: Sarah Palin has been called FAR worse for saying things FAR less stupid.

Tweet: AmbassadorRice: “As Pres. Obama has said, hope cannot be imprisoned & aspirations cannot be killed.” Like Amb. Stevens??

EPIC RANT: Sandra Fluke, Paragon of Hypocrisy By Leah Sargent – November 28, 2012

So TIME rag-azine nominated Sandra “$3,000 of birth control per year” Fluke for Person of the Year. Notwithstanding that she doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same zip code as a young lady like Malala Yousafzai, who is risking her life for the chance to go to school, Sandra, as usual, accepted the “honor” with her usual shallow self-centeredness. She then felt the need to point out that there are few women nominees.

Well hey Sandra, if women are spending as much time in bed as you seem to be, maybe they don’t have time to make a difference in the world. Besides spending all that time shagging random guys, there are dishes to be washed and babies to feed. Time management, you know. By the way, thanks for setting women back 80 years with your focus on our bodies instead of our brains. We sure appreciate it. I mean, who doesn’t love being objectified? Because seeing women as people instead of sex objects is totally not what true feminism is all about. It’s about demanding enough birth control to let you have sex 2-3 times a day for an entire graduate school career. Yeah. That’s it.

Hey Sandra, I’mma let you finish, but next time you want to complain about sexism, you MIGHT want to keep in mind that you’re only famous as a sex-crazed, demanding brat who makes the average two-year-old look reasonable by comparison. Grow up, sweetie. We’re tired of your whining.


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Romney fills binders

Just saying!

Click on graphic to embiggen.
H/t Pistol Pete


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I was down to my very last nerve yesterday and its still badly frayed.Hopefully you guys can come up with some different links because I’m going to concentrate on just a few.Lots of videos and some ranting too.

I was watching Fox and they had on Andrea Saul,representing the Romney campaign.They played that awful ad and her remark was if they’d lived in Massachusetts they’d have had healthcare.I came out of my chair literally screaming,”WHAT THE F#*$% ARE YOU DOING??YOU’RE BLOWING IT!!!

DW rushed in fearing I was going into cardiac arrest.Mitt better wake up and realize he’s not in Massachusetts anymore.You don’t compromise with these people.This bastard thrives when he’s in the middle of a slash-and-burn campaign,the dirtier the better.If Romney keeps throwing jabs Obama’s character assassins will cut him to pieces with straight razors while the media cheers them on.This campaign is supposed to be about Obummer’s record,but thats hard to do when only one side plays by the rules.We saw how that worked out with McLame.By the way,it turns out Saul came from the McCain campaign.If that’s the kind of people he has working for him,it doesn’t look too good.

Later on Hannity,Ann Coulter was on and she saw exactly what I did.I’m posting video in the reply section.She was fuming!

Then I saw another clip on Steponme Cutter,who was on CNN smugly grinning and denying the White Hut had anything to do with Joe Septic and Priorites USA .”That would be illegal,” she smiled.An audio clip was unearthed from a few months ago where she had a teleconference call with the same union hack.I went to bed numb,hoping for a better tomorrow.This day really stunk.




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Media silent about vicious Leftist assault

Media Matters and its cohorts in the Democrat Machine manufactured a month’s long non-troversy over Rush Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “slut.”

They even organized a coordinated (ultimately futile) attack on Rush’s advertisers in an attempt to drive him off the air.

So what happens when a Leftist radio host makes a protracted and viciously sexist assault on a Conservative woman?


Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, is one of the highest ranking females in American State politics. She is also a wife, mother of two, and a cancer survivor.

Left-wing radio host, John “Sly” Sylvester, who operates out of Madison, WI, at radio station WTDY, went off on her, her marriage, her cancer, AND HER KIDS.

If you have the stomach, listen here:

I did and I’ll warn you. You’ll want to scrub your brain with a wire brush afterwards.

What’s Kleefisch’s crime?  She’s a Conservative.

Where is the media on this inexcusable verbal assault?  AWOL. No mention, not even in local news media.

Where is the feminist outrage over Sly’s misogyny?  MIA.

How many “It’s for the children” Democrats have called Sly out for involving innocent children in his political assault? Nada.

Chrissy’s Site Bites:

Click on graphic to embiggen.

If you like this, you might also enjoy

IBD editorial: The Left Misreads Popularity Of Limbaugh, Tea Party – March 30, 2012

Media Silent as Left Attacks Kids of WI Lt. Gov. by John Nolte – March 30, 2012


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Riffing on Sandra

This is a family site, so y’all are just going to have to click the linkies. (You’re already clicking on them, aren’t you? hee hee)

Graphic: 2012_03 08 Nancy shocked at bad words about Fluke > Values – Left v Right
Chrissy’s Site Bites:
Thanks to for permission to post.

I read what Fancy Nancy had to say about Fluke’s “courage” in coming forward. There was this one bit about how horrible it was for one student who was told right at the pharmacy counter that her insurance didn’t cover birth control and she was OMG embarrassed and OMG had to walk away.

Well, crap. I guess we just should take a big black Magic Marker to that damn First Amendment thing about religious freedom and force that damn Catholic college to pay for her damn birth control. Right? I mean, What Would Jesus Do? LET her be EMBARRASSED?! It’s unspeakable. It’s outrageous. It can’t be allowed!

Graphic: Fluke leading the Leftists > Values – Left v Right
Chrissy’s Site Bites:
H/t to angelaisms for idea about using Delacroix’s famous “Liberty Leading the People.”


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