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Former members of the ‘Deep State,’ have formed a supergroup to expose illegal government surveillance and support President Donald Trump.

Deep State Whistleblowers Form Group to Support President Trump [3:14]

The founder says JTFMAGA is also encouraging other members of the Deep State to come forward.



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Bits & Bytes

2018_03 23 Trump tweet

SOMETHING ELSE TO HATE ABOUT THE BUDGET: The new Congressional budget ALSO does not include the Conscience Protection Act that would have protected health care professionals from being forced to participate in abortions or other objectionable health procedures.

SOMETHING ELSE TO HATE ABOUT THE BUDGET, PART TWO: Multiple Department of Veterans Affairs reforms were removed from the sh***y spending bill Congress just dumped on us.

ANOTHER REASON TO NOT SIT AT HOME AND LET DEMOCRATS OWN CONGRESS: “If you value religious education or life’s sanctity, you’re not welcome in the party,” writes Cardinal Timothy Dolan, in “The Democrats Abandon Catholics” in today’s Wall Street Journal.

2018_03 21 Broward Cty clear backpacks

Foul-mouthed activist, David Hogg, who HATES the NRA and wants to disarm America, is MUY PISSED about Broward County’s plan to require clear backpacks. Cuz, you know, the CONSTITUTION and PRIVACY. Or something.

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS: Meanwhile, Henderson County, North Carolina, is taking another tack. They are going to hire armed security guards for every public school.

GOOD NEWS from FORTY DAYS FOR LIFE: Yesterday, after talking with a pro-life counselor and doing some research on the internet, a pregnant mom canceled her abortion appointment and demanded her deposit back! Thank you, God!!

NEW NSA ADVISER: President Trump announced that John Bolton will replace H.R. McMaster as national security adviser. Unsurprisingly, the Left immediately began shrieking NAZI! RACIST!! RUSSIA LOVER!!!

YOU GO, GIRL! Christina Hagan is the youngest female Republican to ever serve in the Ohio Legislature, and now she’s running for Congress. She also just found out that she’s pregnant with twins. The due date? November 6, which is Election Day. “When I was in the state legislature I was actually debating pro-life issues and I could feel my first child hiccuping in-utero,” Hagan remembers. “You know that child is separate, unique, and distinct from you because you can’t hiccup for the baby.”

STILTON: After hearing that “60 Minutes” plans to run an interview with alleged Trump mattress Stormy Daniels, we tried to make up a joke about “what’s the difference between a journalist and a porn star?” Unfortunately, we had to drop it when we realized there is no difference anymore.

Still, we’re covering Ms. Daniels (which is more than she does most of the time), plus taking an in depth look at Joe Biden’s latest threat to beat the hell out of the President of the United States in a bare-knuckle brawl.

So why are you still reading this instead of hurrying straight to Stilton’s Place?


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You Can’t Make This Up

The first arrest of an alleged government leaker was made yesterday. Her name is Reality Winner…. not kidding. And boy, is she a hateful little fart of sunshine.

Federal Contractor ‘Reality L. Winner’ Arrested For Leaking Classified NSA Document to News Outlet
25-year-old Reality Leigh Winner, a federal contractor, was arrested over the weekend and is facing charges that she removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet.

Winner worked for Pluribus International Corporation and was assigned to a government facility in Georgia. She’s held a Top Secret classified security clearance since being hired on Feb. 13.
She is accused of sending the classified document to a news outlet a few days after printing it off.
“Once investigative efforts identified Winner as a suspect, the FBI obtained and executed a search warrant at her residence. According to the complaint, Winner agreed to talk with agents during the execution of the warrant,” the statement read.
“During that conversation, Winner admitted intentionally identifying and printing the classified intelligence reporting at issue despite not having a ‘need to know,’ and with knowledge that the intelligence reporting was classified.”

Meet Reality Leigh Winner. The 25-y-o was charged today with leaking top secret NSA report on Russian hacking to @theintercept

NSA Leaker Had Issues: Said “Being White Is Terrorism”

The majority of her recent tweets are angrily directed against President Donald Trump, in particular rehashing the liberal trope about “tiny hands.” She has also called the president an “orange fascist,” a “cunt” and bashed his selection of “Confederate General” Jeff Sessions amounts to racism. Sessions is head of the agency currently prosecuting Winner.

