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Prayer is a bridge

PRAYER is a bridge


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Let us pray

Prayer steering wheel not spare tire

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The War Heats Up

Jesus told us this stuff would come at the end.

2017_03 23 Bus window smashed

2017_03 23 Cath Univ

2017_03 23 Silence critics

While this is a cultural and political battle, it is PRIMARILY a SPIRITUAL battle! We need to stay prayed up!

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What God Can Do

Please PRAY for Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation.  We need him on the Supreme Court ASAP!

GOD and lightning bugs

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Search me, O Lord

The “Verse of the Day” hit me in the heart, so I took a screen shot of it.

Ps 139 23-24


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“Guide me, Lord, in the way of your commands.” (Ps 119:35)

Please join me today in praying for and making sacrifices on behalf of President Trump.  I read on Facebook that Satanists plan to perform a curse against him today.  Maybe you think that’s silly.  I don’t.  I believe we are in a spiritual battle here and we need to step up and be PRAYER WARRIORS for CHRIST.


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Friday Afternoon Matinee

Had a checkup today. The good news is, my pacemaker’s doing fine. The bad news is the day ain’t over. Had lunch with DW at the tres chic Taco Bell. (I have a weakness for gordita supremes.)

There is the usual cascade of items today, but there are so many videos I thought I’d post some here and leave the heady stuff for the comment section.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, in case you haven’t heard. Not decided if I’m going to post any of the hopelessly overpriced ads. The New England Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, the coach, Bill Bellichek, and the star quarterback, Tom Brady are all friends of the President. Brady is getting all kinds of grief and even people who hate football are certain to tune in, in the hopes of seeing him get hurt for his unforgivable behavior.

To cleanse the palate, imagine archaeologists thousands of years from now sifting through the digital rubble of our civilization in search of scant bits of cultural data — and finding this. They would probably conclude that it’s newsreel footage from an esoteric tribal war fought long ago by lunatic warrior-poets, speaking ecstatic gibberish as they slaughter each other.

Which, pretty much, yeah.

Relatedly, how many times this weekend will various media remind us that Tom Brady is palsies with the president and that that’s a doubleplusungood thing to be?


Trump: “NOTHING” Is Off The Table On Iran

Trump at Prayer Breakfast: ‘We’re Taken Advantage of By Every Nation in the World, IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN ANYMORE”

“It’s time we be tough”
“Terrorism must be stopped, and it will be stopped, it might not be pretty for a while, it will be stopped”

Trump hammers Arnold Schwarzenegger at prayer breakfast
The Apprentice ‘ratings went down the tubes and it’s been a total disaster’…’I want to pray for Arnold and those ratings’

TRUMP: What I hear more than anything when I travel the nation are five words:

“I am praying for you”

Democrats and UC Berkeley Students Destroy And Loot Starbucks At Milo Yiannopoulos Protest

Democrat Congresswoman Val Demings Says Violent Riots At UC Berkeley Were A “BEAUTIFUL SIGHT”

Joy Behar Urges Dr. Phil to Diagnose Trump as a Narcissist

Sharpton: Schumer Needs to Give Republicans ‘The Big Payback’ Over Gorsuch Nomination

Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd – F*#%-ing Hilarious!







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“Freedom of religion is a sacred right.”


Feb 2, 2017: During his speech at the national prayer breakfast this morning, President Donald Trump called freedom of religion a sacred right and promised that his administration will do everything in its power to protect religious liberty.

That includes getting rid of the Johnson amendment that prohibits pastors and churches from speaking out on political issues by making them worry about their nonprofit status being revoked. Trump said that America will flourish “when religious liberty can flourish.”


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