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The Bad News Media

Americans find the press less credible than the Trump administration and that’s no accident.  After 8 years of watching in disgust as the media slobbered all over their BFF Barack, we’re now being further repulsed as these same “real news” reporters push out over-hyped, inconclusive, half-true or flat-out incorrect stories.


The Washington Examiner is keeping an on-going list of these bad stories.  Here are the two latest:

Feb. 11: American-born Olympian and Muslim Ibtihaj Muhammad claimed in an interview on Feb. 7 that she was detained “just a few weeks ago” by U.S. Customs agents.  Reporters tied it to Trump’s recent executive order temporarily barring immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries.  The incident actually occurred in December 2016 when Barack Obama was still president.

Feb. 10:  A day after Trump talked to Chinese President Xi Jinping, The New York Times print edition said he hadn’t talked to him in months.  Trump tweeted that the Times had printed fake news.  The media pounced, using an updated online version of the incorrect print version of the Times’ story.  But the online version carried no editor’s note about the fact that it had been significantly altered from its original form, which was what had been in the print version Trump read.

Grab a sandwich and a tall beverage before you go read the rest, because it’s a LOOOOOOOOOOONG LIST!

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Hard-Hitting Questions Liberal Reporters Asked Obama

Liberal reporters have their panties in a bunch because President Trump has been giving a significant share of presser questions to conservative news outlets.

Apparently, they think that they, and only they, can ask the “tough questions” that presidents should answer.

Never mind that the questions the “not real news” reporters have asked are excellent.

Also never mind that, for eight long years, these same “real news” reporters have been slobbering all over their BFF Barack who was, you know, the president at the time.


Peter Hasson, Reporter and Associate Editor at the “not real news” Daily Caller, compiled a list of 13 “hard-hitting” questions that these “real” reporters asked back when the president preferred them to conservative reporters.

The New York Times
What has “Enchanted you the most from serving in this office?” – Jeff Zeleny, who is now CNN’s senior White House correspondent

“How does your golf game hold up next to Tiger’s?” – Dan Ashley


“Golf, what does it do for you?” – Harry Smith

“In this fatherless world, where did you learn to love?” – Harry Smith

“You definitely have some impressive accomplishments. … More than a lot of presidents who manage to get reelected. My question is, is it enough? Why do you think you deserve to be reelected?” – “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft

“Have you given up on the Republicans? Have you stopped reaching out to them? Are you just out there now trying to get your message across?” – “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft

“Tell me, what do you consider your major accomplishments?” – “60 Minutes” Steve Kroft


“Do you have a vindictive streak?” – “Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt

“How do you avoid the dangers of being too cocky?”  – CNBC’s John Harwood


“What hard things do you want to tackle at this point?” – Jim Acosta

“I’m wondering if you think that [Republican presidential candidates are] uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible?” – Dan Lothian

“[W]hat do you think Republicans will be sipping and saying next year?” – Dan Lothian


“Are you ready to call yourself the ‘comeback kid’?” – Caren Bohan




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Trump Pees in Media’s Oatmeal

It’s not supposed to be like this. As long as anyone can remember, the ‘news’ reporters have had free rein in controlling presidential press conferences and even the daily briefings. Then Donald Trump happened. After an eight year vacation, the media finally went back to investigating … with a vengeance. They were as happy as a pig in slop when they forced out General Kelly, a better man than the lot of them. Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, Andy Puzder, succumbed to intense pressure from the left over allegedly hiring an illegal to do his housekeeping. (I’d bet my retirement check most if not all of the people raising the hell have some questionable employees as well.)

[CtH: How freaking hypocritical is it of them to condemn Puzder for hiring an illegal when they PROMOTE THE HIRING OF ILLEGALS?!]

The president and PM Netanyahu held a joint press conference yesterday. Trump completely ignored ABC, CNN and NBC, instead calling on reporters from Townhall and the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Bibi Visits Trump And LEVELS Reporter Looking For A Fight- MEDIA DOWN!

President Donald Trump has walked in and is smoothing ruffled feathers and helping things to be strong and healthy again. And yet despite the incredible relationship that exists between Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu the media is crying that Donald Trump is anti-semitic… seriously???

