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Blood for Money

2012_12 filthy abortion clinic closed

In 2013, Virginia passed a law requiring abortion facilities to be inspected like any other ambulatory surgical center. Not a single Virginia abortion center passed inspection.

  • Many didn’t meet basic health standards and used expired drugs. Nine of the facilities inspected racked up an astonishing 80 violations among them.
  • One had unbagged blood and baby parts frozen to the bottom of their freezer.
  • Another facility bragged about performing abortions after a hurricane, while there was two inches of stagnant water in the surgical room and mold was growing throughout the facility.

I don’t wonder that these abortionists fought the inspection law tooth and nail; what else could we expect from men and women who make big bucks slaughtering innocent children?

I don’t even wonder why the Virginia State Board of Health — knowing of the gross violations that had already been discovered — overturned the new legislation in 2014.

It’s spelled $$$$$$$$$$.

Joyce Vasikonis, a former nurse at Planned Parenthood of Delaware, says there was only one motivation at Planned Parenthood: MONEY. “There was one administrator that came to me at the end of every abortion day. And it wasn’t, ‘How did the day go? Anything we need to talk about?’ – nothing like that,” she recalled. “It was, ‘How much money did we make?’

If feminists and pro-choicers really cared about women having access to SAFE abortions, they would be screaming to get every abortion facility in the country inspected regularly.


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The Dark Night of the Nation

Batman and St John of the Cross

“New House Speaker Paul Ryan quickly passed a budget bill (with more Democrats than Republicans voting for it) which essentially gave Barack Obama and his cronies everything they could possibly want with no fight whatsoever.

“Cash for Planned Parenthood butchery? Full funding for the resettling of immigrants and refugees in the nation’s vulnerable heartland? Taxpayer dollars to combat alleged climate change? All this and much, much, MUCH more was rubber stamped “to keep the government open,” making a complete mockery of the hard fought elections which finally gave the House and Senate to Republicans under the mistaken impression that it might make a difference.

“And we conservatives can scream, complain, and debate amongst ourselves all we want, but to what end? Everything we stand against is already funded through next year.” – Stilton Jarlsburg at Hope n’ Change



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Facts are not hate speech

Obama recently said, “Americans need to stop demonizing Planned Parenthood.”

With all due respect, Mr. President, you need to stop demonizing Americans.

PP ultrasound cutting

Planned Parenthood and its apologists frequently claim that abortion comprises only 3% of the services the abortion giant performs. This figure is based on counting every little thing as a single service.

E.g., If one woman comes in during January for her annual and receives a breast exam, a vaginal exam, a PAP smear, a pregnancy test, an STD test, and a birth control pill prescription, PP counts it as six services. If she comes in once a month for the rest of the year to pick up her pills, PP counts it as eleven services. If she has a positive pregnancy test, she then sees a counsellor to discuss her choices. Two more services. The counsellor may hand her a flyer about adoption, then schedule her for an abortion. Two more services. Planned Parenthood counts the part where they dismember a living baby as just another single service that is no more nor less significant than handing her a flyer.

Here are some more more or less significant facts which Planned Parenthood’s own CEO admitted during her under-oath testimony before Congress in September 2015:

  • 86% of Planned Parenthood’s non-government revenue comes from abortion.
  • Planned Parenthood does not now and has never in the past provided mammograms.
  • If Congress defunded Planned Parenthood, it would have no effect on its health services.
  • In 2014, Planned Parenthood’s CEO was paid $590,000 by the tax-funded non-profit.


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Choose hope over outrage

2015_12 Least Self Aware Award - PPAct

Pro-abortion leaders have ignored the mental illness of the Colorado Springs shooter in favor of blaming the CMP videos and every anti-abortion American for his lethally violent choices.

I have to wonder how many of these people counsel us not to blame all Muslims for the actions of Muslim terrorist attacks.

Still, we must not allow their hypocritical and mean-spirited words to lead us into sin.

Christ saved us and sent the Holy Spirit to help us grow into thoughtful, patient, and loving people who do not return evil for evil.

