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Obamacare Update

The only ObamaCare insurer in most Iowa counties announced its intention to hike premiums by 43.5% for 2018.

OBAMACARE because grandma is shovel ready


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5 Reasons

Obamacare has failed us.

OBAMACARE modern good samaritan

1. Costs keep rising.

From 2010 to 2016, family premiums for employer-sponsored plans increased an average of $4,372.

2. Choice and competition keep shrinking.

Of the 23 nonprofit health insurers created through Obamacare, 17 have collapsed and one has changed its status to for-profit. Taxpayers loaned more than $2 billion to these companies that will never be repaid.

This year, 70% of U.S. counties have only one or two insurers offering coverage on the exchange. Next year, it’ll be worse.

3. If you like your plan and the government doesn’t, you can’t keep it.

As soon as the rules took effect, at least 4.7 million plans were canceled.

4. Imposing $800 billion in tax hikes.

Obamacare created or increased many different taxes that will total more than $800 billion over the next decade to offset the new entitlement spending in the law.

5. Expanding an already unsustainable Medicaid program.

Medicaid has longstanding issues that left its beneficiaries with limited access to care. Rather than reforming the program, Obamacare made the problem worse by adding millions of new recipients to the rolls.

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Nobamacare Update

Obamacare Why force Catholics

President Trump plans a road trip to battleground states to sell his plans to replace Obamacare and promote infrastructure.

To pass Obamacare repeal, the bill needs support from 50 of the 52 Republicans in the Senate. Two pro-abortion Republicans — Murkowski and Collins — are pushing to keep taxpayer funding of abortion giant Planned Parenthood. But Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn said: “We have a strong pro-life majority in the Senate, and so it’s going to be in there.”

Republican Senators are planning on keeping the details of their Obamacare replacement bill secret until they get 50 votes needed for passage. Two senate aides told reporters that the bill’s text was nearly complete. The Senate GOP wants to advance a bill before the Fourth of July recess.


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1600 News Notes

Trump WH big plans

President Donald J. Trump is launching infrastructure week today with the signing of legislative principles calling for the separation of Air Traffic Control from the FAA. This action will improve safety, modernize flight technology, and encourage new technologies in aviation. President Trump has dedicated this week to addressing America’s crumbling infrastructure.

“Rural areas would get federal dollars to rebuild roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects under a plan President Donald Trump will announce…”

“What the nation won’t do, thanks to the president, is devastate its own economy against the public’s wishes in order to satisfy the global elite. Count this as a major Trump promise kept.”

“The entire Paris agreement was a largely meaningless piece of public relations stagecraft, designed for world leaders to give the illusion that they are doing something about climate change…President Trump was right to remove the United States from this non-treaty.”

“Nearly 100,000 Nebraskans apparently will have only one choice for individual health insurance next year. Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said Blue Cross’s decision “demonstrates the failure of Obamacare and how the system was so poorly designed that great companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield can’t stay in the marketplace. It highlights that Congress needs to act to make the health care system sustainable.”

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The Democrat Lie About Pre-Existing Conditions

The vast majority of Americans who are uninsured are not without coverage because of pre-existing health problems. They are uninsured because they can’t afford insurance.  This is especially true for lower-middle-income Americans who earn too much to qualify for government assistance.

Nevertheless, Democrats sold the Affordable Care Act (ACA, Obamacare) by claiming that 129 million* Americans were being denied coverage by cruel, greedy insurers who refused to cover their pre-existing conditions.

This was ludicrously dishonest.

Prior to Obamacare, 90% of Americans (278 million**) were already in or qualified for plans that covered pre-existing conditions.

While in theory, 10% of Americans could have been denied coverage for pre-existing conditions, in actual practice, only a tiny percentage actually were.

In fact, because Obamacare had a specific program (Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan  or PCIP), we have an exact number.  Only 114,959 Americans signed up for PCIP. 