“There is no greater support of the Jewish people and the Jewish state than president Donald Trump,” Netanyahu said resolutely. “I think we should put that to rest.”

Trump DESTROYS ‘Hateful’ Palestine During Visit with Netanyahu

Palestinians are hateful and evil. They are taught to love death and the highest honor in this lifetime for them is to kill Jews and infidels. John Kerry literally told Israel, you can be Democratic or Jewish, but not both.

Remember When: Hey Liberal Media, This Is Probably Why President Trump Didn’t Call On You Today
Our own Katie Pavlich asked President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about how to deal with Iran after their blatant violations of the nuclear agreement and what compromises both the Israelis and the Palestinians need to consider in their ongoing conflict with one another. These are legitimate questions.

As Cortney noted, the liberal media was ignored and they went into full meltdown mode. CNN’s Jim Acosta said that the “fix is in” concerning who will be able to ask the president questions, describing Townhall as “a very conservative website.”

[CtH: “A very conservative website” whose representative asked a really good question, as opposed to the Gotcha Flynn gloating CNN probably had planned!]

I’ll just leave this insufferable exchange between former President Obama and the Chicago Tribune’s Christi Parsons after his 2012 re-elect win to show why we probably shouldn’t be shocked that the Trump White House is taking questions from outlets who used to be left in the dark.

Angry ABC in ‘Open Hostility’ at Trump for ‘Shutting Down’ Free Speech

In the post-press conference coverage, Vega ranted, “I want to tell you about the open hostility right here in this room. You know, I’m sitting right here kind of in the middle of the pack of a number of journalists, mainstream reporters, if you will, and there is open anger in here about the fact the President did not take any real questions about the issue of the day.”

[CtH: You mean like the “real questions” you used to ask your BFF Barack?]

Karl sneered that Trump called on “friendly conservative news organizations.” He lashed out:

“Amazing that on a day like this he could have a press conference and not face a single question on the big story of this, the New York Times bombshell report that members of his campaign allegedly had contacts with the Russians during the campaign. No questions on that.”

[CtH: No, the questions were about ISRAEL, because, you know, their PRIME MINISTER WAS VISITING and THAT WAS THE TOPIC OF THE PRESSER.]

The question of the day, according to Vega, was Michael Flynn’s resignation.

Speaking for other journalists, she raged, “And so, you’re feeling an open sense of anger and frustration here.” Reporter Karl sputtered, “George, it is astounding. We have now had four presidential news conferences and the President, for the most part, has simply avoided calling on people from news organizations.”

[CtH: The ARROGANCE of them deciding who is and who isn’t a news organization!  After the tingly legged, softball throwing, pillow fluffing these “real” news orgs didn for the past eight years.  But hey, KEEP IT UP, MORONS.  Cuz we’re really looking forward to EIGHT years in the TRUMP White House.]

CNN Reporter Says ‘The Fix Is In’ With Conservative Media and the Trump Administration

“The two questions that were asked or called upon from the president in this news conference went to the Christian Broadcasting Network, which is obviously owned by Pat Robertson, the televangelist down in Virginia. It’s a very conservative broadcasting network, and, which is a very conservative news website,” Acosta said.

[CtH: And not a word about how GOOD those questions were, just sneering at the sources of the questions.  This is a variation on the logical fallacy of arguing from authority. But golleeeeee, I’m just a loathsome conservative blogger, so what do I know?!]

13 Hard-Hitting Questions Mainstream Reporters Asked Obama

Mainstream reporters are outraged that conservative media outlets are receiving a significant share of questions at White House press conferences.

Only liberal reporters, the line of reasoning goes, are capable of asking the tough questions needed to hold those in power accountable. Here are a sample of questions asked of former President Obama by mainstream reporters.

1. “Golf, what does it do for you?” – CBS
2. I’m wondering if you think that [Republican presidential candidates are] uninformed, out of touch, or irresponsible?” – CNN
3.“Do you have a vindictive streak?” – NBC
4. What has “Enchanted you the most from serving in this office?”- NYTimes







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If you just started caring about political scandals again, you’re a brazen hypocrite

From Matt Walsh:

You have to give us a little while for our eyes to adjust. It’s dizzying, you understand. A bit disorienting.

