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And the winner is …

2016 Shirtless PM of Canada toon

From Piers Morgan:

In the new wave of modern feminism, the list of contenders for the coveted title of Chief PC Plonker is long and distinguished.

But now a clear winner has emerged in the form of Justin Trudeau, the handsome young politician who is photographed topless far too often for it to be an accident.

During a Q&A at MacEwan University in Edmonton, he announced that “mankind” is no longer acceptable.

A young woman from the World Mission of God, a non-denominational church guided by the ideals of ‘God the Mother’, stood up to ask him a question.

‘We came here today,’ she began, ‘to ask you to look into the policies that religious charitable organisations have in our legislation so it can also be changed because maternal love is the love that’s going to change the future of mankind….’

On hearing that last word, Trudeau recoiled like he’d been shot by a crossbow and instantly raised his left arm in indignant angst.

‘We like to see ‘peoplekind’,’ he declared, rudely interrupting the woman and flapping the same arm around aggressively.

The women in the audience mostly erupted with cheers and applause.

The men in the audience mostly just sat silently, looking bemused.


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Trump and the Davos Divas

Some love him, some hate him. Nothing new. He puts America first, something sorely lacking in the previous president.

Trump storms Davos: The President lands in Switzerland to defend his America First policy in a flurry of meetings with world leaders and billionaire CEOs

President Donald Trump has arrived to Switzerland to participate in the Davos economic conference.  Members of his cabinet arrived in advance and joined in panels and interviews.  He will push his ‘America First’ agenda and seek more fair, reciprocal trade between the US and its allies.

Trump met the British Prime Minister Theresa May after canceling a visit to the UK earlier this month.  The president and Prime Minster shook hands after reaffirming the ‘Special Relationship’ between the nations. Trump said that he would ‘fight’ for Britain and said that any rumors of a fracture in relations were false.

Met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who thanked Trump for recognizing Jerusalem as capital.  He will also attend a reception the White House has said will be held in his honor and meets with CEOs.  Trump said before departing that he was ‘looking forward’ to speaking to special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump Is Swarmed as He Arrives in Davos – Says He Brings “Peace”

Reporters asked him what his message will be at Davos this year. The president answered, “Peace.”

Trump to Davos: Hey, we’re all globalists here, folks

[CtH: Let’s all count the number of products in this photo that involved the use of fossil fuels to produce and transport.]

In fact, it might be news to Donald Trump’s political base, for which “globalist” has become an epithet to toss at domestic opponents. Yet the Washington Post reports that Trump and his economic team have started off the Swiss summit by emphasizing that they want the United States to keep its leadership on globalization and free trade.

“This is about an America first agenda, but America first does mean working with the rest of the world,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a news conference Wednesday morning.  Gary Cohn, the head of Trump’s National Economic Council, put it this way: “America first is not America alone.”

Davos attendees are quietly planning to walk out of Trump’s speech

African CEOs said they’d like Trump to acknowledge that he said something inappropriate, and say he’s sorry. “We’re only looking for that, just to apologize” said Luvuyo Rani, the CEO of Silulo Ulutho Technologies, a South African internet company. There’s no way Trump realizes the “damage” he’s caused, said Rani, who added he wasn’t sure whether he’d attend the speech or not.

[CtH: Is he supposed to apologize for Dick Durbin lying about what he said?]’s-speech/ar-AAv8DH1?li=BBnb7Kz

Trump’s ‘shithole’ controversy hovers over Davos meeting

The first American president to visit Davos since Bill Clinton in 2000 will address delegates in a much anticipated speech Friday, and is expected to stick to his America First rhetoric.

“(This trip) is about an America First agenda but America First does mean working with the rest of the world,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said.

Trump grants first international TV interview to ‘Apprentice’ winner Piers Morgan

Morgan, who previously won the “Celebrity Apprentice,” will interview Trump during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.  Morgan has in the past praised Trump. Last year, he said he genuinely liked Trump.

