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Beliefs and Behavior

Beliefs and Behavior


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Hell, no!

2015_12 Pedophiles want same rights as homosexuals

As an adult survivor of multiple pedophile assaults, I just have to say … no wait, I can’t say that. I’m a lady. Well, God knows! I’ve read those Psalms too. He’s NOT going to be all “It’s okay” about this at judgment. I’m so glad He gave me faith. I could NOT have become the stable, wonderful, wise, outstanding adult … okay, SANE adult LOL … I am without knowing that somehow, somewhere … those b******* are going to get what’s coming to them!


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Sex Ed: Traditional was better

PP Sex Ed

Please don’t be put off by the fact the article below was written by a left-wing feminist and published in TIME. It’s worth reading in full.

Put the Sex Back in Sex Ed by Camille Paglia
From TIME Opinion: Education – March 13, 2014

The refusal by public schools’ sex-education programs to acknowledge gender differences is betraying both boys and girls. The genders should be separated for sex counseling. It is absurd to avoid the harsh reality that boys have less to lose from casual serial sex than do girls, who risk pregnancy and whose future fertility can be compromised by disease. Boys need lessons in basic ethics and moral reasoning about sex (for example, not taking advantage of intoxicated dates), while girls must learn to distinguish sexual compliance from popularity.

Above all, girls need life-planning advice. Too often, sex education defines pregnancy as a pathology, for which the cure is abortion. Adolescent girls must think deeply about their ultimate aims and desires. If they want both children and a career, they should decide whether to have children early or late. There are pros, cons and trade-offs for each choice.

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Praise for Sinning Done Right, Part Deux

Back in 2012, I wrote an essay called Praise for Sinning Done Right, that frankly, got me in a lot of trouble. It wasn’t about praising sin or explaining how to sin. It was merely praise for two people who had the guts to react to their own humiliating public sin in the right and proper way; that is, the Christian way.
Once again, I find myself unable to be silent as Bristol Palin confessed to the world a few hours ago that she was pregnant, out of wedlock, for the second time. Tomorrow, half the liberal world of punditry will be wagging their tongues in delight as they gloat over the moral failures of one of their very favorite targets.

To hell with those weasels. I say, God bless Bristol for handling this the way a godly Christian woman should, and I praise her for doing it bravely. What else could her parents ask for? I could ask for no more if she were my daughter. Until a month ago she was engaged to Dakota Meyer, a US Marine and a war hero. Apparently, as we now know, that engagement involved a little (slightly) pre-marital sex. Shame on them. As she put it, the fact that the engagement failed and she is now left pregnant is a “huge disappointment” for herself and for her family. Yes it is. Extra points for not denying the obvious facts, Bristol. Bless you for not distorting the truth in order to shield yourself from judgment as you face it with a bowed head and a steely disposition. You are a good example for untold numbers of women who, despite their best intentions, found themselves with a less than ideal outcome on the road to happily-ever-after.
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Incest is now okay, because gays and abortion?

2014_07 Incest no longer taboo


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