The media took an eight year break from covering White House scandals, and now, after these past 96 months of silence, they’ve suddenly got their noses to the ground and are tracking the scent of corruption once again. A full 8 years of inaction and, miraculously, out of nowhere, like Sleeping Beauty kissed by Prince Charming, they’ve opened their eyes and risen from their long slumber.

Most of us would probably lose our jobs if we decided not to do them for 3,000 days in a row, but journalists are a privileged lot. I thought school teachers were lucky because they get to take 3 months off every year, but that’s nothing compared to the media. News reporters are allowed to go into a state of virtual hibernation for as long as there’s a Democrat in the White House. No wonder they work so hard to elect Democrats! You would, too, if it meant a paid vacation for the better part of the next decade.

I don’t know if this Michael Flynn thing is a legitimate scandal or not. All we know at the moment is that, shortly before Trump took office, Flynn spoke to the Russian ambassador about the sanctions Obama had levied against them. I don’t see that alone as some great crime. More importantly, the FBI doesn’t see it as a crime, which is why they aren’t going to prosecute. The fact that Flynn lied to everyone makes it a bigger problem, and justified his ouster from the Administration.

None of this, as far as we know, rises anywhere even close to the level of an impeachable offense on Trump’s part. But the media is, of course, trying to connect enough dots to make it what they want it to be (which, by the way, is not how investigative journalism is supposed to work). The New York Times had a bombshell report last night revealing that people in Trump’s campaign had contact with people in Russian intelligence over the past several months. What’s not clear is who talked to who, or what about, or whether the people in Trump’s campaign knew the other people were Russian intelligence, or whether Trump knew this was going on, or whether anything remotely illegal was done or said, or anything else. Some folks talked to some folks. That’s about the extent of the story at this point. In other words, there isn’t a story. And whatever incomplete story we have, we only have because members of the intelligence community are in a state of outright mutiny.

As far as we know right now, the only real criminals here are the intelligence officials who’ve been leaking classified information from clandestinely recorded telephone conversations to the media in hopes of sabotaging a sitting president. That is a crime, a scandal, and it has the makings of a true constitutional crisis. But the media isn’t interested in running that angle down. They’re only interested in nailing the president for corruption, which is an interest they only just developed.

Look, if Trump is ever guilty of real abuses of power, real corruption, real scandal, I will be the first to call for his head, metaphorically. And I don’t think a Trump scandal is mitigated or made less important or more acceptable by the fact that Obama also had scandals. I’m not going to shout “But Obama!” in order to bail Trump out of whatever trouble he may bring upon himself. Leftists spent eight years shouting “But Bush” for Obama’s sake, and I don’t intend to adopt that strategy. But the fact is that Obama did have scandals — real scandals, terrible scandals, scandalous scandals — and, in the interest of truth, we can’t allow the Left to stand right in front of us and rewrite history on the fly. The truth matters.

I say it again: The truth matters.

The truth matters. It matters now just as it mattered for the past eight years. So when Dan Rather claims that Trump may already be guilty of the biggest political scandal in his lifetime, and the New York Times insists that Obama had a scandal free White House, and USA Today along with many other outlets echo that absolutely ridiculous assertion, it behooves those of us who value the truth to calmly respond: UM, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT?

I don’t know what the future holds. Perhaps Trump will indeed eventually own the biggest political scandal in modern history, but in order to achieve that feat, he’s got a lot of work to do. He’s not there yet. Not anywhere close.

Despite what our news media says as it awakens from a coma, Flynn’s conversation with a Russian ambassador is not a bigger scandal than Obama targeting his political opponents with the IRS.

It’s not bigger than …



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MSM FAKE NEWS ALERT: Guns for “Crazy” People is a lie



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Gosnell Update

Last week, The New York Times excluded the Gosnell book from its list of best sellers, despite it having been the fourth best selling book in America.