PCIP enrollment

The Democrats claimed in their report* that nearly half of us would need PCIP, but the actual number that signed up for it was less than .0005.

The PCIP program was no doubt important to those 114,959 people. But Obama and his Democrat majority could have passed a 5-page bill allocating a few billion dollars a year to covering them.

Instead, Democrats chose to upend our health insurance system, which in turn negatively impacted our health care system.

IMHO, they didn’t and don’t actually care about our health.  What they did and do care about is the power and money they would gain if we were all forced into a federally-mandated, single-payer plan that they can control from D.C.

*In 2011, Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services released a report, “At Risk: Pre-Existing Conditions Could Affect 1 in 2 Americans: 129 Million Could Be Denied Affordable Coverage Without Health Reform.”

**The 2010 census showed our population at 308,745,538.  I used 309 million for the figures above.


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Where were all those Democrats?

Lefties are melting down about Trumpcare.  Funny how they didn’t give so much of a toot about the MILLIONS whose premiums became unaffordable and/or who lost their plans and their doctors under Obamacare.  Also, this:

2017_05 07 Conway VA


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Cinco De Mayonnaise

Dem Rep. Brenda Lawrence Tries To Lead Crowd In Chant Reciting Preamble of the Constitution… Fails Miserably….


Pro-Hillary NY Daily News Writer Tells Her, “Shut The F**k Up And Go Away”
Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be writing a book — she should be drafting a long apology to America
On Tuesday at the Women for Women conference, she reminded us again what a flawed candidate she was last year — and what a flawed person she has always been.
In her talk before a friendly audience, Clinton said she’s writing a memoir — and said it’s “painful” to revisit how Donald Trump beat her like a ragdoll in an election that was a lock.
Painful? We’re the ones in pain, Hillary. You’re making millions to process it.

Model Blames POTUS For Her ‘Crippling Anxiety’, Demands He Pay For Her Botox and Meds
I guess life for Chrissy Teigen is overwhelming given that she travels to exotic locations and poses for photographs for a living. She is also married to multi-millionaire singer/songwriter, John Legend, but demands Trump pay for her Botox.


Cher: No Money to Treat My Asthma after House Obamacare Repeal
In an earlier tweet, the singer called GOP representatives in the House “inhumane” and predicted millions of people would die as a result of the legislation, which has not yet cleared the Senate or been signed by the president.
The pop star was just one of numerous celebrities to use their social media accounts Thursday to voice their displeasure with the House’s passage of the AHCA.

Celebrities Rage at House Obamacare Repeal: ‘F*ck All Y’all’
Politically outspoken celebrities including Katy Perry, Amy Schumer, John Legend, George Takei, and Mark Ruffalo all tweeted about the bill, while TV personality Andy Richter called House Republicans “soulless pimps” and comedian Patton Oswalt vowed to make the 2018 midterm election a “dawn-to-dusk nightmare for the GOP.”

In Move That Shocks Nobody, Mika Brzezinski And Joe Scarborough Are Getting Married…
When the show debuted, both co-hosts were married: Scarborough to his second wife, whom he divorced in 2013, and Brzezinski to her former husband of 23 years. But long before they were an item, they made a lot of sense. Their chemistry—the way they bickered, and eye-rolled, and flirted in the I-can’t-stand-you-but-I-love-you way that elementary schoolers do—fueled speculation about their relationship off camera for years, a kind of reality show within a talk show.

Pelosi: Republicans’ Desire to Give a Tax Break to the Rich Worth ‘Walking the Plank’

MSNBC Doesn’t Know When Trump Will Face Reelection

Sheila Jackson Lee Calls AHCA “Mother Of All Bombs Of Healthcare”

Trump’s Army sec. pick — a combat hero and devout Christian — under assault from LGBTQ activists
His military resume to become the next Army secretary appears impeccable, but his conservative Christian beliefs have rallied the gay rights movement and its Democratic supporters to defeat the soldier-businessman-politician.
This week, a group of 11 House Republicans entered the battle on the side of combat veteran Mark E. Green, sending an endorsement letter to Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain, Arizona Republican.
“Mark’s commitment to the men and women of the U.S. Army is emboldened by his faithful service as a solider,” said the letter spearheaded by Rep. Duncan Hunter of California and signed by representatives from his home state of Tennessee.
Mr. McCain said his week he has reservations about Mr. Green as Army secretary.

