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They fired the wrong clown

MO banned the wrong clown

Rodeo not Benghazi

The Missouri chapter of the NAACP wants the U.S. Department of Justice and the Secret Service to launch a federal case against the rodeo clown who donned a mask of President Obama’s face.

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Proving they hate America

The Congressional Black Caucus (Motto: No Conservative Blacks or Whites Representing Majority Black Districts Allowed) have proposed pre-eminent House Negro, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, for Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The cabinet-level position is being vacated this fall by the ever-incompetent Janet Napolitano, who demonstrated her ability to always do what she’s told to advance the Left’s wet dream of destroying America and has therefore been rewarded with a cushy position as president of the University of California.

For an analysis of Napolitano’s tenure as head of HHS, read

Obama and Jackson Lee - Redefining incompetence

As a replacement, Jackson Lee would bring the same level of incompetence and immorality that Napolitano brought, but with the added bonus of being BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK. The following is just a sampling of her behavior since coming to Congress in 1995:

Feb 13, 2013: “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together.”

Jackson Lee has a B.A. in political science from Yale no less, plus a law degree from the University of Virginia. You’d think between the two, she might have gotten a clue that black people stopped being legally defined as property many, many, many years before she was born and that it was due to the efforts of Republican presidents and Republican congresses that they have all the rights they’ve got.

July 15, 2010 to Congress: “Today we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working.”

Jackson Lee is a member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and there is no North and South Vietnam anymore, only the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

July 15, 2010 to Congress: Bemoaning the loss of American lives in Vietnam, because “the leadership of this nation did not listen to the mothers and fathers who borned the burden of 58,000 dead.”

No doubt she means the Republican Nixon, who inherited the mess in Vietnam from the Democrat Kennedy-Johnson administrations. I can’t speak to how Gold Star moms and dads “borned” their burden. Is that Ebonics or just bad English … but I repeat myself.

Also in July 2010, Jackson Lee announced at the NAACP convention, amidst cheers, that Tea Partiers are nothing more than Ku Klux Klan members without their robes.

The KKK was founded by and filled with Democrats. Tea Partiers predominantly self-identify as either Republican or Independent.

February 2007: Jackson Lee ignored the Bush administration’s policy toward Chavez’ anti-American Socialist rule of Venezuela and traveled there as a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which paid for the trip.

Venezuela supplies about 11 percent of America’s oil imports. Despite Chavez’ declared intention to take a majority stake of U.S.-run oil operations in the country, Jackson Lee declared he had many friends in the “new Congress”, referring to the take-over of the House and Senate in January 2007 by a Democrat majority that was openly hostile to the Bush administration.

Jackson Lee has also urged the U.S. to sell F-16 fighter jets and spare parts to Venezuela, which has close relations with Iran and Cuba.

Jackson Lee sits on the House Committee on Homeland Security and on the Subcommittees on Border, Maritime, and Global Counter terrorism, Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection, Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, and Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law.

2005: On a visit to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Jackson Lee asked if the Mars Pathfinder had photographed the American flag Neil Armstrong planted in 1969. Reportedly, the embarrassed guide replied simply that this had not been possible, since that flag is on the Moon while the Mars Pathfinder was on Mars.

Jackson Lee has been the Democrat representative for Houston, where NASA is based, since 1995. At the time of this faux pas, she was also serving on the House Science Committee.



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Skin color is not the problem

Bill O’Reilly did a scathing segment on President Obama and the race problem. Video embedded @

O'Reilly on the cause of the race problem a

O'Reilly on the cause of the race problem b

O'Reilly on the cause of the race problem c

Ben Carson is not a racist

It isn't your skin color that's the problem

Bill Cosby was condemned by black leaders for his oft-stated opinion that blacks should fix their own problems and not just bitch about white racism and gimme more money [4:59]

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Pro-Life News

The BroChoice movement says abortion should be legal, without limits and without apology for the very simple reason that they want to have consequence-free sex without limits and without apology. Pro-Life men are fighting back.

Young Men Speaking Out for Life [3:49]

Word has reached us of yet another victim of China’s brutal one-child-or-else policy. On July 9, Li Fengfei was 18 weeks pregnant when local Family Planning Officials dragged to their office, beat her, knocking out one of her front teeth, then forced her fingerprint onto the abortion consent form and injected toxins into her uterus. This week, Ms. Li is near death and her baby – now dead – remains in her womb.

Legal doesn't make it right

The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Manville, New Jersey, is closing this summer. They declined to comment as to why.

Raise your hand

When a black couple attempted to rent booth space at this year’s 104th National NAACP conference in Florida, plenty of exhibit space remained open. But when NAACP found out they were conservatives, they were refused a booth. The NAACP is allegedly about promoting equality of rights of all persons, but in reality they are fanatically left-wing and pro-abortion.


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Yette’s Ghost and the NAACP

By Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics. Reprinted with permission.

It’s January, 2013. Dr. Johnny Hunter, a Black man, is quoted on Twitter criticizing the association between the NAACP and Planned Parenthood because of that organization’s racist and eugenics history. Within minutes, after saying that Planned Parenthood has the NAACP on a leash, this Black group’s Twitter account is suspended and taken down. To put it succinctly, Hunter had been “Yetted.”

If you’re not familiar with that concept, let me offer a short history lesson.

