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El Presidente et Il Papa

‘I won’t forget what you said!’ Trump tells Pope after Francis urges him to be an ‘olive tree for peace’ at Vatican meeting – where he jokes with Melania about what she feeds the president
Trump was greeted by the Vatican secretary of state and whisked up an elevator to meet His Holiness in the ‘little throne room’
He and Pope Francis posed for photos and sat across a desk in the private Papal study
‘Thank you very much. This is such a great honor,’ Trump said as he and Francis began their chat in the Pontiff’s private study
Later he greeting Melania Trump, who wore a traditional black veil, and asked her in Italian: ‘What do you give him to eat?’

Trump brought Francis a set of first-edition books by Martin Luther King Jr.; the Pope gave him a large medal in the shape of an olive tree – a peace emblem

Melania and Ivanka Trump Wore Veils to Meet the Pope

“Per Vatican protocol, women who have an audience with the Pope are required to wear long sleeves, formal black clothing, and a veil to cover the head,” Stephanie Grisham, spokesperson for the first lady, said in a statement to CNN.


Pope Francis Looking Super Sad With The Trumps Is A Divine New Meme

Trump’s differences in opinion with the pontiff over issues such as immigration and climate change are well documented. But it would be unfair to say the pope looked completely forlorn throughout the president’s visit.

Reuters news agency noted how he “smiled faintly” as he greeted Trump, but also pointed out that the pontiff was “not as gregarious as he sometimes is with visiting heads of state.”


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FLOTUS in Israel

I was touched by our First Lady’s kindness in holding the hand of Israel’s First Lady, Nechama Rivlin, who carries an oxygen tank due to a respiratory illness.

2017_05 22 FLOTUS in Israel - Rivlin

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Trump in Israel

Today, President Donald Trump took a direct flight from Riyadh to Tel Aviv.  His plane is believed to be the first to fly directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel.  Trump and Netanyahu will be talking about ways to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace.

2017_05 22 Netanyahu welcomes TrumpThe President, his wife, and his daughter Ivanka all prayed at the Western Wall. 

2017_05 22 Trump at Western Wall


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FLOTUS in the Middle East

The First Lady received rave reviews from the Saudi press.

2017_05 21 Melania arrives in ME

When the Trumps arrived in Israel, they were greeted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, who told Melania, “I talk every place about … how great you are.”

Benjamin: “I can testify to that.”

Sara: “Because a majority of the people in Israel, unlike the media, they love us. So we tell them how you are great so they love you. We have very much in common. We’ll talk about it over dinner.”

2017_05 22 Trumps and Netanyahus

The Trumps prayed at the Western Wall and again at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

2017_05 22 Melania at Western Wall


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Six More Reasons Why Trump Won

2017 Obama v Trump Muslim visits


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At 1600

2017_05 14 Happy Mo's Day from Melania

Today, the flags at the White House are lowered to half-staff in recognition of the Peace Officers’ Memorial Day. For 36 years, the Fraternal Order of Police has honored the memory of those brave men and women who lost their lives in the line of duty by holding an annual service and ceremony in Washington, D.C. President Donald J. Trump is honored to speak at today’s service at the United States Capitol where 234 officers will be memorialized. Additionally, the White House will be lit up in blue this evening in honor of Police Week.

2017_05 15 Trump on officer deaths

Citing anonymous sources, the Washington Post claimed that President Trump shared classified intelligence with the Russians in a meeting at the Oval Office.

Trump’s National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster, says, “I was in the room. It didn’t happen.”

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It’s Monday

2017_05 12 WH hosts mil families

It makes sense to be proud of something you’ve worked hard to accomplish. Being proud of something you just are is silly.

I’m proud of my college degree, but I merely enjoy having naturally curly hair and green eyes.  As for my pasty white skin that burns painfully with little provocation … I’d just as soon have some natural melanin!

Pride on Wikipedia

Cry, Baby. Cry. Then clean out your ears.  LOL

Binary tshirt



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The Trumps Win Again

2017_04 13 Defamation suit

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