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Out of the Mouth of the Manifestly Unqualified

Partial transcript from Donald Trump and Bob Woodward March 31, 2016 interview:

BW: Which is the party of Lincoln and the party of Nixon. . . . And so we have this party that you are running to be the nominee in, and it’s got two heritages. Lincoln and Nixon.

DT: That’s true. That’s true.

BW: And why did Lincoln succeed? Thought about that at all?

DT: Well, I think Lincoln succeeded for numerous reasons. He was a man who was of great intelligence, which most presidents would be. But he was a man of great intelligence, but he was also a man that did something that was a very vital thing to do at that time. Ten years before or 20 years before, what he was doing would never have even been thought possible. So he did something that was a very important thing to do, and especially at that time.

Trump and Lincoln

DT: And Nixon failed, I think to a certain extent, because of his personality. You know? It was just that personality. Very severe, very exclusive. In other words, people couldn’t come in. And people didn’t like him. I mean, people didn’t like him.


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Erasing evidence

2015_03 27 Clinton's email

“Hillary Clinton lacks a track record of accomplishment. She is not candid, which suggests her character is flawed. And I think now in e-mail gate, we not only have a situation where she is clearly not being candid. I mean, her saying all those e-mails she erased were just her and Bill chatting is a little bit like Richard Nixon saying those erased moments on the tape were he and Pat talking.”  –Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina on “Fox News Sunday”

Nixon-Hillary erased evidence

HILLARY Watergate

Yesterday, I saw a snarky remark on Facebook that the Zeifman-fired-Hillary story was “typical Tea Party b.s.”  The commenter cited Snopes.  When I did my own search, I found the article (linked below) in which Zeifman himself says he fired Hillary for cause.  I also found the Snopes article which

  • did NOT CITE the Zeifman article (which is not difficult to find) and
  • cited but did NOT LINK to source in which Zeifman allegedly said he did NOT fire Hillary.

I think this Snopes article puts a big, red flag on the rumors floating around that Snopes is in the tank for the Obamacrats and possibly funded by George Soros.


Hillary Clinton Defies Subpoena, ‘Wiped Her Server Clean’ by Joel Gehrke – March 27, 2015

Hillary’s Crocodile Tears in Connecticut by Jerry Zeifman – February 5, 2008

Snopes article: Zeifman email rumor is False


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Hypocrites and Liars

Bongino on Clinton hypocrisy

2015_03 Nixon vs Hillary

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Okay, joke’s over. Bring back the Constitution.

Reagan v Obama

Obama's priorities

Getting away with Benghazi

Lying presidents

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Media Bias and the New Nixon

The IRS has apologized for targeting conservative political groups during the 2012 election in order to hinder their ability to raise campaign money and support challengers to Democrat candidates.

Now it’s coming out that IRS agents were targeting Tea Party groups in 2011 as well. Color me shocked. Okay. Not so much. Certainly the Palins aren’t surprised.

2014_01 10 Palin's dad harassed by IRS

You know what OTHER administration misused the power of the IRS to target political enemies?

Watergate IRS

What’s the difference? The media. Nixon was a Republican. Obama is a Democrat.


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Like brothers from another mother

Jonathan Alter (Democrat Apologist Masquerading As Journalist) tweeted,

“Any comparison between Obama Admn and Nixon is ridiculous.”

Really? Ahem. Roll tape …

Nixon and Obama: Like brothers from another mother

Some tweeters agreed with Jonathan … but not in the way he’d like.

  • Yes, Nixon’s dirty tricks. Plus Carter’s bad economy and Clinton’s dishonesty.
  • Such a comparison IS ridiculous, but only because Tricky Dick never even tried half of the crap Barack Hussein has pulled.
  • Nixon only thought about using the IRS against his enemies, Obama actually did it.
  • The comparison is a slap in the face to Nixon.
  • I agree. Nixon didn’t kill anybody.
  • If I were to pick a president to compare Obama to, I wouldn’t choose Nixon. I’d choose Mugabe. They both looted the Treasury to redistribute wealth to their cronies, blamed all of their failures on imaginary white racism, devalued their currencies by printing money, used the power of their Government to harass opponents and silence opposition voices, and turned productive farmland into wasteland (i.e. California’s central valley).



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