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MASCOT UPDATE: Bootz goes to the dentist

Baby Bootz went with his sibs for their check-ups.  When Mama Buzz asked when she should start Bootz, the dentist said, “Well, let’s just do it now.”  Everything is fine.  His baby teeth are coming in correctly and he has no sign of cavities.

Here is Bootz in the kid-friendly waiting room.  It is a PEDIATRIC dentist, after all.  Mama loves the kids’ dentist and wishes he took adults too. LOL

BTW, Bootz is crawling, standing, cruising, and climbing stairs.


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Mascot Update: Cleaning

Bunny helped clear away the mountains of snow that fell on their home.


And Buzz helped clean up the abominable and expensive mess he made in the kitchen when certain parties of the husbandly persuasion did not put the Shakeology powder back in the cupboard.  Buzz likes to throw stuff.  I dunno if it’s a Buzz thing or an autism thing.


Mama Buzz can always be counted on to find the silver lining … eventually.

“While I was initially pissed, I am now just annoyed.  I decided to find positives while I was cleaning instead of stewing.  For example, my kitchen is getting a thorough cleaning.  Have you ever vacuumed a stove or oven?  I have!  Also, it was only half a bag Shakeology and not a whole bag.  And, I didn’t beat the crap out of my son.”

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Baby Bootz


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The Mascots Await the Messiah


I’d love to believe that Bootz is playing O Holy Night, but as Super Special as all of the PoliNation Mascots are, I think I’ll have to wait on that … maybe next year?!  🙂

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Trump named pro-life Governor Nikki Haley as his United Nations ambassador.  We hope and pray she can put a stop to the pro-abortion agenda that the Obama administration and other pro-abortion nations have tried to force on to the U.N.  Pro-life Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster will step up to take over the governorship of South Carolina.

Trump appointed another strong pro-life female, Betsy DeVos, to his cabinet as education secretary.  DeVos is also an advocate for school choice, a cause dear to my heart.

The CDC’s 2013 abortion stats are out, showing the lowest rate since 1971, two years before the U.S. Supreme Court forced legalized abortion on every state in the U.S.  Pro-lifers have been working hard getting laws passed, doing sidewalk counseling, holding prayer vigils in front of abortion clinics, and running pregnancy resource centers.

Happy Thanksgiving from Baby Bootz!!



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Today is Bunny’s fifth birthday!

Bootz and Bunny jam.


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This and that

I just had a checkup with mixed results. I had a bone density scan that showed my bones are really, really strong. I think it runs in my family. To my knowledge, no one in my immediate birth family ever broke a bone.

My anemia is slowly abating as my body makes new red blood cells to replace all that I lost in July when my body sprung a leak. I’m glad it’s getting better, but I’ll be thrilled when I hit normal so I can stop taking iron.

My thyroid tests were close to good, so he nudged my thyroxine up just a smidgen to one a day, plus two on Sundays.  Next round of blood work is in early January.

The cardio stress test showed all is normal, insofar as the test can show. I asked the cardiologist why, if my heart is so great, it hurts. He said, “I have no idea.” Oh. Yay. I was really hoping the test would show up something easy to treat that would improve my quality of life. Meh.

Worst news is my kidneys lost ground. I had gotten to 28% function (up from 14% when I was admitted to ICU for kidney failure). It dropped to 23.5% and I’m being packed off to see a kidney doctor.

Earlier this month, we had a family reunion to celebrate Warrior Princess’s pregnancy with our sixth grandchild! It was the first time since 2007 that all five of us were in the same place at the same time. Three of the five born grands attended, which was uber fun for Grammy and Nonno Hyphen.  We got to meet the youngest air breather, six month old Baby Bootz, for the first time.  He is such a sweet, happy baby!  Here he is enjoying his first plane ride.



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Me(dical) Update

So … it has been 2 months since I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance for what turned out to be kidney failure (EGFR 14 = normal is >60). Then I developed an internal bleed which left me anemic (Hemoglobin 7 = normal is >12). With all that, when I was discharged, I was so weak that I couldn’t stand without help, so Dearest rented a walker and a wheelchair.

My doctor had me in once a week for a while, then bi-weekly. I saw him Friday and he’s so pleased with my progress that my next appointment is a whole month away!

My kidneys are healing (EGFR 26.1), I’m making new red blood cells at a normal rate, and the internal bleeding has plugged itself up. We’ve also determined that I have hypothyroid, so I’m on Thyroxine, which is helping a lot.

The walker and wheelchair have been returned and I am now able to do a little bit of quilting, gardening, yoga, and light housework.  I had a bone density scan of my lower spine and hips, which is recommended for menopausal women, and I’m going to a cardiologist for a stress test to try and determine why I have heart pain. He’ll talk to me about the results of those two tests, plus the latest round of blood tests, when I see him in a month.

In the meantime, BIG NEWS!  Warrior Princess (dd#3) is expecting her first child (my 6th grandbaby!) and Mama Buzz (dd#1) and Army Princess (dd#2) are coming HERE for a baby shower in 3 weeks!!!  What with deployments and the long distances involved, I haven’t had all 3 of my girls here at the same time in 9 years!  I’m over the moon!!

ALSO, I’m going to meet Baby Boots and visit again with Army Princess’ two young uns.  EEK!  Besides the baby shower, we’re going to take the kids to the Science Center, go to a local apple farm where we can watch them make cider and doughnuts from scratch, and visit a pumpkin farm that has a bunch of fun stuff for families every autumn.  We took our girls to those places when they were young, so it will be nostalgic for us adults and fun for all.

I’m sorry not to have energy for blogging, but I’m focusing really hard on my physical recovery.  I put a lot of energy every day into healthy eating — preparing lots of organic food from scratch.  I’m also home juicing now, which I really enjoy, and I’m getting back into fermenting.  I’ve got the kombucha brewing regularly and I’ve made one batch each of sauerkraut and fermented salsa, but I’m buying my kefir for now. Baby steps!

I’m thrilled I can get out of the house again, but excursions take a lot out of me.  Now that I am not going to the doctor so often for exams and blood draws, I hope to make the grocery store a regular thing. It’s been wonderful for my mental health to shop, have a fun time with my Dearest, and see people.  They have electric carts and very little in the way of fragrances (so long as I stay out of the cleaning aisle), plus a fantastic carry-out section with amazing entrees and sides. We often get a meal and bring it home for date night, which gives us a big incentive to get those groceries put away lickety-split. “)

I am still trying to plow through all the accumulated emails and keep up with my personal banking and bills.  That seems to be the limit of my energy for computering at this point.  I’m getting tired and spacey now, just writing this bit, but I really wanted to share the good news from Friday’s doctor visit. In the meantime, here is one of the many super-cute pics Mama Buzz has taken of Baby Boots!  He’s so photogenic and a really healthy, easy baby.  I can’t wait to meet him!



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