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Captain Zero strikes again

On August 31, 2010, President Obama announced the end of combat operations in Iraq, saying this had been his “pledge to the American people as a candidate for this office” and that it was “what we’ve done.” American troops remained in an advisory capacity to assist the Iraqis in assuming security of their own nation.

On October 21, 2011, President Obama announced that all remaining American troops would be shortly leaving Iraq. “As a candidate for President, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end. … After taking office, I announced a new strategy that would end our combat mission in Iraq and remove all of our troops by the end of 2011. … Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki and I are in full agreement about how to move forward.”

CNN Presidential debate: Obama, Romney spar over troops in Iraq [1:17]

2012_11 05 Obama promise to end war, ended it

This morning, President Obama was asked if he regretted pulling the remaining U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011.  He said it wasn’t his decision to do so!  BUSH negotiated the SOFA draw down and MALIKI had not wanted any Americans to stay in Iraq!

2014_08 09 Obama blaming Bush Maliki

But on October 21, 2011, the New York Times had reported that American military officials were dismayed by the complete withdrawal of forces from Iraq, saying the Iraqi’s security was still too fragile to endure without an American military presence. They said that the Bush administration had negotiated the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) as a symbolic gesture to help Iraq establish itself as a sovereign nation but that had always been an understanding that a sizable American force would actually stay in Iraq beyond that date.

If Obama had wanted our forces to stay in Iraq, he could’ve made it happen. Now that the country’s gone to hell, he suddenly doesn’t remember that the military warned him this could happen or that he repeatedly boasted about and took full credit for the removal of every last one of our troops from a still fragile Iraq.

What a schmuck.


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The 2014 SO muCH fail olympIcs

SOCHI toilet rings

It probably depends who you are why you’d think that’s funny. There are those who refused to go because Russia has such a repressive government. Then there are those who had to go and are shocked and amazed that the Workers Paradise managed to do such a crap awful job getting ready.

Then there’s me who remembers how Mitt Romney took over SLC’s scandal- and debt-ridden Olympics preparation and brought the project in on time and under budget. After the way those JournoLefties treated him in 2012, it is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet to watch them getting a snoot-full of what Communism actually produces. KWIM?

A Reuter’s photographer found his assigned room was full of construction debris, with yellow-brown water and appliances that didn’t work. The next room they offered him had construction workers still sleeping in it. The third one … a stray dog. But, no worries. They are now rounding up and killing the numerous stray dogs.

2014 SOCHI Water in glasses

  • Tweet: My hotel has no water. If restored, the front desk says, “do not use on your face because it contains something very dangerous.”
  • Tweet: Sochi hotel room – no wifi, tv, heat, working lock on front door or shower curtain. BUT, I’ve been told I have one of the nicer rooms?

2014_02 01 SOCHI Man holes open

Three of the nine hotels were not completed on time and an estimated 97% of all the rooms are missing not just high tech amenities like wifi and TVs, but also necessities like HEAT.  Never mind the lamps, chairs, curtains and pillows that didn’t arrive.

The lack of shower curtains may not be such a biggie, seeing as there may be no water and if there is water, it may be dangerous or cold or both. You also aren’t supposed to flush toilet paper (if there is any) down the toilets. They provide little bins for it. I know this is not unusual in some places in the world. But this is the OLYMPICS.

One hotel worker who moved to Sochi two years ago to get the place ready told reporters it was largely the corruption and bureaucracy that delayed construction though the weather hadn’t helped. But folks … it’s the WINTER Olympics. Weather is part of what you plan for.

2014 SOCHI Ring doesn't open

  • Tweet: I guess one of the journalists stole that last ring to use for a lightbulb.
  • Tweet: Tomorrow there will be a Russian family with a missing engineer relative

2014 SOCHI Terrifying sickle in opening ceremony

  • Tweet: This is in no way terrifying.
  • Tweet: No hotels/infrastructure, but Russians did have time to complete a gigantic hammer & sickle for opening ceremonies.
  • Tweet: In their tour through the history of Russia, the organizers appear to have left out some parts, like the Stalin era.

2014 SOCHI giant Hammer

  • Tweet: Cheer for the hammer and sickle, then step over the dead dogs to get back to your hotel room where you can’t lock the door, can’t use what they’re calling ‘water’, can’t find a pillow, can’t get phone service ….

Do you suppose any of the JournoLefties who dumped on Mitt in 2012 are having any eye-opening, brain-busting “Ah Ha!” moments about the Communist Sochi Olympic FAIL vs. Romney’s Capitalist Salt Lake City Olympics SUCCESS? Hmmmmmmmm … I guess this would require JournoLefties to have brains, so maybe not.



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Obama vs. Romney: Campaign Finance Report

2014_01 Obama vs Romney campaign finances


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Posted by Pistol Pete
This is a feeble attempt by yours truly to try to do a post like CtH could do it.
If you haven’t been paying attention,this is MHP:


For their year-end show they had a bunch of unfunny leftist “comedians” on to mock…what else? Republicans. They showed a picture of Mitt Romney’s family with their newly-adopted black grandchild on Romney’s lap. All these ‘tolerant’ slugs saw was a shiny black face in a sea of white. They thought it was really funny joking about the little ‘token.’

