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I was going to add these bits and bites to Pete’s post, but it was taking too long to refresh.

2017_08 07 Trump Blumenthal

HATE:  Google’s firing of an engineer for committing a “thought crime” has encouraged an atmosphere of hate at Google, with employees tweeting openly that they are keeping track of colleagues guilty of WrongThink.

2017_08 Progress Polls Better Prez

RACISM:  If a Republican called a black Democratic president’s representative his “pet,” Keith Olbermann would be screaming.

Laugh or facepalm

ABORTION: A Kansas medical board is considering whether to suspend or revoke a Planned Parenthood abortionist’s license after he failed to follow the law regarding a 13-year-old’s abortion. He claims he didn’t know her age. Uhhhhhhhhhhh … shouldn’t THAT qualify for suspension?! I mean, sheesh! Don’t they do some INTAKE at these “safe and legal” abortuarites? You know, like taking the patient’s name, age, weight, medical history, etc.

I’ll add more in comments if I see anything brief, but interesting.


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Murkowski’s Planned Parenthood Pandering

Murkowski PP

Alaska’s Republican Senator Murkowski says she voted against the skinny repeal of Obamacare to protect Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. According to her, it was a vote “for the people of Alaska.”

I googled “Planned Parenthood clinics in Alaska” and learned there are only four in the whole of our largest state. Then, I googled “public women’s health clinics in Alaska” and got 20 hits that were not Planned Parenthood clinics. Nine of the second set serve communities that Planned Parenthood does not. Only one of the PP clinics serves an area that didn’t show up in the public health clinics list.

I was unable to find out if Planned Parenthood has donated to Murkowski.


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Cleanup on Aisle Four

Just what we all look forward to after a weekend of eating, drinking and debauchery: leftovers. Non-related items of little to no interest to anybody. It is not my purpose to be obnoxious and annoying, it’s just that I’m really good at it.

LIAR: Chuck Schumer Says Democrats Not Celebrating Failure Of Obamacare Repeal – This Video Proves Him Wrong

After the floor session, Matt House took a picture of Schumer standing with Warren.  Later, Warren was mobbed by raucous supporters outside the Capitol, despite the late hour.

Steve Doocy said on “Fox & Friends” that Republicans “betrayed the confidence they had with voters” by defeating their own bill.

Now, look at the video below. It’s filled with images of Democrats, Schumer’s own colleagues. They are clearly celebrating. They look very happy, unlike the American people who are suffering.

Planned Parenthood to send superhero capes to senators who voted against healthcare bill

Planned Parenthood says it’s sending superhero capes to the 51 senators who voted against the Senate’s ObamaCare repeal bill.

“We’re delivering #IStandWithPP capes to all the senators who voted against #Trumpcare. Thank you for protecting our care!” the organization tweeted.

[CtH: Eternity tip … don’t wear it to Judgment.]

Planned Parenthood Issues Guidelines On How to Teach Toddlers About Transgenderism and Masturbation

New guidelines have been issued on the Planned Parenthood website containing detailed methods for talking to preschoolers about gender roles, sexuality, masturbation, transgenderism, and even ways of determining whether your child is trans or not.

[CtH: My mother had a guideline for this stuff too.  “Ask me again when you’re older.”]
The federally funded corporation, Planned Parenthood, is now offering advice to parents on how to approach sexual and gender identity topics with toddlers and preschoolers. When they’re not killing unborn babies with tax dollars, they have to at least make sure your kids grow up to be ill-adjusted, gender confused, and hyper-sexual.

Disaster: Megyn’s Sunday Show’s ‘Initial Run’ Pulled After Just Eight Episodes


Kelly has alienated everyone except the small band of “Never Trumpers” on Twitter and anti-Trump pundits who, so desperate for affirmation and attention to make up for their numerous insecurities, gleefully allow themselves to be used as the legacy media’s useful idiots. The only silver lining for Today may be that Kelly’s tremendously bad ratings may have given Matt Lauer plenty of job security.

McCain to Begin Cancer Treatment Monday


Chelsea Clinton tells ‘white parents’ to teach their kids not to be racists – that’s pretty racist

Chelsea Clinton loves to get on her soapbox and preach to the commoners.  She continued that trend on Friday when she decided to tell “white parents” how to raise their children.

Clinton is no stranger to offering her “wisdom” on social media.  Not only to her followers, but to world leaders and members of the media.  In the past year she has used her Twitter account to scold the president of the Philippines, chastise Megyn Kelly for interviewing Alex Jones, attack Steven Bannon for fat shaming, and frequently to go after President Donald Trump.

