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Foxy babies

A vixen moved into our back yard earlier this spring and took up residence in the space under the garden shed, where she gave birth to no fewer than eight babies (they’re impossible to count accurately, because they all look alike and they almost never hold still). We’ve been watching them grow up, and photographing them whenever possible. Here are a few baby pictures, plus one of the mama fox feeding her little ones. You can see from the pictures how the babies, which started out a dull grayish orange, are gradually changing to the brighter orange typical of the so-called red fox.

foxes 2 foxes 5

mama fox

foxes 7 foxes 8 foxes 9

foxes 14 foxes 18 foxes 20


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Animal camo

Each photo below has one animal in it that is hidden by its own natural camouflage. Can you find them all?



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