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Let go and let God

Stress is a physiological response to a perceived threat. Three of the most obvious physical responses are commonly known as Freeze, Fight, and Flight.

  • Freeze: We become hyper alert to threat indicators, lifting our heads up to look and listen, which involves tightening neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Fight: We tighten our hands in preparation for battle.
  • Flight: We tighten our feet in preparation for running away.

These stress responses are really important to surviving muggers and bears, etc., and cause no long term damage when the stress is relieved in short order.

This is not true when they become chronic responses to problems that cannot be resolved quickly or through Freezing, Fighting, or Fleeing.

This summer, I’ve been having a lot of trouble with pain and stiffness in my feet. A couple of weeks ago, I remembered that a pain therapist had me roll a golf ball under my bare feet to relieve stress.  It undoes the Flight tension.

Like this:

Making “fists with your toes” also undoes the tension in the feet caused by fear, in this case, of flying. It’s bio-feedback on the cheap.

Since I’ve been processing a lot of old fear memories this summer, I ordered a box of used golf balls from Amazon. Now I’ve got one each in two fabric-lined box lids, one here by my office chair and the other out by my spot on the couch. I figure it couldn’t hurt to roll my feet on them a little bit, several times a day, while reciting the surrender prayer.

O Jesus, I surrender myself to you. Take care of everything. Amen.

Yesterday, the idea of worry balls came into my head and I realized they are relaxing, because they relieve Fight tension in the hands. So I added two more golf balls to my little prayer regimen. They don’t jingle like Chinese meditation balls, but they roll just fine.  Good thing I bought a box of a dozen balls! 🙂

Finally, during the night, when my shoulders and neck were hurting, I thought about Freeze stress. Today, I started also pressing a golf ball into the two hot spots I have on each side of my neck and shoulders.

This stuff actually seems to help and it’s dirt cheap, so I thought I’d share in case you, too, are looking for ways to help yourself …

Let go and let God


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Apocalypse Now?

I haven’t done the research on this, because I don’t have the astronomy software to verify his statements. But it’s interesting and I’ve blogged about similar things in the past, so here it is for whatever it’s worth to you. I have no idea what it means, apart from the usual, which is true for all of us regardless of how near or far away the end of the world may be:

Jesus can call you home at any time, so keep yourselves holy and prayed up! And don’t forget that, while we are saved by faith, we will be judged on our works. Don’t believe me? Read Matthew 25 and the Epistle of James.

2017_09 23 Sign of the Woman Rev 12

And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. And being with child, she cried travailing in birth, and was in pain to be delivered. –Revelation 12:1-2

On November 20, 2016, Jupiter, the King planet, entered into the “womb” of the constellation Virgo the Virgin. This day was also the Feast of Christ the King and the last day of Pope Francis’ declared “Year of Mercy.”

Due to retrograde motion, the King planet spent the next 9 ½ months within the “womb” of the Virgin constellation.

On September 23, 2017, while the moon was at the feet of Virgo and the sun was rising directly behind her, Jupiter moved out of the “womb.” Upon the Virgin’s head were twelve “stars”, formed by the nine stars of the constellation Leo the Lion (another king), with the planets Mercury (Messenger), Venus (Woman), and Mars (Man).

The celestial “birth” of the King planet on September 23rd occurred just 3 weeks before October 13, 2017, which will be the 100th anniversary of the great miracle of the sun at Fatima.

On October 13, 1884, exactly 33 years prior to miracle, Pope Leo XIII had a vision in which he heard God grant Satan one hundred years to try and destroy the Church. Jesus was 33 years old when he died and rose again.  Immediately after his vision, Pope Leo XIII composed this prayer to St. Michael.

Prayer to St Michael


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I believe in God

Eddington Inner Light

The End of Prayer Shaming: Posted by East Catholic High School, Dec 22, 2015

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Betcha Satan loves Sarah Silverman’s hurricane meme

2017_09 08 Silverman don't pray meme

Tweeter Kyle Foley was incensed.

  • This is such an unbelievably f**king stupid take. People’s lives are in danger and “believing in science” won’t stop these storms.
  • Scoring cheap political points while islands are getting leveled and people are fleeing for their lives is an all-time low.
  • More importantly, we haven’t seen storms as bad as Harvey and Irma in 12 years. We’ve also had storms like this for CENTURIES.
  • They aren’t suddenly increasing in frequency or strength, they’ve always been bad and they’re still very rare.
  • Just pisses me off that while I’m helping ppl board up homes and watching friends evacuate, assholes are using it for political gain.



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Say Amen

2017_09 07 Irma prayer

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Prayers Needed

In addition to your prayers for those devastated by Hurricane Harvey, please remember to pray for those affected by the huge wildfire in LA. Last I heard, it was 30% contained.

Also continue to pray that Hurricane Irma fizzles. It’s looking like it may hit Florida on Friday. Ditto the 50+ wildfires in Montana and Idaho where more than half a million acres are going up in smoke.

