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PP’s Superpower

2017_05 18 PP Slay


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Actor Lowers Tweet Boom on PP Prez

Check out the difference in RETWEET and LIKE numbers.

2017_05 14 Mother's Day tweets -- PP v Woods

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PP botches abortion, refuses to call ambulance

2017_05 12 PP botched abortion

Last Friday, Dr. Larry Roy Glazerman botched an abortion at the Dover, Delaware, Planned Parenthood abortion facility.  Then, her boyfriend was forced to drive her to a hospital for treatment, because the clinic refused to call an ambulance.

In 2012, Dr. Glazerman was sued for slicing through a patient’s bowel during a routine ovarian cyst removal.  The massive infection that resulted forced doctors to amputate her hands and feet and a portion of her lower legs. The woman must now live in a nursing home.

In 2013, the Dover Planned Parenthood abortion office had to temporarily suspend surgical abortions after whistle blowers exposed dangerous conditions.  They reported the clinic did a “meat-market style of assembly-line abortions where the abortionist refused to wear gloves, surgical instruments were reused without being cleaned, and bloody drainage remained on abortion tables between procedures, exposing women to blood-borne diseases.”

So far in 2017, there have been 17 documented medical emergencies at Planned Parenthood abortion facilities across the nation.


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Still Crazy After All These Years

Everything you always wanted to know (or didn’t) about the current activities the the democrats’ favorite loser.

Gingrich: Hillary’s New Claims Are ‘Like Watching a Car Wreck in Slow Motion’
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) said watching Hillary Clinton explain her election loss to President Trump was “like watching a car wreck in slow motion.”
Clinton spoke with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour today and initially said she took “full responsibility” for the loss.
But, later in the discussion, Clinton said FBI Director Jim Comey’s October letter and “Russian WikiLeaks” were aggravating factors in her loss.
Clinton: I Was On My Way to Victory Until Comey Letter Came Out

Andrea Mitchell Hits Clinton for Election Excuses: What About ‘Failing to Have a Better Message?’

CNN: Clinton Hasn’t Taken Responsibility for Her 2016 Loss

Clinton: It ‘Would Have Been a Really Big Deal’ If I’d Won

Hillary Begs Trump: Please Tweet About Me!…
Clinton also said that she’d prefer that Trump tweet about her instead of foreign affairs.
“I’m happy to be the diversion,” she said. “We’ve got lots of other things to worry about. He should worry less about the election — and my winning the popular vote — than doing some other things that would be important for the country.”

Hillary: I Am Now ‘Part Of The Resistance’
“I can’t be anything other than who I am,” the former secretary of state said leading up to her “resistance” revelation.

Hillary Falsely Claims Debate Moderators Didn’t Ask Her About Creating More Jobs

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asserted that none of the debate moderators asked her how she was going to create more jobs when in reality that was the very first question asked to her during the first presidential debate.
Clinton made the statement Tuesday afternoon during her first one-on-one interview with a national news outlet since her failed 2016 presidential bid, speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in New York.

Hillary Clinton Invokes Dystopian Future Where Women Have No Rights In Planned Parenthood Speech
“In ‘The Handmaid’s Tale,’ women’s rights are gradually, slowly, stripped away,” Clinton continued, during a 17-minute speech that led to two standing ovations. “As one character says, ‘We didn’t look up from our phones until it was too late.’ It’s not too late for us. We have to encourage the millions of women and men to keep fighting.”
Clinton, who has made a series of public appearances in recent weeks, once again brought up winning the popular vote — with roughly 66 million ballots — in the election. She spoke about the causes that still mattered to her, as well as her travels abroad, where she witnessed botched illegal abortions.

Hillary Clinton Praises ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ in Planned Parenthood Speech: ‘It’s Not Too Late for Us’

FLYNN: Hillary Clinton’s Election Postmortem Shows Why They Don’t Let Corpses Perform Their Own Autopsies
On Tuesday Hillary Clinton attempted to explain why she lost on an earlier Tuesday. Instead, she just showed why she is a loser.
You see, that mix of Nurse Ratched’s personality, Mr. Burnes’ vigor, and Baron Munchausen’s honesty really makes for a winning combination. If only J. Edgar Hoover’s successor refrained from scaring people about emails she deleted and foreigners didn’t reveal how she cheated in primary presidential debates, then she’d be flying on Donald Trump’s plane now.

Clinton Whines: Putin Interfered In Election To Hurt Me…
Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, accused Donald Trump’s campaign of coordinating “with the goals of” Russian President Vladimir Putin during the presidential election.
In an onstage interview Tuesday with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Clinton said of Putin: “Well, he certainly interfered in our election and it was clear he interfered to hurt me and helped my opponent.”

American people believe the Bosnian sniper target as much as they believe her serial molesting spouse.


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Defund Planned Parenthood

2004 to 2014 PP services


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Ka-Boom! by Ben Carson

Also, Jake Tapper, you ignorant excuse for a journalist, PLANNED PARENTHOOD does not now and HAS NEVER DONE MAMMOGRAMS!  How many times do we have to debunk this lie?!  Sheesh.


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Selling human body parts is a felony

After this Planned Parenthood honcho was caught negotiating prices of baby parts in a CMP undercover video, she was called before the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Committee.

In December 2016, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee referred Planned Parenthood and Novogenix to the FBI for criminal prosecution.

This recent CMP undercover video shows she is still doing it!

Planned Parenthood “Lamborghini” Exec Haggles Again Over Baby Parts Prices [5:00]


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A Student Protest That Did Some GOOD

Whitworth Pro-Life Protest

Photo: Whitworth Students for Life protest

Whitworth University in Spokane, WA, bills itself as a Christian school of higher education.  But it offered for-credit internships at and was listed as a ‘community partner’ to Planned Parenthood.

No more!  Following protests and a PR campaign by the Whitworth University Students for Life group, the school has officially cut all ties with the abortion giant.

From Whitworth’s president:  “At the end of the current academic year, Whitworth will no longer offer credit-bearing service-learning placements or internships with the organization.”


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