Tweet of the Day…
Trump Official Tells Critics at Davos: Those Who Do Not Want to Listen to Trump Can Leave

Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao arrived in Davos, Switzerland a day before President Trump’s arrival on Thursday.  During a breakout conference Chao told Trump critics if they did not want to listen to the American president they could leave.


But Chao defended his decision to attend, saying on Wednesday that the president was doing so in order to engage world leaders on issues of economic importance, Politico reported.



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Heroes and Villians

Out of every national tragedy there are always those who go above and beyond in committing acts of individual heroism. Just as assuredly, there are those who seek personal or political gain from the pain of others, like maggots on road kill.

Pic of the Day: This Is Jonathan Smith, He’s A Hero
This is Jonathan Smith and when the shooting in Las Vegas happened – instead of running away from the shooting, he ran toward it, and saved as many as 30 people before being shot twice himself.
I’ll bet this young man was raised in a Christian home with a mother and father.
It would not surprise me if he’s recognized for his acts of unselfish bravery.

Piers Morgan: ‘Nothing Will Happen’ After Las Vegas Massacre Because Shooter Was ‘Old White Guy With Guns’
Former CNN host argues Trump would act if gunman was a ‘Muslim terrorist,’ doesn’t mention Orlando or San Bernardino shootings
“He’d have done everything in his power to show us what a big, tough guy he is when it comes to protecting Americans,” Morgan continued. “But instead, it’s a nutty white guy with murder on his mind for reasons we may never know. So Trump will put his fingers in his ears and pretend it never happened so he doesn’t upset his [National Rifle Association] paymasters.”

Las Vegas Shooting Survivor Was Saved By A Marine She Met Hours Earlier
“It stopped again and he looked around to see what was happening and then it just kept going. He looked at me and said ‘We have to get out of here. We can’t stay here. It’s not safe.’ Then he pulled my arm up to get me out of the piles of people. We had no idea who was dead or who was alive. We just started to run. He kept telling me it was going to be okay and to keep running until we were safe. He even let me use his phone to stay in touch with my sister so she knew I was safe, which is the text you’ll see. The whole night he didn’t leave my side.”

Michelle Obama: ‘People Don’t Trust Politics’ Because GOP Is ‘All Men, All White’
She explained, “At the State of the Union address … when you are in the room what you can see is this real dichotomy. It’s a feeling of color almost. On one side of the room is literally gray and white. Literally, that is the color palette on one side of the room. On the other side of the room, there are yellows and blues and whites and greens. Physically, there’s a difference in color, in the tone, because on one side all men, all white, on the other side some woman, some people of color.”

Trump Calls Out Liberal San Juan Mayor for Her Awful Lies, Jabs Her for Politicizing Disaster – As She Is Sitting in Room
President Trump and Governor Rossello made the remarks in front of liberal San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz.
Last week Mayor Cruz accused Trump of “genocide” in Puerto Rico.
The dishonest mayor slammed Trump and wore a “Help Us We Are Dying” T-shirt as she made the rounds on the liberal media.
This was a lie. Only 16 people have died from Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
No wonder the liberal mayor would not look at the US president during the meeting.

President Trump Hands Out Supplies to Hurricane Victims at Church in Puerto Rico


Linda Sarsour Tells Social Justice Rally Attendees to Be Ready to ‘Put Their Lives on the Line’
“I am willing to die for black people, for indigenous people. I am willing to die for Muslim people, I am willing to die for the most marginalized people in this country. I am not afraid. The question is, are you ready to do that?” chanted Sarsour at the March for Racial Justice.
Sarsour also made pointed remarks toward Zionist activists who participated in the march across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was organized to include those unable to attend a similar march in D.C. on Saturday, due to it being the Jewish high holiday fast of Yom Kippur.

Cartoon of the Day || The Temptation of Trump

YouTube and Facebook remove video of Las Vegas attacker at anti-Trump protest
Hey you used my video from youtube on the Las Vegas shooting, I just wanted to let you know they falsely accused me of promoting spam in it and deleted the video. I also received a copyright strike, the second one I got from youtube. The first one was when I exposed a child abuser that got investigated.