In January of 2011, an African-American man named Samuel Frederick Yette died in a Maryland nursing home. He was a man of enormous accomplishments having earned two college degrees, been an officer in the Air Force as well as an award-winning journalist, author, lecturer and university professor. In 1964, he had been appointed Executive Secretary of the Peace Corp after which he became Special Assistant for Civil Rights to the Director of the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity. He later became the first Black reporter hired by Newsweek magazine where he rose to the position of Washington D.C. Bureau Correspondent.

Samuel Frederick Yette

But in 1968, Mr. Yette wrote a book exposing high-level plans within the United States to use birth control and abortion as instruments of Black genocide. Immediately after this book was published, Yette was summoned to his supervisor’s office and fired. He was told that Newsweek was under pressure from the Nixon White House to get him out of Washington. Later, despite the fact that his book was selling well, had won at least two national awards and was being used as a textbook in colleges across the country, Yette’s publisher dropped him and took the book off the market.

Mr. Yette was chopped off at the knees because, by the late 60s, population control – especially Black population control – had become a virtual religion for America’s power structure. And these people do not tolerate dissent well – especially when it comes from uppity Black opinion molders. Yette described the situation perfectly in January of 1972 when he told a reporter for Jet magazine: “I do not mean to be pejorative or vindictive, when I say this, but had I been a nigger instead of Black, a spy instead of a reporter, a tool instead of a man, I could have stayed at Newsweek indefinitely.”

Now if you’re tempted to think that this has changed over the years, let me remind you what happened to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain. As his campaign picked up steam, he began reminding the public that Planned Parenthood had been founded by ultra-wealthy white racists and eugenicists. He went on to point out that Planned Parenthood was carrying out the agenda these people had laid out by disproportionately placing their abortion and birth control facilities in minority communities. Then, within just a few hours after he started calling for Planned Parenthood to be stripped of its taxpayer funding, anonymous women started dropping out of the trees to claim that he had sexually harassed them.

Eventually, Herman Cain was forced out of the race and, to no one’s surprise, these women disappeared as quickly and mysteriously as they had appeared. Somehow, the allegations and the alligators evaporated simultaneously.

Herman Cain

Today, America’s “Population-Control / Family-Planning Cartel” includes the politically ambitious quislings and shameless hucksters over at the NAACP. The fact is, given their unholy marriage to Planned Parenthood, it seems appropriate for the NAACP to just go ahead and change its name to the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People. When my friend, Johnny Hunter, began to point that out, it was inevitable that he would be Yetted.

And so he was.

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Bucking for Laziest President Ever Award?

Chrissy’s Site Bites @

Click on graphic to embiggen.

And why not? He got a Nobel Peace Prize after being in the White House for twelve whole days. Some say, with cause, that the Nobel Committee awarded it to him for not being George W. Bush. Maybe Barack figures that’s all he ever has to do. He certainly does not appear to do anything approaching hard work or leadership.

And much as Barack loves to campaign, this week he didn’t even bother to show up at the NAACP Convention. He attended in 2009 and 2011. In 2010, he sent Michelle.

But this year, when his PRESIDENTIAL OPPONENT was speaking, he sent Joe Biden.

JOE BIDEN? I’d say he was clearly dissing Romney to send the #2. But I can’t help but wonder if he was also punishing the NAACP for allowing that White Boy Mitt-ster on their stage.

“Fine, then. You want White. Here’s White!”

Get a load of the LAME excuse he gave for not showing up … “Scheduling Conflicts.”

Now get a load of his official schedule posted at the White House website.

President Obama’s Schedule for July 11, 2012 (Mitt’s speech to NAACP)

12:00 pm: The President meets with Secretary Geithner

2:15 pm: The President meets with Democratic leaders

President Obama’s Schedule for July 12, 2012 (Biden’s speech to NAACP)

9:45 am: Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing.

I kid you not. THAT’S ALL THERE IS! Go look yourself @

Could he have been more IN YOUR FACE about this No Show to his alleged Homies at the NAACP?

Even CNN was critical. July 11, 2012: CNN’s The Situation Room

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Posted by Pistol Pete

Today would have been Richard Nixon’s 99th birthday.
What does that have to do with anything?Nothing.

I missed the Saturday debates.Miss Isabel was having her 8th birthday party at a local bowling center.(They don’t call them bowling alleys anymore.)I discovered after decades of a sedentary life I’ve become averse to big crowds and loud noises.Still,it was fun.

I tried to watch the MTLP debate with David “the hair” Gregory Sunday,but just couldn’t make it all the way.Why does the GOP insist on having debates moderated by these Leftards?
Economy in a shambles
The world about to break out in war
Fuel prices skyrocketing
Country falling into a dictatorship
“What is your view on gay marriage?”
“Will being a Mormon hurt your chances of being elected?”

I’ll never be elected to anything,but I guarantee I’d give a whole lot different answers than they did.

What a sly diplomat the Pharoah is.

Hindraker nails it.


How far will congressional Republicans retreat to avoid a confrontation with Obama?
How do you feel about Papua,New Guinea?

Who’s going to stop him?

It is as essential to them as the air they breathe (through their mouths).



Pay no attention to the impostor behind the screen.


Johnny Depp was dressed as the Mad Hatter–apparently Biden was babysitting the children.


The most frustrating thing about my state is that the tax-raising,business-destroying,credit-rating failure named Pat Quinn-ochio won just 2 counties in the last gubernatorial race–and he won.

To compare this Dupnik to a bag of hammers would be an insult to the hammers.


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