Afterwards,a storm of outrage exploded all over the twitterverse about the crass insensitivity of this no-talent hack.
Fearing for her job,she offered this heartfelt “apology.”

At least she didn’t wear her trademark tampon earrings.

Right after her phony apology,Slate bitch Katrina Van Den Hateful sniffed:
“But I do think the right-wing populism of the tea party not only became so obsessed with an anti-government meme, but let’s be honest. There is a race … racism threaded through the right-wing populism, I mean which is not unusual to American right-wing populism, that has not allowed for coalitions that could be built on behalf of working people in this country against the most powerful interests.”

Phallic Baldtwerp tweeted:
If I cry, will I be forgiven all of my transgressions?

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) January 5, 2014

Even Keith Olberpuke piled on:
Any adults in charge over there? RT @politico Melissa Harris-Perry apologizes to Romney family for using their black adopted grandson in a comedy segment

Yeah, the interesting thing about this is that they put the photo on the air even though they obviously didn’t have anything to say about it. Ostensibly it’s comic fodder for Harris-Perry’s panel of comedians to riff, but all they can muster is (1) hey, one of them looks different, (2) a Kardashian joke from MHP herself, and (3) a predictable dig at the GOP — which would have worked just as well as a dig at Obama’s 2012 campaign team, actually. It’s not that the photo’s inherently funny or that a white family adopting a black child is wrong — imagine them reacting to a photo of Tom Cruise with his adopted son — it’s that, I think, they felt they couldn’t let it go unremarked upon that the GOP’s last nominee seems happy to have a black child in his family. On MSNBC, racism is the only reason to become a Republican. They’ve got to mock, even if they’re not exactly sure what they’re mocking, to delegitimize the inconvenient possibility that Romney isn’t prejudiced. Or maybe I’m giving them too much credit; maybe they do have a problem with interracial adoptions, a controversial subject in family law for ages. A lot of people who’d normally insist that race is nothing more than a social construct tend to get fidgety when a black child goes to live with a white family because it risks depriving him of his “authenticity.” Maybe that’s happening here, although I lean towards the “look at this Republican with a black kid!” gawk theory.

In other “all conservative thoughts spring from prejudice” news, apparently making fun of a grown man for wearing pajamas that a three-year-old would wear is proof of anti-Semitism.

MHP has a white mother and her dad is bi-racial. Except for a few nightmares like Sheila Jackass-Lee,name another famous black woman who isn’t partially white. I’m not trying to be racist,I just want to know.
Joyless Reid looks black,but could she be Ol’ Harry’s love Chile?

Class act,ain’t she?

Howard Kurtz has a theory. He’s kind of enjoyable since he left CNN.

Howard Kurtz wonders if MSNBC is being deliberately crude. When your ratings have hit rock bottom, the easy way for a TV network to revive your fortunes is to have your hosts deliberately create controversy, which generates social media buzz, which drives viewers to your network.

Is it possible all of these controversies at MSNBC over the last few months have been the result of company policy which encourages MSNBC personalities to be rude and crude?

Mitt Romney was on Fox News Sunday yesterday. As expected,he handled it with class.

I know this post lacks the artistic style of others contributors,but I do the best I can with what I have.


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The Horndog and the Hypocrite

2013_12 28 The Horndog and the Hypocrite

Best tweet:

  • I don’t care who Lis Smith dates, but it does show just how bullsh*t the whole “war on women” claim was in 2012.


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The one thing Øbama was always good at was raising money at glitterati fund-raisers. It seems even that star is fading. The DNC just sent out this email about his next such appearance:

“An exciting new update I would love to mention is that we have reduced the price for the general admission luncheon tickets to $500/person. In addition, all current $1000 ticket holders will be upgraded to VIP (this includes premium seating near the stage and Presidential rope line access).”

What this amounts to is a guy in a cheesy suit standing in front of ginormous FIRE SALE!! signs, screaming annoyingly about how you must come down Right This Minute!! because Everything Is Half Off!! for a Limited Time Only!!

2013_11 13 OfA website FAIL

WaPo/ABC News poll of Registered Voters shows 8 point shift to Romney:

  • NOW – If election were today – Obama 45% vs. Romney 49%
  • NOV 2012 ELECTION results – Obama 51% vs. Romney 47%

In 2012 exit polls, Obama led with women voters by 11 points. In the WaPo poll, it’s one point.

GALLUP Fed Govt running health care



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Romney was right


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Oh snap!

In September of 2011, Stephanie Cutter became Obama’s deputy campaign manager. During the 2012 campaign, she served as Obama’s attack dog. You may have seen some of the many YouTube videos she made to slander Romney, the Tea Party and other Republican candidates.

During this key period of “get Obama re-elected” time, the now-former IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman visited the White House a record-breaking number of times.

Allegedly, the purpose of all this hob-nobbing at the White House was the “non-political” implementation of the “It’s not a Tax, oh wait, yes it is” regulation of everyone’s health insurance plans via the oh-so-reasonable and people-friendly Internal Revenue Service.

(That would be the agency wherein Americans are guilty unless they can prove themselves innocent and sometimes not even then.)

Except … oh snap … Stephanie Cutter was at these allegedly “non-political” meetings.

Smoking Gun - Cutter at IRS WH meets


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