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Media Incest

Media incest

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Oh the Irony!

2017_03 28 NYT 1984 tweet


  • I don’t think that book means what you think it means.
  • I don’t think hundreds of screens simultaneously playing the same political film is quite the protest vibe Orwell was aiming for.
  • Attendance is voluntary. Failure to attend will be noted in your file.


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Kids haven’t changed

Kids haven't changed

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Energy Independence for the WIN!

Obama’s climate change legacy took a major hit today when President Donald Trump put his signature to a new executive order.

The Obama Administration believed that energy independence, job creation, and economic growth had to be sacrificed to protect the environment.  The Trump Administration says that’s hooey; we can do it all.

  • The new order rescinds a number of Obama’s climate change orders, including the Interior Department-imposed coal moratorium and the 2013 Climate Action Plan.
  • It also directs every executive department and agency in the U.S. government to identify impediments to energy production.
  • Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which has been tied up in the courts, will be reviewed and possibly find itself on the chopping block.  Ditto the Clean Air Act.



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Watch out for this phishing scam

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Note to Our Readers


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HOPE in the trash



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Two Good Ideas Here


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