Fake protest staged by CNN film crew at London Bridge terrorist attack scene

A Week Of Surfing On A Sea Of Liberal Tears

To argue for the Paris Accords is to argue against democracy – incredibly, they wanted to deny us any say in our electric bills tripling and in hundreds of thousands of our citizens being tossed out of work to please the Chardonnay-swilling swells of San Francisco and Manhattan.
Basically, it was a bogus goal based on a fake crisis designed to justify a massive transfer of wealth and power away from us and to the liberal elite. They call that #science.
And Trump nuked it. Killed it dead. Their screams of pain and wailing about “earth crimes” and “eco treason” are a beautiful symphony, and their response to it all was illustrative:
Why shouldn’t our representatives get to vote on this treaty in the Senate like the Constitution says?


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Full Blown Investigation


The House and Senate intelligence committees are expanding their investigation into the so-called “unmasking” controversy.

They will be auditing files from the National Security Agency and White House to determine whether identities and conversations of members of Congress or presidential candidates other than Trump were swept up during NSA surveillance of foreign leaders and whether this intelligence was misused for political purposes.

For a private U.S. citizen to be “unmasked,” or named, in an intelligence report is extremely rare and typically only done if it has some foreign intelligence value. Typically, the American is a suspect in a crime, is in danger or has to be named to explain the context of the report.

If the names were unmasked in intelligence reports and then leaked to the media for political reasons, it could constitute criminal behavior.


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Judge Napolitano on Wiretap Allegations

2017_03 Dobbs on Obama wiretap

Wow … Napolitano explains that Obama didn’t need a FISA order to get transcripts of Trump’s communication!  All he had to do was tell the NSA to send them to him!

The NSA has the legal right to record ANY phone or digital correspondence within the U.S. or going out of or coming into the U.S.  And the NSA works for the president.


Fox’s Lou Dobbs interviews Judge Napolitano about Trump’s wiretap allegation [8:04]

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18 Major Scandals in Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency


They’re saying “Obama’s presidency was scandal-free” but that don’t make it so.  Here’s a short list from Breitbart of the many scandals Team Obama would like us to forget:

The great “stimulus” heist: A trillion dollars wasted on economic “stimulus” spending that created virtually zero private-sector jobs.  A great deal of that money apparently vanished into thin air.

Operation Fast and Furious: The Obama administration’s insane program to arm Mexican drug lords resulted in the deaths of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata, plus hundreds of Mexican citizens.

AG Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress: Holder was the first sitting member of any president’s cabinet to earn this distinction.  Of course, Democrats closed ranks behind Holder, the White House protected him, and the media allowed him to spin the contempt vote as mere “political theater.”

ObamaCare: Everything about ObamaCare is a scandal, from the President’s incessant lies about keeping your old plan if you liked it, to Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s insane statement “We need to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Spying on journalists: Establishment media came about as close to falling out of love with Barack Obama as ever when his administration was caught spying on journalists.

The IRS scandal: A highly politicized IRS admitted to selectively targeting conservative groups, then brazenly lied about not having backups of relevant computer data.

Benghazi: Libya was a disaster after Obama’s unlawful military operation. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was sent into a known terrorist hot zone without sufficient security. And the Obama administration knowingly told a false story during the first few weeks after the attack.

Hillary Clinton’s secret server: She perpetrated her email offenses while working as Obama’s Secretary of State and he knew about it.

The Pigford scandal: The abuse of a program meant to compensate minority farmers for racial discrimination exploded under Obama.

NSA spying scandal: Snowden’s pilfering of sensitive National Security Agency data was a debacle that damaged national security. President Obama and his administration made many false statements as they tried to contain the political damage.

Bowe Bergdahl:  The prisoner swap that freed him from the Taliban and its allies was riddled with lies, illegal activity, and bad judgment.

Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment: Everything about Obama’s dealings with Iran has been scandalous, beginning with his silence while the Green Revolution was brutally put down by the mullahs in 2009. The Iran nuclear deal was pushed with lies and media manipulation. The infamous pallet of cash that wasn’t a ransom has become symbolic of Obama’s mendacity and penchant for breaking the rules, when he thinks following them is too much trouble.

Polluting the Colorado river: The Environmental Protection Agency managed to turn the Colorado River orange under this greenest of green Presidents. Of course there was a cover-up.

The GSA scandal: The General Services Administration was caught wasting ridiculous amounts of taxpayer money on lavish parties and silly projects.  Of course there was a cover-up.

The VA death-list scandal: Veterans were put on secret death lists while executives handed in phony status reports and signed themselves up for big bonuses.

Solyndra: Billions of taxpayer dollars were wasted financing companies with absurdly unrealistic business models, because the owners had supported Obama’s campaign.

Secret Service gone wild:  Agents hiring hookers in Columbia, a fence jumper penetrating the White House, and tipsy Secret Service officials driving their car into a security barrier.

