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Friday Afternoon Matinee

Had a checkup today. The good news is, my pacemaker’s doing fine. The bad news is the day ain’t over. Had lunch with DW at the tres chic Taco Bell. (I have a weakness for gordita supremes.)

There is the usual cascade of items today, but there are so many videos I thought I’d post some here and leave the heady stuff for the comment section.

The Super Bowl is Sunday, in case you haven’t heard. Not decided if I’m going to post any of the hopelessly overpriced ads. The New England Patriots’ owner, Robert Kraft, the coach, Bill Bellichek, and the star quarterback, Tom Brady are all friends of the President. Brady is getting all kinds of grief and even people who hate football are certain to tune in, in the hopes of seeing him get hurt for his unforgivable behavior.

To cleanse the palate, imagine archaeologists thousands of years from now sifting through the digital rubble of our civilization in search of scant bits of cultural data — and finding this. They would probably conclude that it’s newsreel footage from an esoteric tribal war fought long ago by lunatic warrior-poets, speaking ecstatic gibberish as they slaughter each other.

Which, pretty much, yeah.

Relatedly, how many times this weekend will various media remind us that Tom Brady is palsies with the president and that that’s a doubleplusungood thing to be?


Trump: “NOTHING” Is Off The Table On Iran

Trump at Prayer Breakfast: ‘We’re Taken Advantage of By Every Nation in the World, IT’S NOT GONNA HAPPEN ANYMORE”

“It’s time we be tough”
“Terrorism must be stopped, and it will be stopped, it might not be pretty for a while, it will be stopped”

Trump hammers Arnold Schwarzenegger at prayer breakfast
The Apprentice ‘ratings went down the tubes and it’s been a total disaster’…’I want to pray for Arnold and those ratings’

TRUMP: What I hear more than anything when I travel the nation are five words:

“I am praying for you”

Democrats and UC Berkeley Students Destroy And Loot Starbucks At Milo Yiannopoulos Protest

Democrat Congresswoman Val Demings Says Violent Riots At UC Berkeley Were A “BEAUTIFUL SIGHT”

Joy Behar Urges Dr. Phil to Diagnose Trump as a Narcissist

Sharpton: Schumer Needs to Give Republicans ‘The Big Payback’ Over Gorsuch Nomination

Captain Kirk Meets Ashley Judd – F*#%-ing Hilarious!







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Protest or Nihilism?


Feb 2, 2017 Commentary by Matt Walsh: 

A word about last night.

As you probably heard, a riot broke out on the campus of UC Berkeley ostensibly because Milo Yionnapoulos was scheduled to give a speech. Fires were started. Rocks and bricks were thrown. Buildings and trees were burned (in the most environmentally conscious way, of course). Innocent bystanders were attacked, punched, pepper sprayed, and beaten unconscious. Businesses were destroyed. The usual drill. The Left simply expressed itself the only way it knows how.

The media has, as always, implicitly encouraged the violence and chaos by lending it the more noble title of “protest.” These concerned students were “protesting” a guy’s opinions by vandalizing banks and assaulting random women, they tell us. Which is like “protesting” a speeding ticket by shooting your neighbor’s cat.

No, these are not protests. Frankly, I don’t even believe that these people were all that upset about Milo, just as I didn’t believe that the thugs looting convenience stores in Ferguson were all that upset about Michael Brown getting shot. I think what we’re seeing here is nihilism. It’s not that they care too much or care in the wrong way, but that they don’t care at all. About anything. They’re just bored, empty, and filled with more hatred than they know how to contain.

If this was truly a “protest” against Milo, they would have protested by doing… nothing. Even the dimmest bulb in that crowd must realize that they’re giving Milo everything he wants by reacting this way. He gets media attention, he sells books, and all of his points about them are proven. So, if they really wanted to hurt him, they would have yawned and gone about their day. Paid him no attention. Rioting over a speaker on your campus is the absolute best thing that could happen to that speaker. The worst would be sparse attendance and bored expressions.

I know I’m not revealing some deeply hidden truth. Everyone knows this. So why did they go out and do everything they could to ensure that the person they hated would win the day and his message would be amplified? Because they’re violent, aimless, thugs and they just felt like burning stuff. Don’t dignify this lunacy by calling it a protest. Don’t even dignify it by lecturing them about proper ways to vent their anger.