Two signs Same message


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Must-Miss Television

It is doubtful that anyone who visits here would be a fan of CNN. It takes an absence of intelligence, a willingness to be knowingly lied to, and the gag reflex of a billy goat to engage in such self-inflicted torture. Nonetheless, the professional haters never rest.

Of Course: CNN to Air New Reagan-Bashing Film on Labor Day

On Labor Day, CNN will air The Reagan Show, a new film bashing the 40th president. In case you thought it would be anything other than hostile, the ads make the goal clear. A clip of Reagan saying, “Together we will make America great again,” is paired with a blurb from the website Screen Daily: “An elaborately constructed parable for the Trump era.”
National Review exposed just how nasty the documentary is:
The continuing popularity of President Reagan is a source of profound irritation and unease to liberals. To assuage their pain, they have gone back to their initial rationalization for how Reagan became so beloved: He cheated. Though a lousy actor, he nonetheless fooled the common man with his mesmeric performing skills. It’s the old false-consciousness story: If we liked the man, trickery must have been involved.

Report: Trump Will End DACA With Six Month Delay

The sources stated that Trump will delay enforcement for six months and give Congress the opportunity to write proper immigration legislation.
Remember, DACA is not a law or even an Executive Order. All DACA is a Department of Homeland Security policy that officials announced via memo.

Continetti: I Think We Might See the End of DACA in the Coming Months

Mnuchin Says Economy Will Be Fine Without DACA Ahead Of Trump Announcement
Mnuchin was asked about the letter on “Fox News Sunday,” and replied: “As it relates to the economic impact, I am less concerned about the economic impact. We’ll make sure that we have plenty of workers in this economy. We want to put more people back to work. There’s a lot of people that left the workforce and our objective is to bring them back into the workforce.
MTP Panelist Claims DACA Opposition by Trump Base Driven by Race
According to the professor, Trump was only playing to his base who only cared about DACA because they were white. “We can think about the policy issues but there is this kind of cultural undertow,” he asserted.
“This is really red meat to his base that it’s really speaking to a kind of deep seated cultural anxiety about the changing nature of the country,” he claimed. “That this immigration issue is not about securing the border and it’s not about jobs, it’s not about fixing a bad immigration policy.”

Journalist: “Race and Class . . . Most Significant Aspects” of Hurricane Harvey
And here we thought that saving lives and rebuilding a devastated area should be the focus . . . Proving that when you wield an anti-racism hammer, everything looks like a nail, a guest on Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show this morning declared that “race and class . . are the most significant aspects of this particular hurricane.”
The guest in question, Charles D. Ellison, is the Washington correspondent of The Philadelphia Tribune, and hosts a show on WURD, an African-American owned radio station in Philly.

Teacher Makes Students Remove Trump Apparel, Says It’s ‘Neo-Nazi’ Slogan

The video, exclusively obtained by TPUSA, shows a high school teacher at River Ridge High School in Woodstock, Ga., telling her students, “You cannot wear a swastika to school … you cannot wear ‘Make America Great Again’ like that.”
“Please go, at least for this class,” the teacher added. “I don’t care what you do in other classes.”

John McCain Finds Strength to Fly to Italy to Trash Donald Trump at International Forum

The #FakeNews liberal media is sure gonna miss John McCain.
As hard as others try, there’s really just no one to take his place trashing Republicans with such venom. Although, Ben Sasse, Jeff Flake, and Lindsey Graham are working to change that.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump Attend Church for National Day of Prayer

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump visited went to church on Sunday for the National Day of Prayer for Hurricane Harvey victims.
The Trumps attended services at St. John’s Church in Washington D.C. near the White House for about an hour. On Friday, Trump proclaimed a national day of prayer for the victims of the storm in Texas and Missouri.

Jackson: Trump Can’t Get Into ‘Jesus’s Kingdom’

Obama Is Now the Most Costly Former President
Next year, the American people will be footing his bill to the tune of $1,153,000, according to a Congressional Research Service memo. This figure is more than $100,000 higher than President George W. Bush’s request and roughly $200,000 more than President Clinton’s. Former President George H.W. Bush will receive $942,000 and President Carter will bring in $456,000.

Shameless: ABC Exploits Harvey Aftermath to Push for DACA
Before Raddatz began pushing for DACA, she began her segment by highlighting the recovery efforts and shadowed a local police chief has he aided a shelter. “But the chief’s work to help evacuees may be complicated by a new challenge. President Trump set to announce his decision this week on whether to end the DACA program,” she bemoaned.
“Houston has one of the highest populations of so-called ‘Dreamers’ in the country,” Raddatz noted. “We met one of them. 15-year-old Jasmine Medrano. As her family returned to their flooded out Houston home, which they just recently paid off.”


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My Lord and my God

St Nicholas of Flue

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