Shutdown theater:  Obama hit the American people hard during the great government shutdown crisis of 2013, doing everything he could to make American citizens feel maximum pain – from using “Barry-cades” to keep war veterans away from their memorials, to releasing illegal alien criminals from detention centers.


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Better Get Used To It

If you are a normal, well-adjusted human being without deep-seated emotional problems, including feelings of inferiority, rejection, ridicule and your first impulse is to strike out at others with extreme violence you may have a hard time understanding the depth of the venom that runs through the veins of the leftists.

They have a big hole in the middle of themselves that cannot be filled, no matter how much pain they cause. An army of spoiled nincompoops that have never had to face failure in a society where everybody gets a prize just for competing. If you think the assault on Trump, conservatives and anyone remotely associated with them are ever going to abate you misunderestimate the enemy.

It started its 8 year run the moment Trump won the election and is only going to get worse. At least we now we are rid of the poser that has polluted the People’s House and can finally get something positive passed. Not that we’ll get any credit for it, that’s just a fantasy. No republican has ever been credited with anything, thanks to the enslaved press who do the democrats’ bidding.

Donna Brazile Calls For Senate To Reject Sessions’ Confirmation As AG
“Mr. Trump’s choice of Sen. Sessions for Attorney General is deeply troubling,” Brazile said in a statement. “His demonstrated disdain for the rights of ordinary Americans, his history of discrimination and pattern of racist behavior make him unfit to serve as the next Attorney General. I call on members of the United States Senate to reject his nomination.”

ADDED by CtH:  Pro-Abortion Democrats like Brazile are the true

Dear Lefties, Spawn Of Satan Jeff Sessions Actually Took On The KKK and Desegregated Schools (And Supported Eric Holder’s AG Nomination)


Folks, as I’m sure you already know, we’re all racists, misogynists, homophobes, and islamophobes because we don’t kowtow to the progressive authoritarian ethos of the culture wars. And Middle America has had enough of it too, evident with voters in the Rust Belt ignoring Clinton’s attacks against Trump’s remarks he’s made over the 2016 cycle. The liberal bubbles were teeming with Trump hate, but the rest of the country shrugged. With Sessions officially selected to be out next attorney general, the accusations of racism from his 1986 nomination to a federal judgeship are being rehashed, despite zero concrete evidence showing that Sessions harbors such feelings.

ANGRY, BITTER LIBERALS Boo Mike Pence at Hamilton – Actors Insult Him From Stage


Then at the close of the performance the lead actor Brandon Dixon insulted the vice president-elect.  “Vice President elect Pence we welcome you and we truly thank you for joining us here at Hamilton the American musical. We really do. We sir, we are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us.”


The lead actor directed lines at Pence saying the new administration “will not welcome them.”

‘Apologize!’: Trump hits ‘Hamilton’ cast for confronting Pence

“Vice President-elect Pence, I see you walking out, but I hope you will hear us, just a few more moments. There’s nothing to boo here, ladies and gentlemen,” actor Brandon Victor Dixon said.

He then read a statement reportedly drafted by Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator of “Hamilton,” with input from cast members. The statement emphasized the diversity of the show’s actors and their broad concerns about the Trump administration:

Vice President-elect Pence, we welcome you, and we truly thank you for joining us here at ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’ — we really do. We sir — we — are the diverse America who are alarmed and anxious that your new administration will not protect us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights, sir.

Electors Across The Country Continue To Be Harassed, Even Threatened By Hillary Supporters

“It is total harassment,” said Graham, who estimates he has received about 1,700 such emails and letters. “It started about a week ago. Now? Bam. It’s hardcore.”…

Sharon Geise, an elector from Mesa, said the emails have also flooded her inbox. She estimates she has received 8,000. Many of them are similar.

Pentagon and intelligence community chiefs have urged Obama to remove the head of the NSA

The news comes as Rogers is being considered by President-Elect Donald Trump to be his nominee for DNI, replacing Clapper as the official who oversees all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies. In a move apparently unprecedented for a military officer, Rogers, without notifying superiors, traveled to New York to meet with Trump on Thursday at Trump Tower.

Love Trumps Hate!!!!

Love Trumps Hate — say these hate-filled, intolerant monsters.

And they wonder why Donald Trump won.

As much as they want the American people to be stupid and cowed, we are neither.

We see the Left for what they are.

Anti-American anarchists who despise this country and its people.

Stop Hating White People and Maybe They’ll Vote for You
It’s either that or the Magical Intersectional Muslim Transwomen Coalition.