“Angry” people don’t destroy private property for no reason. That’s what attention starved punks do. And Leftism has created a whole generation of them because Leftism is, at its root, hollow, confused, self-contradictory, and spiteful. This is what happens when a generation is raised in that kind of ideology. They start fires just to start them, because they don’t know what else to do. It’s really as simple as that.


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So What Are We Protesting Today?

Apparently I’m not the only one who noticed the #STOP (pick a name) signs Tuesday night:
Senator Finds Hilarious Proof Liberals Were Ready To Protest Any Trump SCOTUS Nominee
Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse found evidence that liberal protesters at the Supreme Court Tuesday were ready to protest any nominee put forward by President Donald Trump.
Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to be a Supreme Court associate justice.
Sasse found signs that read “Stop,” with Gorsuch’s name written in marker.

UC Berkeley cancels right-wing provocateur’s talk amid violent protest
“This is what tolerance looks like at UC Berkeley,” Mike Wright of Berkeley College Republicans, the group that invited Yiannopoulos to the campus, said outside the student union building as smoke bombs went off around him.
As he spoke, someone threw a glass bottle of red paint at him. The bottle shattered and splattered paint on his clothing. “It’s sad,” he said.
Female Milo Fan Pepper-Sprayed At UC Berkeley

Donald Trump Threatens to Cancel Berkeley Federal Funds After Riots Shut Down Milo Event
President Donald Trump reacted to the massive rioting at UC-Berkeley in response to a scheduled campus speech by Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos.
“If U.C. Berkeley does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view – NO FEDERAL FUNDS?” Trump wrote on Twitter early Thursday morning.

Chase Iron Eyes among 76 arrested after DAPL protesters attempt to set up new camp on private land
Many of those who had abandoned the old camp in the floodplain moved to higher ground, which happens to belong to the company building the pipeline.
Law enforcement converged on the new camp with humvees and front end loaders to push protesters back on Highway 1806

Thousands of protesters gather outside Chuck Schumer’s apartment
Thousands of angry demonstrators gathered outside Sen. Chuck Schumer’s luxury Brooklyn apartment building — holding up signs and chanting “What the f–k, Chuck?!” — to protest his lukewarm stance on President Trump’s cabinet picks.
“Senator Schumer needs to know we’re watching him,” fumed Brad Wolchansky, a 40-year-old soccer coach from Flatbush who was carrying a cardboard cutout of a giant eye on Tuesday night.

Al Sharpton’s Daughter Arrested at Anti-Trump Protest
Al Sharpton’s daughter and Eric Garner’s mother were both arrested Tuesday night during a protest outside of Trump Tower against the president’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Variety Writer Calls for Protests at Oscars: ‘Our Very Perception of Reality is Up For Grabs’
Gleibermann concedes that in recent years “Oscar-night advocacy has become, more often than not, a breed of self-abrogating kitsch…conforming to what I’m tempted to call the Susan Sarandon Principle: The bigger the star, the more off-putting — and therefore ineffective — the display of high-minded compassion.”
However, to Gleiberman, protesting President Trump is not about specifically policies but because Trump lacks empathy.

RNC Highlights Democrats’ ‘Hypocrisy’ Over SCOTUS Nominee Filibuster

The new video from the RNC includes clips of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Patrick Leahy (Vt.), and Sen. Warren. The clips come from a variety of television appearances and Senate floor speeches in which lawmakers urged their Republican colleagues to hold hearings and votes on President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee from last year, Judge Merrick Garland.








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Where the REAL Fascists are


During an interview in the 1990s, George Soros admitted to collaborating with the Nazis during World War II.  At the beginning of this clip, he says he helped Nazis confiscate property from his fellow Jews and that he feels no guilt at all, because the Nazis were going to steal stuff anyway.  At the end of the clip, he claims he didn’t really DO anything, but was “only a spectator.”  I’m sorry?  You helped, but you didn’t help?  How does that work exactly?

George Soros 60 mins. interview from 1990s. [1:30]

Listening to Milo Yiannopolous on Tucker Carlson, I am struck (again) by how often those on the Left accuse us of being Fascists and/or Nazis, when they are the ones who actually BEHAVE like these oppressive, violent, militarized, big state, political entities did.

Feb 1, 2017: Tucker Carlson Milo Yiannopoulos FULL Interview While Being Protested at Berkeley [18:31]

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They’re petrified of anything that doesn’t conform.

