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Media Ignores Big Opening

The media does what it always does… tells you what they want you to hear, and nothing more.

Media Ignores Big Opening and Critical Acclaim for ‘Gosnell’ Movie

The new movie about Kermit Gosnell, the notorious Philadelphia late-term abortionist eventually convicted in the deaths of three infants, made it into the Top 10 films at the box office this past weekend–an impressive feat for a crowd-funded film.

But you won’t hear the mainstream media talking about it.


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Kanye West, Censored

NBC Cuts Feed As ‘SNL’ Credits Roll And Kanye Delivers Pro-Trump Speech
Kanye West delivered a speech to the cast and audience of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” in spite of the fact that NBC had already apparently cut the feed, moving to the credits.
Think they’d cut off someone bashing Trump? Not likely.
NBC cut the feed and went to credits, running short on time, before West finished his musical performance — but West went on to deliver a speech in spite of the fact that he was no longer on the air.
Here’s what they didn’t want you to see: Continue reading


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How They Operate

Ron De Santis won the Republican primary Tuesday and the media whores immediately misquoted him to make it look like a racial attack on his opponent. Continue reading

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They’ll Never Understand

MSNBC Freaks Out That ‘Deluded’ Trump Supporters Refuse to Abandon Him
On Monday’s MTP Daily on MSNBC, during a discussion of the fact that President Donald Trump’s approval rating has stayed the same in spite of recent bad news, fill-in host Katy Tur was exasperated as she was clearly cheering for his approval rating to fall, and wondered if there was any reason to be “optimistic” that it would. Continue reading

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Another Media Hit Job

Click on “Another Media Hit Job” to see all the goodies Pete posted in the Comments section.

They never stop.

The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles decided to insult the president by not accepting his invitation to visit the White House. He uninvited them after being informed that less than 10 of 56 players would attend, to protest his criticism of them turning their workplace into a platform for their whining about “racial inequality.” The media was praying for a photo op of Trump with a few players. He didn’t take the bait. He told them all to pound sand. Instead he will honor the real heroes in the military. The headlines today blare: TRUMP CANCELS VISIT!! INSULTS ALL AMERICANS!!

Trump Cancels Eagles Reception Over National Anthem Protests

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Media Coverage of Trump

Click on “Continue reading” to see the rest.

I guarantee that this will NOT be on tonight’s news.

2018_06 04 500 days of American Greatness

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These Bottom Feeders Are Scum

New York Daily News hits new low with disgusting Jerusalem embassy opening cover

We don’t want to hear about the maniacs. We don’t believe in giving publicity to publicity hounds, and we don’t want to hear about their self-barbarism, either. We wanted to see Ivanka, and the Daily News went to the bathroom all over her picture, trying to pin something on her that she had nothing to do with, all out of an appalling spitefulness against President Trump. Continue reading

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Amanpour: Trump Is a ‘Grave and Existential Threat’ to the Press

Last week, President Trump cited a Media Research Center study, which found 90 percent of evening network coverage of him and his administration was negative. Continue reading

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The Media Gets Trumped

2018_05 10 Day 476 approvals + media Continue reading

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Their True Colors

There was some butt-covering yesterday over the hideous display of savagery at that hatefest held in Washington Saturday night. There was some mild condemnation from leftards but the truth is what Michelle Wolf spewed was what they all feel. Trump called her a ‘filthy comedian.’ The reality is that it’s the exact response the worthless whore was looking for. They have no morals, no shame, no sense of decency. They are filled with  rage, spite, and a burning need to create a totalitarian utopia where they are the few at the top dictating to those who didn’t graduate from the Kennedy School of Journalism.
After the outrage exploded, the WCHA ultimately threw Wolf under the bus, but as with all Democrat actions nothing will happen to her. She’ll get high fives from her fellow smut mongers at Comedy Central and they’ll all feel good about inflicting pain on the president and his supporters. Continue reading

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