Bond set at $25k for man accused of threatening BRPD officers, families
Louisiana State Police say Thallemus Thomas made a post on social media in a different name. The post read “It’s time Baton Rouge u didn’t learn from the police killing n Baton Rouge.” The post goes on to say “we will find the cops and execute them if we can’t find them, we will kill one of their family members.”

Not From The Onion: Florida University To Award Trayvon Martin A Posthumous Honorary Degree
Rachel Jeantel: ‘That’s retarded, sir’
The private university announced Wednesday that Martin’s parents, Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, will accept a bachelor of science degree in aeronautical science with a concentration in flight education on behalf of their son.
The degree is in “honor of the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot,” the school said in a Facebook post. Florida Memorial’s Department of Aviation and Safety has a designated Cessna pilot training center, and the school also houses the Trayvon Martin Foundation. It is based in Miami Gardens, where Trayvon Martin lived with his father.

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Rolled Again

Did I miss something? Did we win anything last November? You wouldn’t know it by the mugging republicans took at the hands of their pals the democrats during the budget fiasco that was just passed. Democrats get their way nearly all the time no matter who has the majority. They have discovered, much to their delight, that there is virtually nothing the GOP is willing to fight for. They have been terrified of the specter of a government shutdown since the former president, Ben T. Penis, got Newt Gingrich to back down over a staged government shutdown that was pre-arranged to lay the blame on republicans. They know that the press will blame them 100%, all of the time.
The republican elite have proven time and again they care less about working with President Trump than about keeping their status among the DC party crowd. It leaves conservatives all across the country asking themselves: “What have we won?”

Paul Ryan and House Republicans included strict language in their trillion dollar budget that prevents any and all funding of President Trump’s border wall.

Paul Ryan’s new budget bill will fund:
** Planned Parenthood
** Central American illegal immigrant centers
** Domestic spending will increase
** No cuts in funding to EPA despite Trump’s promises
** Continue payment on Obamacare subsidies
** No funding cuts to sanctuary cities

But the House budget includes language that FORBIDS the President of the United States of building a border wall with Mexico.

Paul Ryan’s bill is so bad Democrats are fundraising off of the plan in celebration.

Frustrated conservatives ready to start winning under Trump
The spending deal struck over the weekend to avoid a partial government shutdown is just the latest failure of GOP-controlled Washington to deliver for conservative activists. To them, that bill is part of a larger pattern of putting off fights with the Democrats for another day only for tomorrow to never come — a trend they were already experiencing with run-of-the-mill Republicans, but one they hoped would end under Trump.

Conservatives Fume Over Complete Concession To Democrats On Budget Deal

How do we win Congress and Presidency and still get this as a result?
Conservatives are blasting the five-month, fiscal 2017 spending deal written by Republicans and Democrats as nothing short of a “cave in” by the GOP despite its control of both the House, Senate and White House.

The Gentlemen Losers Strike Again
And this spending bill is the same kind of crapola Congress sent to Obama year after year.
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are getting everything they wanted.
Meanwhile the Gentlemen Losers — Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell — get one more opportunity to prove that they really are nice guys who want to work with the Democrats.
Good grief. It’s infuriating.
But this pile of crap is just more of the same.
And isn’t this exactly why Americans voted for Donald Trump?
We’re sick and tired of this nonsense.