“I was evacuated from Berkley [because] I like to investigate with facts, reason, and logic.” – Milo Yiannopoulos

He was going to talk to a small crowd at Berkley.  The riot ended with him getting a huge audience on Tucker Carlson’s show.

Feb 1, 2017: Tucker Carlson Milo Yiannopoulos FULL Interview While Being Protested at Berkeley  [18:31]

Donald Trump Threatens to Cancel Berkeley Federal Funds After Riots Shut Down Milo Event

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Crowder Goes There

Just about what I’d do in a similar circumstance

Comedian Steven Crowder Dishes Out Brutal, Nearly 5-Minute ‘Reality Check’ to ‘Social Justice Warriors’ When They Interrupt Event

Comedian Steven Crowder mercilessly tore into so-called “social justice warriors” when they disrupted his opening remarks within seconds of him taking the stage.

Crowder was scheduled to “tell some jokes” and discuss free speech at the University of Massachusetts on Monday night alongside other speakers, including conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos and former philosophy professor Christina Hoff Sommers. However, the comedian quickly ditched his prepared material to give his vocal critics a “reality check.”

“Do you have any idea, sir, how pathetic it must be to be you? These people wanted to hear a few jokes, some thoughtful discussion, but your head pops off the pillow in the morning with, ‘How can I be a professional victim today?’ Let me go in and screw with their act just because, oh my god, your parents didn’t tell you that your opinion wasn’t worth that much,” Crowder said.

For emphasis, he added, “I’m not your gender studies professor who has to cater to your trigger warning, microagression, safe space bulls**t!”

It wasn’t long before Crowder was apparently accused of being a “racist.”

“Oh, I’m a racist…that’s a new one. Where’d you learn that, in social human studies 101?” the comedian asked mockingly.

But the bigger issue, Crowder explained, is that the left is now “openly against” free speech and the open debate of ideas.

“You’re not fighting for free speech, you’re not fighting for rights — you’re fighting for the right to be a p***y and not hear opinions that you don’t like,” he said.

“All right, I’m done,” he concluded.

(Warning: Strong language)


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What Is Wrong With Sally Kohn? No, Really.

Milo poses a good question. Maybe this tweet from earlier gives us a clue about what made her the inscrutable mess that she is.

I wonder how you’d feel at an abortion rally as a young girl, hanging out with your mom who was determined to show you that the only reason you were alive is that she happened to be having one of her ‘non-crazy’ days when she decided to give birth to you, but that it would have been totally cool if she’d decided to have your head ripped off in the womb by a trained professional, instead.

But who knows? Maybe this ‘daughter’ she speaks of is not really a precise analogy to herself, since she never made the decision to give birth to her, as far as I know. Her ‘daughter’ is the adopted child of Sally and her lesbian partner. They’re taking care of her for the moment, or at least until they get tired of her, or the laws in her state are finally changed back so that such a thing isn’t legal any more. After all, there’s a reason why most people have an issue with adopting out their baby son to be raised by two gay dudes. Or their little girl to be raised by women who really like – you know – girls. So, maybe, compared to all that, going to the abortion rally isn’t quite so traumatic for this girl? Let’s hope.

Live Action News had a really good recent piece that responded to Sally Kohn’s article in the Daily Beast entitled: “Abortion Access for All Our Daughters.” Sally seems to like that word. Daughters. I don’t know for sure if she really knows what that word means. For one thing, I don’t think it’s as optional or portable as Sally thinks that it is. A daughter, to me, is someone who has a father, in some acknowledged sense, whether he’s around or not. And a daughter is someone you never have to decide whether to kill or not. That part doesn’t really enter my definition. And, you know, if it ever DID enter my decision-making process for a daughter of mine, during a moment of complete insanity, it certainly wouldn’t be something I was compelled to explain to my daughter to the point of forcing her to attend pro-infant-daughter murder rallies.

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Evil and the stupid sheeple who blindly support it

2015_02 27 ISIS kill gay man

“For over ten years, gay Palestinians have been fleeing their own country and settling in Tel Aviv, one of the most gay-friendly cities on the planet. … So you might imagine that gay Westerners, with an uncensored press and ready access to information about the torture and execution of homosexuals under administrations like Hamas’s, would be reluctant to support barbaric medieval homophobia. Surely they would feel a natural affinity to the permissive democracy in this conflict. … Alas, not.” – by Milo Yiannopoulos (Aug 1, 2014)

Gays for Palestine



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