A protester calls the man in the pink shirt “Steve”

Speaking of Facebook…I’m supposed to be paroled from Facebook jail at some point this morning. My account was suspended for no apparent reason. If somebody forgets to push a button there’s nothing I can do about it.
There are no appeals when you deal with these people.


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Morgan to millennials: Stop whining!

What a crazy year this has been! The Chicago Cubs won the World Series, the Brits voted to leave the European Union, American voters finally Just Said No to the Clinton Crime Family… and now, perhaps most shocking of all, Piers Morgan — yes, Musket Morgan! — has actually said something that made sense. I would have thought they’d be holding the Winter Olympics in hell before I’d read something like this from Piers Morgan:

Cheer up, American millennials!

I mean, seriously, CHEER THE **** UP!

Oh, I know you’ve had a rough week ever since Donald Trump won the election.

But it’s time to get a grip.

STOP crying.

STOP taking personal days off work to ‘process’ what happened.

STOP huddling with your equally distraught buddies in Starbucks over your Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha.

STOP howling away on social media about how unfair life is and how it’s the end of the planet as we know it.

STOP updating the exact number Hillary won the popular vote by, because it doesn’t bloody matter.

STOP marching around screaming your fury at the result when many of you couldn’t even bothered to vote.

STOP retweeting all your favourite celebrities’ own outbursts of pique, rage and anguish.

STOP demanding the Electoral College reverse the decision in December.

In short, STOP being such a faux-tormented bunch of absolutely deluded cretins.

Want to know why Trump is going to be your next president?

It’s because he is what’s called a ‘winner’.

I know it’s not ‘cool’ to be a winner these days.

It’s become an ugly, dirty word in your PC-crazed universe.

Far better, the social media millennial mob cries, to be a gallant loser who tries their best but comes up short — like Bernie, or now Hillary.

To which I say: bulls**t.

If you don’t strive to be the very best at whatever you do, however big or small, then what’s the point in doing it, or frankly even being alive?

Why wallow in self-induced mediocrity?

Yet that is precisely where so many of America’s 80 million millennials enjoy wallowing, and as a result they have become the most pampered, privileged and selfish members of the human race in history.

Where’s my evidence for such a shocking assertion?

Try the National Institutes of Health, which reported that 40% of millennials believe they should be promoted every two years regardless of performance, and are so fame obsessed that three times as many middle school girls now want to grow up to be the PA to a talentless celebrity like Kim Kardashian as want to be a senator.

(Hardly surprising therefore that 77% of millennials can’t even name a senator from their home state…)

Oh, and 80% of millennials say they’ll be richer than their parents, yet more of them live with their parents than with a spouse, still take cash off their parents, and work half as hard.

The tragic truth is that America’s millennials are a bunch of phone-addicted, selfie-obsessed, hashtagging, snapchatting, kale-munching, twerking, lazy, whining, ill-informed, politically correct, cossetted narcissists who find absolutely everything mortally offensive and believe there are 165 ways to sexually identify.

They don’t understand the concept of ‘losing’ because they’ve never had to experience it.

At school, to avoid any ‘low self-esteem issues’, they were all given endless ‘Participation Prizes’.

What possible pleasure can there be in ‘winning’ a prize for just turning up? What incentive is there to compete in anything if you’re going to ‘win’ anyway?

Participation prizes converted a whole new generation into people with no understanding of what genuine competition actually means.This, coupled with the advent of social media technology that allowed them to post relentless ‘filtered’ images of themselves, led to staggeringly self-absorbed figments of their own perfection.

The combined effect of these two things has been to create a deep-rooted sense of entitlement that manifested itself in a breakdown of biblical proportions when Trump triumphed last Wednesday.

Well, welcome to the real world, my delicate little Instagrammed snowflakes.