Speaker Paul Ryan Defends Pile of Crap Budget Plan that Excludes Funding for Trump Wall
Ryan defended his 1,665 pages long budget that includes an average of approximately 210 words per page — —or about twice as long as the stimulus law (the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”) that President Barack Obama signed less than a month after his inauguration in 2009.
Ryan and GOP leaders inserted language that specifically restricts any and all funding of the Trump border wall.

We didn’t elect Donald Trump just to have Paul Ryan put on Nancy Pelosi’s skirt and pearls and deliver for the Democrats.


Chuck Schumer: Trump ‘Did Not Play Much of a Role’ in Budget Negotiations
“Our Republican colleagues I give them a lot of credit — Mitch McConnell — we worked very well together — Leader Pelosi, Speaker Ryan as well,” Schumer said, adding the names of the Democrats and Republicans in both chambers responsible for leading on appropriations.
“We all worked as a team,” Schumer said. “And we came up with a very good solution for the people here.
“But it shows we Democrats want to work with our Republican colleagues,” Schumer said. “And when they work with us, it’s great.”

White House Pushes Budget Deal As A Win For Republicans After Democrats Get Under Trump’s Skin
Congressional leaders reached an agreement Sunday night on a budget that would keep the government open through September and avoid a looming shutdown. Because the bill includes funding for Planned Parenthood, money to help Puerto Rico with a projected shortfall in Medicaid and restricts the allotted $1.5 billion for border security from going to the new wall, Democrats began touting it as a win.
Clearly, it frustrated President Trump.

Democrats confident they can block Trump’s agenda after spending bill win

Democrats think they have set the stage to block President Trump’s legislative priorities for years to come by winning major concessions in a spending bill to keep the government open.
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) secured nearly $5 billion in new domestic spending by exploiting disagreements between Trump and GOP lawmakers over spending priorities.

Limbaugh grills Pence on budget: ‘What is the point of voting Republican?’

Host to VP: ‘We’ve been told this for 15 years, we’ll get ‘em next time’
Radio host Rush Limbaugh received a call from Vice President Mike Pence on Tuesday, and he wasn’t shy about voicing his displeasure over the 2017 budget deal.
“The Rush Limbaugh Show” rarely has guests, but a $1.2 trillion federal spending deal made between Republicans and Democrats to avoid a government shutdown prompted an interview with Mr. Pence.
The theme of the exchange boiled down to one question: “If this is what happens, Mr. Vice President, why vote Republican?”
“What is the point of voting Republican if the Democrats are gonna continue to win practically 95 percent of their objectives, such as in this last budget deal?” the conservative host asked.
Limbaugh to Pence: What Is the Point of Voting Republican If the Dems Are Going to Continue to Win?

There is a last ditch effort to pass a new health care bill coming. It stands not a snowball’s chance in hell of passing. The entire fiasco was orchestrated by Paul Ryan to ensure enough poison pills in it for conservatives to vote against it. The democrats know Obamacare will never go away. No government program ever does. They just suck up more and more money. As professional spenders, the liberals know once you give people something free (or at least free to THEM), it can never be taken away without a rebellion. It would not be a bit surprising if Trump decided since his own party won’t deal with him he may go to the democrats to negotiate. After all, they’re still the real power in Washington.

Obamacare Repeal Stalled by Moderate Republican Opposition
Congressman Billy Long (R-MS), a strong House leadership ally, said that he would not support the bill over concerns that the bill “strips away any guarantee that pre-existing conditions would be covered and affordable.” Long said in an interview on Monday, “They got 40 Freedom Caucus votes,” asking, “Why do they need me?”
Fred Upton, the former Energy and Commerce Committee chairman, said Tuesday he will not vote for the Obamacare repeal bill. He said, “I’ve supported the practice of not allowing pre-existing illnesses to be discriminated against from the very get-go.” Upton told WHTC this morning. “This amendment torpedos that, and I told leadership I cannot support this bill with this provision in it.”

Nancy Pelosi has her arm up Paul “The Puppet” Ryan’s ass and controls all his moves


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