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Poor Chrissy’s Almanac

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Keeping Promises

2017_05 Industrial Output up



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The Natives Are Restless

Ahhh, spring… the time when the urban-dwelling parasites venture out of their subsidized housing to use they food stamps at Aldi’s, go to the emergency room to get checked for STDs, and have that infection child # 6 has. Then comes time to engage in that time honored tradition, beating hell out of people for fun and profit.

Brawl Erupts at Denny’s Restaurant in Upstate New York
A video of an all-out brawl that erupted at an upstate New York Denny’s restaurant Saturday gained more than 4.5 million views on Facebook, according to a Facebook video of the incident. Police say that because of sensitive personal information regarding those involved, they would not release a report of the incident. Denny’s declined to comment on the situation.

Black Harvard Students Decide To Hold Their Own ‘Black-Only’ Graduation Ceremony
Approximately 125 students will participate in the ceremony, which took over a year to plan, reports the College Fix. The event is supposed to celebrate how black students have succeeded in higher education.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate Harvard’s Black excellence and Black brilliance,” Michael Huggins, a master’s student in public policy, told The Root. “It’s an event where we can see each other and our parents and family can see us as a collective, whole group. A community.”

University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Govt Chair: “All White People Are Racist”
The Daily Cardinal reports that in a letter addressed to the entire UW-Madison community, Carmen Goséy wrote “I was operating in a white position as a person of color […] Now I see the University was not designed for the success of minority communities; it was designed for white students to learn about my oppression while not having to participate in dismantling it.”
She added “all white people are racist” and that her chairmanship of the Associated Students of Madison made her “a token for white supremacists.”

Video: Teen Body Slams Old Woman To Ground, Throws Her Into Pool, Now Under Arrest

She had prior strokes, a hip problem already and a stent placed in last week, according to the local report, before this attack.
The video shows the 68-year-old woman, identified as Nancy James, walking with her two dogs as she approached the group to ask them to turn down their music. A group gathers around James as someone is heard saying “throw her in” in the background.

Stranded Travelers Brawl Inside Ft Lauderdale Airport
Chaos broke out at a Florida airport on Monday after multiple Spirit Airlines flights were canceled, leading to long lines, irate customers and altercations, according to police.
Deputies were called to the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to deal with commotion there after several passengers became angry, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

Sacked security guard is charged with murder in his hospital bed after he ‘burst into $1.9m luxury apartment British doctor shared with his fiancee in Boston and slit their throats in revenge slaying’
Dr Richard Field and Dr Lina Bolanos were killed in their apartment on Friday
Dr Field texted a friend requesting help after warning of ‘a gunman in the house’
Moments later Bampumim Teixeira allegedly tied them up and slit their throats
30-year-old pleaded not guilty to two counts of murder in bedside arraignment
A man accused of killing two engaged doctors in their home and writing a ‘message of revenge’ on their wall has been charged before a judge at his hospital bedside.
Bampumim Teixeira, 30, was charged with two counts of murder as it emerged he used to work as a security guard at the luxury complex where his victims lived.

Gunman shoots 90-year-old woman after she scolds him for dropping CHICKEN BONES on the ground
It’s the strangest thing… two people were just walking down the street throwing their chicken bones in people’s yards like it was any other day. I’m trying hard to not say they must be in the ghetto… but seriously sounds like the hood. And of course the guy with the chicken bones proved it when he pulled out his gun…

FBI Study: Police Scared, Demoralized, Less Proactive Due To Left-Wing Anti-Cop Activism
The demoralization is in part due to the spike in attacks on police last year, which is partly driven by an anti-police narrative spread by the media and not discouraged by elected officials, the agency found.
The FBI report, which focused on “mindsets and behaviors,” broke down the thinking that inspired attacks on police, as well as the underlying factors that it believes drove them. In surveying assailants, there were two expressed reasons for their actions: “a desire to kill law enforcement,” and the fear that the assailant was “going to lose their freedom by going back to jail or prison.”


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Media Incest

Media incest

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If you can’t get this to embiggen enough to read it, try it here and use Ctrl-Plus to zoom.

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Oh the Irony!

2017_03 28 NYT 1984 tweet


  • I don’t think that book means what you think it means.
  • I don’t think hundreds of screens simultaneously playing the same political film is quite the protest vibe Orwell was aiming for.
  • Attendance is voluntary. Failure to attend will be noted in your file.


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Kids haven’t changed

Kids haven't changed

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Energy Independence for the WIN!

Obama’s climate change legacy took a major hit today when President Donald Trump put his signature to a new executive order.

The Obama Administration believed that energy independence, job creation, and economic growth had to be sacrificed to protect the environment.  The Trump Administration says that’s hooey; we can do it all.

  • The new order rescinds a number of Obama’s climate change orders, including the Interior Department-imposed coal moratorium and the 2013 Climate Action Plan.
  • It also directs every executive department and agency in the U.S. government to identify impediments to energy production.
  • Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which has been tied up in the courts, will be reviewed and possibly find itself on the chopping block.  Ditto the Clean Air Act.



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