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The Racist Evil on the Left

Booker T Washington quote

Between 1890 and 1915, Washington was the dominant leader in the African-American community. He mobilized a nationwide coalition of middle-class blacks, church leaders, and white philanthropists and politicians, with a long-term goal of building the community’s economic strength and pride by a focus on self-help and schooling. Washington was on close terms with national Republican Party leaders.

Black militants in the North opposed his policies and set up the NAACP which took over leadership after Washington’s death. The NAACP opposes anything that is not approved by far left Democrats. This frequently puts it at odds with the same “colored people” it claims to represent. For example, the NAACP is rabidly pro-abortion, despite the fact that more black babies are killed than are born. It also supports gun control laws that leave law abiding citizens vulnerable to armed and violent criminals, while opposing successful school voucher programs which are popular with poor black parents.

Allen West liberals divide us

Black unemployment

Those of you following my “Satan’s Century” blogs will note that the rise of the NAACP as primary leader in the black community coincides with what I believe was the beginning of the time period God granted to Satan to try and destroy His church.  The black churches were such a strong part of their community identity that Planned Parenthood founder and flaming racist Margaret Sanger targeted black ministers for conversion to her cause.  Two of the worst race-baiting, hate-mongering, pro-abortion, black leaders of today – Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson Jr. – are both Baptist ministers.



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Redeemed By Grace

Redeemed by Grace

At age eight, Ramona Trevino climbed to the top of a roof and begged God to let her know he was real. After receiving a sign, she made a pact with herself to follow him always. But family difficulties and growing pains made it hard for her to continue on that path.

Pregnant at 16, she dropped out of high school and entered an abusive marriage, which ended in divorce. Wanting to make a difference and to help girls in similar tough situations, she accepted a job as the manager of a Planned Parenthood facility in Sherman, Texas. Over time, however, Trevino began to grapple with whether she was doing women more harm than good, setting her on a path to seek the truth, no matter where it might lead.

Realizing she could no longer refer women for abortions or provide them with false assurances of risk-free sex, Trevino took a leap of faith and left the financial security of her job. Her ultimate conversion involved a full return to the Catholic faith of her childhood and a new role as a pro-life advocate and speaker.

Trevino is one of hundreds of former abortion practitioners and abortion center staffers who are now pro-life and she will stare her story in a webcast on Monday, February 16 at 9 p.m. ET @

Read the rest @

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Prayer is so awesome!

2014_11 06 PP bldg to become 40 Days for Life HQ

November 6, 2014: Ten years ago, the very first 40 Days for Life campaign was conducted outside the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Bryan/College Station, Texas. Last year, it became the 37th abortion facility to shut down following 40 Days for Life campaigns outside their doors (22 more have closed since then). Today, that building is about to become the NEW HEADQUARTERS of 40 Days for Life!

Short-term plans include a memorial service for the children lost to abortion inside the building, and tearing down the tall, black iron fence surrounding the property as part of renovations.

The new 40 Days for Life headquarters will be used to help many more communities end abortion. The building will also house Hope Pregnancy Center, an affiliate of CareNet, as they expand their local medical services to include free STD testing. “The partnership between the two organizations demonstrates the close relationship between 40 Days for Life and life-saving pregnancy resource centers,” Carney said.

40 Days for Life has more than 9,500 confirmed saves (babies whose mothers changed their minds because of the pray-ers outside the clinic they were going to enter). In addition, 59 abortion centers that had 40 Days for Life campaigns outside their doors are now closed.


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Pro-Lifers take the Senate!

Starting in January 2015, pro-life advocates will have control of both the House and Senate and a real opportunity to pass pro-life bills or put pro-life language into must-pass legislation. Instead of having Harry Reid covering his butt, President Obama will have to either sign pro-life bills or veto them and face the music.

Senator Tom Udall D-NM

Pro-Life Winners:

  • Alaska – Dan Sullivan
  • Arkansas – Tom Cotton
  • Colorado – Cory Gardner
  • Georgia – David Perdue
  • Iowa – Joni Ernst
  • Kansas – Pat Roberts
  • Kentucky – Mitch McConnell
  • Montana – Rep. Steve Daines
  • North Carolina – Thom Tillis
  • South Dakota – Mike Rounds
  • West Virginia – Shelley Moore Capito
    Identification of these candidates was made by LifeNews, not me.

This election of pro-life candidates is in line with American opinion. In March 2014, a new CNN poll was released showing 20% of Americans say abortion should ALWAYS be illegal and 38% saying MOST abortions should be illegal — i.e., 58% of Americans oppose all or virtually all abortions. Only 27% of Americans side with Planned Parenthood and President Barack Obama in saying abortions should always be legal at any time and for any reason. Another 13 percent say abortion should be legal in most cases.


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ABORTION Brilliant ad placement

Crescendo has won 15 international film festival awards and raised almost $6 million for crisis pregnancy centers. It is now available free of charge on YouTube. I hope you’ll find time to watch it.  It’s unforgettable.

Crescendo [15:04]


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Amazing Pro-Life Story!

ABORTION children vs choices

Posted Oct 20, 2014:

Last week, a Sidewalk Counselor spoke with a woman who was leaving the Planned Parenthood abortion facility. They went to a nearby place and talked for 45 minutes. The woman, “Mel,” said that she was pregnant but found out that her baby no longer had a heartbeat.

She was told by her doctor that she had to go to Planned Parenthood to have the baby removed. Mel felt very distraught, as she was pro-life and did NOT want to go there. She and her husband desperately wanted another baby (they have a 9 year old). The Sidewalk Counselor told her about a nearby pregnancy center where she could get help and they could find a life-affirming doctor for her right away.

Mel was so relieved to receive this info, however, before she left, she just HAD to tell the SWC about her experience inside the waiting room of the abortion facility.

Mel sat in the waiting area and began to comfort a woman who was sobbing. She told Mel that she was there for an abortion but was very confused. Mel told her that she needn’t feel pressured into getting an abortion, that she should be absolutely sure about her decision.

THEN, a third woman sitting in the waiting room came over to them crying after she overheard their conversation.

Mel told them she’d give anything to be in their place, because she wanted a baby but that the child she was carrying was not alive. One of the women stood up and told them, “that’s it – there is no way I can go through with an abortion!” She chose LIFE!!!! Just then, workers came into the waiting area and scolded Mel, telling her “DON’T TALK TO ANYONE!” Talk about choice, huh?

Please pray for all the pregnant women in our community who are considering abortion, and please pray for the abortion facility workers!

Central Texas Coalition for Life @ Facebook


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Planned Parenthood: Using tax dollars to teach S&M to minors

Dangerous SexEd 3


The Portland video is the third in a series. Previous SexEd installments showed Planned Parenthood locations in Indianapolis and Denver offering similarly disturbing advice to investigators posing as minor girls. Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, under whose jurisdiction the Denver facilities lie, is now being sued for sending a 13-year-old abuse victim back to her abuser after aborting her baby.



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Planned Parenthood Meets Grizzly Mama

2014_06 20 Case filed against PP


Planned Parenthood Sued for Doing Abortion on Raped 13-Year-Old, Returning Her to Rapist
by Deborah Myers | Denver, CO | | 7/11/14 10:40 AM

Smith v. Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood

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