This is how democracy works…

You all have a chance to vote…

Someone wins, someone loses…

To the winner of a US presidential election goes all the spoils of being the most powerful person on earth…

To the loser, no gold stars for effort.

Read the rest here. 


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We’re Famous! Our Opinions Matter!

In a society that seems to idolize bad behavior, these untalented, overpaid, jaded empty souls think that the fact they have fame and fortune deserves for their opinions to be respected and followed. Not even close.

‘It’s a kind of anti-black mood’: Reverend Jesse Jackson points the finger at Donald Trump and his followers for the rise of ‘mean-spirited division’ in America
Rev Jesse Jackson said there was a climate of fear and division in the US
He was commenting in the aftermath of the murder of five police officers
He accused Trump and his followers of ‘scapegoating’ black people
Human rights activist Jessie Jackson has pointed the finger at Donald Trump and his followers for helping to create a rising climate of fear in America which has contributed to the shocking deaths of five police officers in downtown Dallas.

Jay-Z Releases Anti-Police Brutality Anthem ‘Spiritual’

“Yeah, I am not poison, no I am not poison / Just a boy from the hood that / Got my hands in the air / In despair don’t shoot / I just wanna do good,” he raps over the nearly four-minute-long track.
The rapper ended his statement with a quote from abolitionist Frederick Douglass: “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

Earlier Thursday, Jay-Z’s wife Beyoncé released a statement begging law enforcement officers to “stop killing” black people.

“We are sick and tired of the killings of young men and women in our communities,” the Lemonade singer wrote in a letter posted to her website. “It is up to us to take a stand and demand that they ‘stop killing us.’”

The singer also held a moment of silence for victims of police brutality during a concert in Glasgow, Scotland Thursday night.
Beyonce concert descends into violence as fight breaks out forcing stewards to form ‘human barrier’ in crowd

Beyonce Posted Letter Hours Before Dallas Shooting, Calling To “Fight” Against Police, That Murder Should Not Go “Unpunished”

She also put the names of alleged victims of police brutality up in lights at her concert last night, including the name of Sandra Bland, who was not killed by police, but who killed herself.

‘Speechless and numb’ Kim Kardashian posts Black Lives Matter message saying, ‘I do not ever want to have to teach my son to be scared of the police’
Kim wrote that murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile left her ‘speechless, angry and numb’
She spoke out in defense of ‘peaceful’ protest and called for an end to fueling anger with ‘more hate or violence’
But Kim did not mention the officers who were killed in Dallas shooting


Piers Morgan: Some cops will always be racist, some cops will always make mistakes and some people will always be full of hate – but if America wasn’t awash with guns it wouldn’t have to be a bloodbath.

“It would appear that the police officers murdered in Dallas were killed by black, white-hating racists intent on revenge for the killing of two black men by other police officers this week. It would also appear that those two black men were murdered by cops whose own actions may have been racially-inspired.

“Alton Sterling was selling CDs by a gas station, Philando Castile committed a minor traffic violation. Neither did anything to justify their senseless deaths. Both, I strongly suspect, would still be alive if they were white, not black.

“There is still an undeniable endemic racism strewn through America’s police force which shows no sign of abating. Too many cops see a young black man and automatically think: ‘criminal.’

“No wonder the African-American community is so outraged by this. Their people are being murdered by the very people supposed to be protecting them. It’s disgusting, it’s illegal and it’s a complete violation of every value America is supposed to stand for.

“The NRA always claims that good guys have to be armed with guns to kill bad guys with guns. How does that facile, devious, sales-driven bulls**t stack up today when a bunch of heavily armed good guys with guns were taken down by bad guys with guns?

“What does the NRA suggest we do now after Dallas? Give everyone even more guns? The putrid logic of these Neanderthals makes me vomit. All they care about is selling guns, because their chief benefactors are the gun manufacturers.”


