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Planned Parenthood kills live-born babies

I can’t watch this.

Undercover video: Planned Parenthood abortionist admits live-born babies are killed

A shocking new undercover video exposes a Planned Parenthood medical director admitting that babies born alive after abortion are sometimes killed.

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One woman’s experience


This is from a letter written by an atheist who visited Planned Parenthood looking for adoption information.

“I am a victim of rape, but I’m also a victim of feminism. I was lied to,” the woman wrote.

She said she was in college when she was raped by an acquaintance; and not long after that, she learned that she was pregnant.

“As a scared 19 year old student, I turned to the one place I’d been told my whole life I could turn to: Planned Parenthood,” she wrote.

Walking up to the clinic, she said she prepared herself for an attack of “the evil Christian radical, but instead I found people who just wanted to pray with me.”

Inside Planned Parenthood, she did not find what she was expecting either. Once the abortion center staff learned of her intentions to make an adoption plan, she said she was treated very differently.

She said a nurse repeatedly urged her to consider abortion, explaining how safe and empowering it would be. Later, the nurse told her that no one would want to adopt her child because of the rape. Eventually, she said the nurse left her alone in the counseling room for an hour, crying.

When she finally left, she said a pro-lifer on the sidewalk handed her a pamphlet about a local pregnancy center.

“Where I found real love and compassion was at the Christian pregnancy crisis center, they literally saved my life,” she continued.

She ended her letter by encouraging pro-life sidewalk counselors to keep helping women. She said they made such a difference in her life and her daughter’s.

“If you’re standing outside abortion clinics giving out pamphlets, and you’re not sure that it’s really worth it, know that it is,” she concluded.


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The Moronic Left Tweets More Stupid Stuff

2017_03 10 Chelsea Handler tweet
Tweeters responded:


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Planned Parenthood shows its true color is bloody red

President Trump told Planned Parenthood that HE would back off on defunding them if THEY would stop performing abortions.

Since they have been getting close to half a billion dollars a year in taxpayer moneys and since they claim that only 3% of their business is abortion-related, you’d think it would be a no-brainer.

But no.  They said it was “not a deal that we will ever accept.”

This is because Planned Parenthood makes big money killing unborn babies.  

This is not a conspiracy theory or a wild anti-abortion claim.  It is a logical conclusion.

  • Planned Parenthood performs 34% of the abortions in America.
  • One in eight women who enters a Planned Parenthood facility does so to obtain an abortion.

If they were truly all about women’s health care, then their accounts would not show THIS:

PP abortion up cancer screening down


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News and Views


Attorney General Sessions has announced that he will recuse himself from the current and any future Russian probe.

Notre Dame picks Mike Pence as Commencement Speaker.


The Senate confirmed Rick Perry as Trump’s new energy secretary.

Donors pledged nearly $200 million for Planned Parenthood’s international arm after President Trump cut them off U.S. foreign aid. Sounds like they don’t need funding from the federal government after all.


Study finds charter and voucher schools do better than public schools.




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News and Views


Miguel Estrada was nominated to the federal bench by President Bush but was filibustered by Democrats.  He was asked if he would consider the job of solicitor general.  “I would never accept a job that requires Senate confirmation or, for that matter, willingly place myself in any situation (e.g., a hearing room) in which convention requires that I be civil to Chuck Schumer.”

ABC’s relentlessly-hyped LGBT miniseries When We Rise collapses in ratings, beaten by three networks.

Cecile Richards said that if Planned Parenthood is defunded, she’s “terrified” that women won’t be able to get abortions. But haven’t they been telling us that federal funding of Planned Parenthood had ‘nothing’ to do with abortion?

SPEAKING OF STUPID!  Democrats face a daunting 2018 landscape, with 10 senators up for reelection in states that Trump won. Making it more difficult, the party’s left flank is convinced that a full embrace of progressivism is the only way to return to power and are threatening primary challenges for Democratic lawmakers who don’t commit to full obstruction of President Trump’s agenda.


I’ll add more in comments if I see anything worth sharing.


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Norma McCorvey, the pro-life movement’s most unlikely convert, died Saturday in Katy, Texas. She was 69.  She is best known as the anonymous 21-year-old “Jane Roe” in the Texas case that led to the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion on demand in every state.  She never had an abortion herself. She converted to Christianity in 1995, became a Catholic in 1998 and was an outspoken opponent of abortion for the rest of her life.

Planned Parenthood is singing the blues, claiming how they’ll be unable to provide essential health care to women if they don’t keep getting government money.  Yet they somehow have the money to increase President Cecile Richard’s salary by a whopping 265%, from $360,902 in 2006 to $957,952!

Trump: I’d love to meet with the Black Caucus

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace noted that President Obama froze out conservative outlets while he was in office, but the mainstream media didn’t get their panties in a bunch about that was somehow threatening the First Amendment.

“There’s a First Amendment, but there isn’t a ‘mainstream is entitled to ask the first question’ in the Constitution, which might be a surprise to some of my colleagues.”

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The latest video in Live Action’s new investigative series of Planned Parenthood reveals the company rewards its centers with pizza parties for meeting abortion sales quotas – and institutes a “corrective action plan” when they don’t.

“Every center had a goal for how many abortions were done,” Sue Thayer, a former Planned Parenthood manager, explains in the video. “And centers that didn’t do abortions like mine that were family planning clinics had a goal for the number of abortion referrals.

“And it was on this big grid, and if we hit our goal, our line was green. If we were five percent under, it was yellow. If we were 10 percent under, it was red. That’s when we needed to have a corrective action plan – why we didn’t hit the goal, what we’re gonna do differently next time.”

Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Quotas [3:11]


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