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MASCOTS: Cruise Day!

From Mama Buzz: “We went on a cruise out of Valdez yesterday. We saw Columbia Glacier.”

“The crew fished some glacier ice out of the water for us to touch and hold.”

2018_07 27c Touching glacier ice Continue reading

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MASCOTS: Saying good-bye

Yesterday afternoon, they left their home town and today are enjoying a one-day cruise to see glaciers and wildlife. On, Saturday they say “so-long, can’t wait to come back” to the state that has been their happy home for six years.

Bunny has been very verbal about her anxieties and sadness. Mama helped her pick out an Alaska bracelet to help her with those feelings. Buzz’s autism makes it very hard for him to express himself and Bootz still doesn’t have enough language to say how he’s feeling either. The boyz comforted each other in the hotel.

Bridge crossing: You can see the Alaska Pipeline to the left.

0726181846 bridge pipeline

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July 20 from Mama Buzz: “Most of the house is packed and multiple crates have been loaded on to the truck.  Last night, after the excitement of staying at a hotel wore off, Bunny was laying in bed telling me she misses her home and she doesn’t want to leave. We talked about how we are all sad to leave and its ok to cry about it, but to also remember we have exciting things to look forward to with our move — mainly getting to see so much family more often! I’ve been reminding myself of this a lot too. Tomorrow, we have our good-bye potluck picnic at the park with whoever wants to see us one more time.  We have to clean the house, get it inspected, etc., then we’re going to do a day cruise to see glaciers and ocean wildlife before we leave. Lots of prayers please!”


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MASCOT UPDATE: Bootz is getting so big!

He climbed all the way up by himself.

2018_07 05 He climbed up by himself

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MASCOTS: Water Play

What better time to mess around with your water toys than right after it has rained?!

2018_06 10 Mascots Water play

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MASCOT UPDATE: This Week in Buzz Land

Bunny composed a beautiful little story. I’m so impressed. It has all the elements of a good story and she’s only in kindergarten! Plus, they don’t even have a dog. 🙂

“I took the dog to the vet. The dog is sick. The dog has a medicine. The dog gets his heart checked first. Now the dog gets his eyes checked. The dog gets his leg checked. The dog is sad because he wants to go home. The dog is mad because he wants a treat. I am waiting for the dog. The dog is happy to go home. The end.”

Bootz and Buzz got painted.

2018_05 26 Bootz Buzz paint

(Bunny and Mama did too, but their photos show their faces, so I can’t share them.)

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Lil Buzz was a champ at the dentist today, getting an extra tooth extracted. He spent the afternoon sleeping off the drugs.

2018_05 17 Buzz tooth out

Bunny graduated from kindergarten. We’re so proud of our little autistic granddaughter, who did just GREAT in her mainstream class this year! Also, she announces at least once a day, “I can’t see with my eyes closed.” So, the x-ray vision hasn’t kicked in yet. Good to know.

Bootz has been helping Mama Buzz get the gardens looking nice.

2018_05 16 Bootz gardening

Daddy Buzz is being transferred to a new duty station this summer.

Mama Buzz is alternating between freaking out over all the work ahead and mourning all the good friends they will leave behind.

Grammy Buzz is jumping up and down with excitement because they will be FOUR THOUSAND MILES CLOSER TO HOME!

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Mascot Update: Science and Math Are Fun

Buzz, Bunny, and Bootz had a great time with the full body bubble maker at the Children’s Museum.

2018_03 29 Mascots bubble maker

Bunny recently told Mama Buzz, “In 2110, I’m gonna be 99!” Man, has she got a head for dates and numbers! She’s only in kindergarten!!

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May the Fourth Be With You

Our own little “Star Wars Princess” arrived yesterday evening … safe, sound, and sporting loads of hair! She is our seventh grandchild and the sixth in a line of Second Daughters. The latter began more than a hundred years ago in Germany with my Great-Grandmother Dorothy whose Second Daughter was my Grammy Tina whose Second Daughter was my Mommy Ursula. And now my Second Daughter has had a Second Daughter! 🙂

2018_05 04 Margaret IMG_4823 Continue reading


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MASCOT UPDATE: Visit to the Ice Park

One of the cool things about living in Alaska!

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