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Thanks for nothing, Obama voters!

Megyn Kelly says how bad it is [1:22]

DOHbama administration scandals

June 24, 2014: Economy shrank 2.9% in 1Q, worst drop since ’09

2014 Obama's FAILED administration


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Debtmageddon - Why are they doing this to us kids


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Obamacrats act like teen-agers with Daddy’s credit card

In 2006, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Congressional Democrats accused Republicans of grossly irresponsible financial policy and promised that, if voters gave them control, they’d bring spending under control. Well, voters gave them control. Since January 2007, the Democrat majority has more than doubled the national debt.

2006 Pelosi New Direction speech

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National Debt: On our way to $18 Trillion

2014_03 19 Debt - Half way to 18 T



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Debt and Democrat Lies

Obama and Debtmageddon

2006 Pelosi on Dem promises


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They were against it before they were for it

2014_02 12 Another debt limit increase


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Leadership Failure

March 16, 2006: Senator Barack Obama called the Republican’s request to increase the national debt limit a failure of leadership. The national debt was HALF then what it is now and the so-called “leadership” in Washington shows no signs of reining it in before the country goes bankrupt.

2006 Obama failure - debt limit

1937 - 2012 National Debt



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About that debt

Cruz says Republicans are complicit in the $17 trillion debt [1:46]

Cruz also says McCain sabotaged the House’s efforts. This short clip comes only after an ad that’s longer than the clip, which I think is just absurd. We don’t subjected to that much advertising on commercial television, but I couldn’t find this clip at YouTube.

Reaganomics worked


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