“Spare me the euphemisms. White people made Trump president,” a Washington Post headline blared. “White people did this. And maybe (hopefully) not my friends — but certainly their cousins, their uncles, and their friends,” a racist Vox writer shrieked.

“White people elected Donald Trump,” Vice bleated. “White people put Trump in office,” Fusion whined.

‘Integrity is our only true currency’: Designer who dressed Michelle Obama vows NEVER to work with incoming First Lady Melania Trump and urges others to follow her lead

•New York-based French designer Sophie Theallet spoke out against the president-elect Donald Trump in a damning open letter
•Citing the ‘rhetoric of racism, sexism and xenophobia’ of Melania’s husband’s campaign she said she will never work with the new First Lady
•While she is not a household name, Sophie has dressed current First Lady Michelle Obama multiple times as well as reality star Kim Kardashian
•Despite admitting that ‘it is not wise to get involved in politics,’ she said for the label the ‘bottom line is not just about money’
•It is understood that Melania has not asked the designer to dress her

[CtH: BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  As IF Melania wants or needs clothing advice from anyone who dressed Michelle Obama, EVER.]


Will Sessions pick prompt an Obama pardon for Hillary?


CtH: I’d really like an answer to my question.  How would it be possible for Obama to pardon Hillary for a crime she has never been convicted of committing? pardon-clinton-spock-illogical

What this does show, however, is that Sessions wants to get a lot of answers on the Hillary scandals — both on potential criminality and why the DoJ and FBI made the decisions they did. Nor is the e-mail scandal the only Clinton issue on which Sessions has demanded answers. In August, Sessions told Alyson Camerota on CNN’s New Day that he wanted a special prosecutor appointed to investigate pay-to-play allegations about the Clinton Foundation and the State Department

Toni Morrison on the Election: ‘The Sad Plight of Grown White Men’


In the piece, Morrison writes that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency is part of a reaction by white men to an increasingly multicultural society.

“Under slave laws,” Morrison writes, “the necessity for color rankings was obvious, but in America today, post-civil-rights legislation, white people’s conviction of their natural superiority is being lost. Rapidly lost. There are ‘people of color’ everywhere, threatening to erase this long-understood definition of America. And what then? Another black President? A predominantly black Senate? Three black Supreme Court Justices? The threat is frightening.”

[CtH: This crap is getting really, really old.  White America elected Barack Obama twice.  We did not elect Hillary Clinton, who HELLO is WHITE.  Morons.]

As Trump Rises, So Do Some Hands Waving Confederate Battle Flags

But now that explosive and complicated vestige of the Old South is back, in a new — and, to some Americans, newly disturbing — context. During President-elect Donald J. Trump’s campaign, followers drawn to his rallies occasionally displayed the flag and other Confederate iconography. Since the election, his supporters and others have displayed the flag as a kind of rejoinder to anti-Trump protesters in places such as Durango, Colo.; St. Petersburg, Fla.; Hampton, Va.; Fort Worth; and Traverse City, Mich.

The Age of the Honey Badger Dawns

For the first 24 hours, they had total control of the debate, and near-total control after that. They defined Bannon, and Breitbart, as antisemites, white nationalists, neo-Nazis. Who could survive that?

And yet Trump did not waver, and the Republican Party did not bend, and the conservative media did not break.

This time, there were no betrayals — no political leaders who tried to help themselves by abandoning the victim of an entirely false and unjustified attack.

Even most of Bannon’s critics and rivals in the conservative media declined to condemn him.

They understood: these were lies. And they knew: if we yield now, they will never stop.

Father Of Slain California Soldier Says Airline Passengers Booed Him On Flight Home


The father of a slain Stockton soldier is speaking out after he says his family was booed on the flight to bring his son’s body home from Afghanistan.
Sgt. John Perry died on Saturday in Afghanistan by a suicide bomber.


[CtH: This makes me SICK.]

Trump Takes Charge

The liberal hysteria over Donald Trump’s election as president extends to coverage of his transition. “Firings and Discord Put Trump Transition Team in a State of Disarray,” says the New York Times. “Intraparty fratricide looms over the GOP,” says a columnist for the Washington Post. “The GOP Civil War Is Just Beginning,” says a writer for Slate.

Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Lib Hack Who Smeared Jeff Sessions as Racist


Carlson started off the interview calling Allen’s article, “one of the most unfair things I’ve ever read,” and it went downhill from there.

Nikki Haley: Trump Won Despite Republican Officials, Not Because Of Them

The President-elect deserves tremendous credit for the way he was able to connect with the electorate, but he did not do it by celebrating the Republican Party, and the American people did not vote for him because he had an R next to his name.”

