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The Power of Prayer

Yes, God really is stronger than evil! But he’s not some helicopter parent who throws his weight around to make sure his precious darlings always get participation awards and blue ribbons for shoddy work. He’s more the stern, but loving Drill Instructor who drives his troops through PT because he knows how hard the battles will be.

For the Christian, prayer is PT.

Case in point: The Planned Parenthood facility in Bryan, Texas, is … no, wait, make that WAS … the PP that Abby Johnson managed for 8 years until her dramatic conversion to the pro-life cause. It is also the PP where 40 Days for Life began. 40 Days for Life is now in 559 cities across all 50 states and 27 countries with more than 625,000 participants.

This month, that same building that was once a place of death and despair has reopened as a place of life and hope, housing Hope Pregnancy Center and 40 Days for Life.

Hope Pregnancy Center

“This news shows what God can accomplish when His people pray,” Shawn Carney of 40 Days for Life said.

Hope Pregnancy Center, which is the majority owner of the building, cares for women, offering pregnancy testing, STD testing, ultrasounds, counseling, medical information – all completely free, with ultrasounds performed by a full-time registered nurse under the supervision of a licensed physician.

Tracy Frank, Executive Director of Hope Pregnancy Centers of Brazos Valley, told LifeSiteNews, “For over 15 years, we have prayed that God would remove the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and give it to us. To many, it sounded like a prayer too big to believe, but God did indeed answer that prayer!”

Carney said 40 Days for Life will use their space in the building to grow the pro-life vigil movement “to help other cities become abortion-free.”

Frank noted that the costs were high for purchasing the building and renovating it, and asked for pro-lifers across America to pray. “Please pray for us, for God’s protection and provision,” she said. “We would like to clear the remaining debt on the building, $261,000, so we can be focused on doing God’s work, God’s way.”

Since the use of tax dollars makes sharing Jesus problematic, Hope Pregnancy Centers rely exclusively on private donors and churches for funding. All of their services are free and confidential.



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Two AWESOME Cruz ads!

When the Media Attacks, Ted Fights Back! [1:40]

Cruz pledge on PP

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The House has passed a filibuster-proof ban on PP funding!

ABORTION PP and Judiciary Committee

Oct 23, 2014:  The U.S. House voted to halt taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, which has been caught illegally trafficking in aborted baby body parts.

H.R. 3762 passed 240-189 on a near-party line vote.

Only ONE Democrat voted to protect women from the profit-hungry abortion giant.  How anyone can still vote Democrat and call themselves a human being, never mind a Christian, is beyond me.

Because of the type of bill the House passed, the Senate can pass it with 51 votes.


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New Undercover Video: More Horrors from Planned Parenthood

I recommend a barf bag.

ABORTION respect for development

Planned Parenthood TX Abortion Apprentice Taught Partial-Birth Abortion to “Strive For” Intact Heads


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BREAKING: Texas officials raid 3 Planned Parenthood clinics

October 22, 2015: Officials from the Texas Office of Inspector General served subpoenas at Planned Parenthood facilities in San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas this morning.

Their goal is to determine whether these clinics are guilty of defrauding the state by illegally using Medicaid money to fund abortions.

Planned Parenthood officials denied any wrongdoing, claiming the Texas IG just wants to deprive people of all that “professional, compassionate and quality health care” Planned Parenthood provides.  ::coughcough::

PPGC fraud

Another PPGC Medicaid fraud case is working its way through the courts regarding Medicaid charges for incarcerated teens, most of whom were minorities. The suit alleges that PPGC billed Medicaid for services that were never performed, for unnecessary medical procedures inflicted on the teens, and also for abortion-related services which are not covered by Medicaid.

Karen Reynolds worked at PPGC for ten years.  She says all of the PPGC offices were given revenue goals and instructed to defraud taxpayers if necessary to meet those goals.


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Yay! Texas drops PP from Medicaid approved list!

2015_10 19 Texas says no Medicaid for PP



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Financial abuse at Planned Parenthood?

Where is my surprised face?

PP revenues

Every year, taxpayers are forced to contribute half a billion dollars to prop up this “non-profit” organization that is allegedly devoted first and foremost to meeting the needs of its clientele.


The House Oversight Committee has released a financial report showing that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates have spent big bucks on high living and abortion activism.

  • The CEO’s salary is $520,000 per year.
  • More than 40 other executives are paid $200,000 or more per year.
  • In 2013, the organization spent $5.1 million (~$14,000/day) on first class and charter travel.
  • In 2012 and 2013, they spent $622,706 on extravagant parties.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider.

  • More than 90% of the pregnant women who go there do so to have their babies murdered.
  • They claim taxpayer money is only used for non-abortion expenses, such as rent and utilities.
  • I say if taxpayers are providing the facilities, then taxpayers are paying for the abortions.

In addition, over the past five years, Planned Parenthood has turned nearly $22 million over to its PAC (Planned Parenthood Action Fund).

Got that?

Republicans and Pro-Lifers are FORCED to give Planned Parenthood millions of dollars a year, some of which they funnel into Democrat and Pro-Abortion political candidates and causes.

Yeah, that’s fair. Not.

About $60 million of the taxpayer funds comes from Medicaid payments. A recent U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reports massive fraud in Medicaid payments. The 8th Circuit found that Planned Parenthood was among those with their filthy hands in the Medicaid till. Violations the court found included claims filed for:

  • unnecessary quantities of birth control pills,
  • birth control pills dispensed without examinations or without or prior to a physician’s order,
  • abortion-related services not allowed by state Medicaid law (state laws vary), and
  • services that had already been paid for by ‘donations’ Planned Parenthood coerced from patients.

Democrats are mad that Congress is scrutinizing the financial activities of their baby killing cash cow.

Cry me a river.


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Fact Checking Planned Parenthood’s Media Spin

Planned Parenthood and its lapdogs continue to parrot the lie that the undercover videos released by The Center for Medical Progress were “deceptively edited” and “highly doctored.”

These videos, of course, were the ones that exposed Planned Parenthood’s participation in the illegal and morally repugnant harvesting of fetal body parts for profit.

Partial birth abortion

Each time an edited video has been released, the full length footage it was cut from has also been publicly posted as well.

Two different digital forensic companies have analyzed the CMP footage and reported that:

– all the videos are “authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing.’”
– footage missing from the shorter videos was of “non-pertinent” events like bathroom breaks.
– none of the edits or cuts in the shorter videos distort the meaning of the conversations depicted.

Planned Parenthood’s Mammo-sham is well depicted in this quick video.

Richards also continues to spout the 3% lie. An examination of Planned Parenthood’s financial records shows that 96% of pregnant women who go to Planned Parenthood do so to have their babies killed.

Lawmakers are considering canceling Planned Parenthood’s government subsidy and giving the money to the more than 13,000 comprehensive health care facilities across the United States that serve women, without doing abortions.

As long as abortion is legal, Planned Parenthood can continue killing babies for profit. But the loss of taxpayer funding might mean the PP honchos now pulling down half a mill a year might have to cut back on their life styles. Say … opt for Toyotas instead of Lamborghinis?


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