But let us also not be badgered into silence. Christians have a long history of standing tall against the social evils of our times, speaking truth to power while offering God’s mercy and forgiveness to sinners.

Abortion takes innocent human life.

That’s not hate speech. That’s a fact.

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Abortion for Profit

ABORTION Joffe book review

Speaking of ABORTION FOR PROFIT, Planned Parenthood president, Cecile Richards, makes more than half a million dollars a year to promote the abortion giant.

She is therefore understandably pissed that Texas has decided to shift funding from her personal cash cow to the hundreds of community clinics that provide the same health care services, minus the baby killing thing.

Richards claims that NOT giving Planned Parenthood tax dollars is “illegal and a violation of federal law.” Hard to figure how, when you look at this map.

TX pp v women's health clinics

A conservative estimate of Planned Parenthood’s finances shows that the organization profits $500 on average for each abortion. IOW, Richards annual salary is the equivalent of 1,072 dead babies per year.

ABORTION Final Judgment

PETITION: Tell ABC/Disney to stop promoting abortion.


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Planned Parenthood Shooting

Since the Left makes it impossible to simply grieve violence these days, one is forced to respond to their lies again and again and again.  It’s so old, but what is a blogger to do?

The Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter isn’t a violent anti-choicer who was driven to violence by YouTube videos. He is a mentally disturbed man who has come up against law enforcement many times for charges ranging from voyeurism, cruelty to animals, and physical violence against neighbors and his ex-wife. His domiciles were filthy and run down. People describe him as aloof, weird, disturbed, and somebody to avoid.

One neighbor said, “He complained about everything. He said he worked with the government, and everybody was out to get him, and he knew the secrets of the U.S.A. He said, ‘Nobody touch me, because I’ve got enough information to put the whole U.S. of A in danger.’ It was very crazy.”

2015_11 28 PP shooting

Prayers for the repose of souls of the deceased, for comfort for those who mourn their loss, and for the swift and full recovery of those who were injured.



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The Power of Prayer

Yes, God really is stronger than evil! But he’s not some helicopter parent who throws his weight around to make sure his precious darlings always get participation awards and blue ribbons for shoddy work. He’s more the stern, but loving Drill Instructor who drives his troops through PT because he knows how hard the battles will be.

For the Christian, prayer is PT.

Case in point: The Planned Parenthood facility in Bryan, Texas, is … no, wait, make that WAS … the PP that Abby Johnson managed for 8 years until her dramatic conversion to the pro-life cause. It is also the PP where 40 Days for Life began. 40 Days for Life is now in 559 cities across all 50 states and 27 countries with more than 625,000 participants.

This month, that same building that was once a place of death and despair has reopened as a place of life and hope, housing Hope Pregnancy Center and 40 Days for Life.

Hope Pregnancy Center

“This news shows what God can accomplish when His people pray,” Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life said.

Hope Pregnancy Center, which is the majority owner of the building, cares for women, offering pregnancy testing, STD testing, ultrasounds, counseling, medical information – all completely free, with ultrasounds performed by a full-time registered nurse under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Tracy Frank, Executive Director of Hope Pregnancy Centers of Brazos Valley, told LifeSiteNews, “For over 15 years, we have prayed that God would remove the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and give it to us. To many, it sounded like a prayer too big to believe, but God did indeed answer that prayer!”

Carney said 40 Days for Life will use their space in the building to grow the pro-life vigil movement “to help other cities become abortion-free.”

Frank noted that the costs were high for purchasing the building and renovating it, and asked for pro-lifers across America to pray. “Please pray for us, for God’s protection and provision,” she said. “We would like to clear the remaining debt on the building, $261,000, so we can be focused on doing God’s work, God’s way.”

Since the use of tax dollars makes sharing Jesus problematic, Hope Pregnancy Centers rely exclusively on private donors and churches for funding. All of their services are free and confidential.



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Two AWESOME Cruz ads!

When the Media Attacks, Ted Fights Back! [1:40]

Cruz pledge on PP

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