“He ran against both parties, against the political system at large, a system he argued was fundamentally broken, a notion voters subscribed to in massive numbers,” Haley added. “They’ve rejected the political class of all stripes, Republicans included, and we have no one to blame but ourselves.”


Pittsburg, CA Police: High School Principal Chanted, Led Cheers During School’s Violent Anti-Trump Walkout Protest

Not only are the kids walking out of school to protest Donald Trump’s historic victory, but their teachers and principals are protesting too!  At least three students were arrested during the protest for criminal activity.


This incident was anything but peaceful and involved more students than the small number of students the district claims.

In reality, students from your district engaged in criminal activity including vandalism, knocking over garbage cans, trespassing and attempting to incite students at Antioch High School and assaulting a police officer. All of this occurred in the presence of Pittsburg High School Principal Whitmire.

According to the article in the EastBayTimes dated November 11, Mr. Whitmire expressed that he continually–Quote—exonerated them to return to class—unquote—but when they didn’t he joined their march.

Dem: Trump should consider Clinton for UN ambassador


President-elect Trump should consider her for the position,” said Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.), whose district includes Trump Tower in Manhattan. She added that Clinton “would make an excellent Ambassador to the United Nations.”
Clinton “will never stop working,” Maloney said. “She will always make a difference and will always be a part of the dialogue in a positive way to advance the values of America.”

Good News: 4 Charged In Attack On Man For Being Trump Supporter In Chicago


The 50-year-old motorist was involved in a traffic accident Nov. 9 in the 1100 block of South Kedzie and says he was attacked when he tried to get insurance information from another driver. He says he was beaten by multiple suspects and his car was stolen

On a video posted online, driver David Wilcox was pummeled by several individuals, while onlookers shouted “You Voted Trump!”









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Thanks for nothing, Obama voters!

Megyn Kelly says how bad it is [1:22]

DOHbama administration scandals

June 24, 2014: Economy shrank 2.9% in 1Q, worst drop since ’09

2014 Obama's FAILED administration


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“If you like your privacy, you can keep it.”

2014_01 17 Rand Paul's tweet

The Liar-in-Chief is at it again. During President Obama’s NSA speech, he justified many of the government’s spying programs that as a candidate for president, he swore he would never, ever use.

Senator Obama in August 2007 [1:06]

  • “No more ignoring the law when it is inconvenient. The law is not subject to the whims of stubborn rulers.”
  • “This administration acts like violating civil liberties is a way to enhance security. It is not.”

Senator Obama in 2007 [:31]

  • He says his administration would respect the law, not abuse Executive Privilege


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Media Bias and Political Scandals

The MSM is on a feeding frenzy over Republican Chris Christie’s Bridgegate scandal.

2014_01 Bridgegate media frenzy

Now … think back and ask yourself how much “frenzy” there was in their reporting of these Democrat political scandals

Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting Tea Party and Conservative groups, DOJ eavesdropping illegally on Fox and AP reporters, Healthcare dot gov’s epic and on-going failure, NSA eavesdropping on pretty much everybody, Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal, Eliot Spitzer “Client 9” hooker scandal, John Edwards’ infidelity while running for VP scandal, Former Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee Chris Dodd’s sweetheart loan deals, GSA’s Party-gate, IRS waste and bonus scandal, Solyndra etc. “green” government grants followed by “golden parachute for Dem donors” bankruptcy scandals, Charlie Rangel financial disclosure scandal, Maxine Waters banking ethics scandal, convicted criminal and Obama bundler Tony Rezko’s sweetheart real estate deal with Barack Obama, Fannie Mae Democrat CEO bonuses and campaign constributions scandals, billionaire Democrat bundler for Obama Jon Corzine’s perjury and financial hijinks scandal, Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner tax evasion scandal, Jesse Jackson Jr.’s attempt to buy Obama’s vacated Senate seat, Oregon Congressman David Wu’s sexual assault of a teenager, David Paterson’s bullying of a domestic violence victim, Eric sexual harassment of a staffer, Obama’s National Security Advisor Tom Donilon leaking national security secrets.

Keep in mind this list could be a lot longer.

So, why is it that Chris Christie is responsible for everything his staffers do, while Democrats are hardly held accountable for their own bad behaviors?

2011 - 1994 Media bias - Sex scandals

This is nothing new either. Remember how Robert Byrd was once a poobah in the KKK? Remember how Ted Kennedy abandoned a woman to die at Chappaquiddick?  You don’t?  Hmmm … ask yourself why that is and how the MSM would’ve harped on these two stories endlessly if Kennedy or Byrd had been Republicans.


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