Todd: Obama Needs to Give a Primetime Address After Killings in Dallas


“It’s tough because you’re just not here,” Todd said. “It feels like we need, I’ll be honest, we need a primetime speech from him. It feels like we just need one of those moments.”

Todd said that it was tough for the president to be out of the country and on the wrong side of the clock with the time difference.


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GOP Debate: Tilt and Tone

2015_10 28 Bozell on debate tilt

Vanity Fair said, “Americans and pundits will spend the next few days weighing who won Wednesday night’s Republican debate on CNBC. But the night’s loser was clear even before it started: the network itself, which started the main event late and asked questions that left even the candidates scratching their heads.”

Ted Cruz said, “The questions that have been asked so far in the debate illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. … You look at the questions: ‘Donald Trump, are you a comic book villain?’ ‘Ben Carson, can you do math?’ ‘John Kasich, will you insult two people over here?’ ‘Marco Rubio, why don’t you resign?’ ‘Jeb Bush, why have your numbers fallen?’ How about talking about the substantive issues people care about?”

Piers Morgan, who hates all things Republican, tweeted, “Come on CNBC moderators, get your damn facts right. This is embarrassing.”

It makes me glad I didn’t watch.


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Musket Mockery!

2014_03 12 Piers Morgan tweets



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2014_02 25 JobsiteUK says no Piers

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CNN … It’s not a news network any more

2014_02 24 Ukrainian pres attempts to flee CNN crickets

In other news at CNN, Piers Morgan is going bye-bye. He was brought on a few years ago to replace Larry King as host of the plummy 9:00 pm daily news talk show spot.

His ratings have been more “pits” than “plums.” He told the New York Times that “his show, along with much of the rest of CNN, had been imprisoned by the news cycle.”

A cable news network and a daily news talk show that have lousy ratings because of the news cycle? I don’t know what that means.

I thought CNN’s ratings were bad, because they sold out to the Obamacrat Media Machine, and that Morgan’s ratings were bad because he’s a jerk.  But that’s just me.


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Duck Dynasty, Piers Morgan and Schadenfreude

Remember when Piers Morgan went all Neener Neener on Duck Dynasty because it’s Season 5 opening ratings weren’t as high as it’s Season 4 RECORD BREAKING opening ratings? If not, see

2014_01 22 Piers vs Ducks

Forgive me, please, for going all Neener Neener back at his pompous limey ass but the man’s constant sneering at our Second Amendment has gotten on my last nerve.

On February 7, 2014, Morgan scored his lowest ever total* viewership when 235,000 tuned in.

On February 18, 2014, Morgan scored his second lowest ever demo* viewership when 50,000 tuned in.

Back when Megyn Kelly started doing her news talk show in the same cable time slot over at Fox News, Piers honked out a big “Bring it on” at her.

 On February 18, 2014, Kelly had 2,068,000 total and 354,000 demo viewers.

Tweeters comments:

  • .@piersmorgan Just saw your latest ratings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  • I guess he was right when he said bigotry doesn’t sell.
  • Some YouTubers have higher viewership
  • I find it amusing that Piers has consistently been hammered twice over by FOX’s ‘Red Eye’, 3am viewership.
  • Ginsu knife advertisements have more viewers.
  • I have a Ginsu Knife set which I love. They are very sharp and work well. All things I can’t say about Piers Morgan.
  • Perhaps the #British would take him back so he could bore them to death?
  • NOBODY in the UK wants him back – we threw street parties when he left!
  • Go back to London, Piers
  • That village in the UK made a pre-emptive phone call just to let us know they DO NOT want their idiot back.

Still … there is actually another TV personality who is even WORSE than Piers Morgan. And here’s Megyn Kelly to give him some well-deserved raspberries.

Megyn Kelly on Al Gore’s Failed ‘Current TV’ Sold to Al Jazeera – 1/3/13


*Demo viewers are adults 25-54 years old. Total viewers is all age groups combined. Ads pay for television and ad buyers are primarily interested in Demo viewers, because they are the people who do the most spending in this country.


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