  • Their STATED reason is “to provide Times readers our best assessment of what books are the most broadly popular at that time” by considering the “context” of book sales, rather than their numbers!
  • Their REAL reason is simple.  They don’t like the seamy, disgusting truth this story reveals about the abortion industry in this nation.

Don’t let them suppress this message!

Buy this book:  Gosnell – The Untold Story of Americas Most Prolific Serial Killer.  Read it.  Give it away.  Donate it to your library.

The proceeds will help Ann and Phelim get the movie into theaters, something that has also been suppressed by pro-abortion Hollywood.


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40 new MEDIA LIES in Trump Week #3


The media told FORTY lies last week, for a total of SEVENTY-SEVEN separate incidents of Fake News in just three weeks.  Here’s the run-down (see details at link below):

  1. CNN’s Jake Tapper Lies About Trump Not Offering Sympathy to Canada After  Mosque Attack
  2. Washington Post Caught Lying About “Illegal Guns” In Washington DC
  3. Washington Post Caught Covering Up Boston Mosque’s Extremism and Bigotry
  4. Los Angeles Times Lies About Trump’s “Shift” On NATO
  5. MSM Hides Behind KellyAnne Conway’s Mistake To Cover Up Their Own Cover Up
  6. Newsweek and CNN Spread Lie About Breitbart News Having Their Own Supporters Terrorized
  7. Media Lies About Make Up of Trump’s National Security Council
  8. Scientific Community and Media Again Caught Lying About Global Warming
  9. Washington Post Falsely Describes a “Draft Order” as a “Plan”
  10. Washington Post Walks Back False Story of Bannon Confrontation
  11. Washington Post Falsely Accuses Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Lying About Syria Trip
  12. CBS News Falsely Claims Statue of Liberty Was Originally Intended to be a Muslim Woman
  13. NBC News Lies About Trump Easing Russian Sanctions
  14. New York Times Lies About Homeland Security Being Blindsided By Trump’s Refugee Pause
  15. Bitter Wall Street Journal Never-Trumper Forgets About Barry
  16. Boston Globe Caught Lying About Trump Comments On the Media
  17. Politico Caught Lying About Trump “Highlighting” Religious Freedom
  18. More Fallout From BuzzFeed Publishing What It Knew Was a False Dossier On Trump
  19. Media Continues to Lie About Vote Fraud Being a Myth
  20. Washington Post Caught Lying About Trump Threat to ‘Invade Mexico’
  21. CNN Lies By Comparing Trump Action to Watergate
  22. Media Caught Lying About GOP Expanding Gun Access to Mentally Ill
  23. Media Runs With Lie About Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee Founding “Fascism Forever” Club
  24. Journalist Lies About ‘Forced Resignations’ at Secret Service
  25. NBC News Lies About Milo Plan to Out Berkeley Illegals
  26. Media Spreads Lie About Trump Changing the Name of Black History Month
  27. NBC’s John Harwood Lies About Lack of  DOJ Input Into Trump’s Refugee Pause
  28. Media Falsely Claims Trump Flew Both Top SCOTUS Candidates to DC for ‘Reality Show’
  29. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny  Lies About White House Setting Up SCOTUS Nominee’s Twitter Accounts
  30. Media Spreads False Claim That Trump’s Refugee Pause Killed a Woman
  31. NBC News Pete Alexander/Andrea Mitchell Lie About Trump Okaying Business With Russian KGB
  32. Media Caught Lying About Trump Hanging Up On Australia’s Prime Minister
  33. Media Blames Trump for Spike In Transgender Suicides
  34. Politico, New York Times Lie About Trump Nominee Foreclosing on 90-Year-Old Woman
  35. CNN, Daily Beast Lie About Betsy DeVos, Guns and Grizzlies
  36. Journalist Claims Trump’s Hand-Size Is Photoshopped
  37. Media Falsely Reports First Lady Melania Trump Will Not Move to White House
  38. NBC’s “Today Show” Deceptively Edits Giuliani Comments on Trump’s Immigration Pause
  39. New York Times Caught Lying About Number Detained By Trump’s Refugee Pause
  40. Atlantic Caught Lying About Trump’s Refugee Pause


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