But her latest foray into telling parents how to raise their children drew the ire of many.

Chelsea Clinton‏@ChelseaClinton — Retweeted Crystal Johnson with a link to a video on black parents talking to their children.

  • Painful & powerful. Thank you Crystal for sharing. White parents need to talk about racism & hate with our children throughout their lives.

CROWENATION™ @CROWENATION2016 — Replying to @ChelseaClinton

  • Want to talk about Racism, Chelsea? Did you think about that hungry little Haitian girl on your wedding day? Observe.

Moonbats Flock To Chelsea Clinton Book Signing In Falmouth, MA

Three girls stood at the head of the line behind Eight Cousins bookstore Thursday morning, clutching copies of “She Persisted,” a new children’s book by Chelsea Clinton.

Maya Holzman, 12, and Sydney Holzman, 13, both of Brookline, and Mia Bartlett, 13, of West Roxbury, got in line at 7:45 a.m. for Clinton’s 10:30 a.m. book signing.

“I thought it was really good for kids and inspiring young girls to know they can do whatever they want,” she said.




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If they could only see their eternal destiny

Oregon legislature hellfire

Oregon legislators are going to have a lot of lives to answer for at judgment.

The state House and Senate have both passed a radical pro-abortion bill that Gov. Kate Brown says she will sign soon.

The new state law will force force health insurers and taxpayers to pay for free abortions for residents and illegal immigrants.

It will also set aside $10.2 million tax dollars for abortions, contraception and other reproductive health services for 2017 through 2019 in Medicaid, much of which pro-life advocates say will go to Planned Parenthood.

It isn’t clear to me if U.S. citizens who reside in other states will be able to travel to Oregon and demand that Oregon taxpayers provide them with free abortions as well.


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Young Pro-Lifers RULE!

2017_06 21 Reading Pro-Life Protest

On June 21st, about 80 pro-life community members and Students for Life of America team leaders stood outside the Reading School District to protest Planned Parenthood opening a sex counseling and referral center inside Reading High School.

The school board decided to delay their discussion on Planned Parenthood’s proposed center. While they did not formally acknowledge the presence of protesters in the audience, they surely could not miss the sea of bright blue “We Are the Pro-Life Generation” shirts!


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Minnesota PP Abortionists Flout the Law

In this video, a former patient reports that Planned Parenthood abortionists assured her that, if her baby was born alive, they’d break its neck.

Minnesota’s “Born Alive Infants Protection Act” and a similar federal law require that, “All reasonable measures consistent with good medical practice . . . shall be taken . . . . to preserve the life and health of the born alive infant.”

The woman demanded they stop the procedure.

“The more I was telling them no, it was more like they were trying to sell me something, like a seller that pushes you and pushes you until you buy their item or their product. That’s how it felt, as if they were trying to sell me this abortion.”

She persisted and her child is alive today. Her identity is masked in the video to protect her from reprisals.

Planned Parenthood in St. Paul States Willingness to “Break the Baby’s Neck” if Born Alive [9:22]


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This video is so sickening, I couldn’t watch it to the end.

Holly O’Donnell is a former procurement technician who had to harvest organs at Planned Parenthood.

She talks in the video about having to dissect an intact, well-developed, aborted baby boy whose heart was still beating.

The woman who was training her said, “This is a really good fetus, and it looks like we can procure a lot from it.”

She then asked O’Donnell to remove the baby’s brain with scissors through the baby’s face.

“I can’t even describe what that feels like,” O’Donnell said. “That was the moment I knew I couldn’t work for the company anymore…even if it was the cure for some disease.”


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More Dirt From the Obama Years

Judicial Watch has uncovered evidence that Obama’s Department of Justice sued big companies, then offered them the opportunity to settle if they donated to one of three third-party, non-victims of the companies’ alleged misdeeds.

So far, at least $3 billion in payments to La Raza, the National Urban League, and the National Community Reinvestment Coalition have been uncovered, Judicial Watch said.

During Obama’s presidency, federal agencies also gave more than $89.5 million to these three organizations, which also, surprise surprise NOT, received millions from the likes of billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF), the Ford Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Soros’ OSF, the Ford Foundation, and the Gates Foundation are among Planned Parenthood’s largest donors. OSF and the Ford Foundation have also funded journalism groups behind the ongoing attacks on ExxonMobil over climate change.

Leaked emails from OSF have revealed that, during Obama’s presidency, George Soros advised then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on foreign policy in Albania. He also gave at least $10.5 million to Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit demanding DOJ records and intends to pursue the matter.

Major media have yet to cover any of this.

2016 MSM Soros by Branco



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