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MASCOT BRAG: Bunny can use a needle and thread!

Bunny love, Love, LOVES to watch and play at being Doc McStuffins. This week-end, she did her first solo surgery!

2018_01 21 Doctor Bunny first solo surgery


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Grammy Giggles

My grand-kids have grown into LEGOs!! Best. Toy. Ever. Mama Buzz says, “Bunny is getting pretty good at following the Lego instructions without any help.”

2018_01 06 A LEGO

This is the LEGO section of Grammy and Nonno’s Toy Collection. We are very nice and let the kids and grand-kids play with our toys when they visit, but don’t think for a minute that we don’t play with them when they’re not visiting! LOL Especially the LEGOs.

My pink bucket filled up, so I just got us the clear plastic bucket for bricks. I’m keeping the instruction booklets and fiddly bits sorted into zippy bags in the pink bucket. I love being able to see the bricks and absolutely plan to order myself more bricks whenever I’m feeling in need of some self comfort. (It’s better for me than eating cookies!)

2018_01 01 New LEGO storage


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Today’s Feel Good Fix

Dearest and I are resting up after the WONDERFUL Christmas we had with GRANDKIDS!! Army Prince, Princess, and 2.5 offspring drove up from Texas and Warrior Princess and her son drove down from the Adirondacks. We were AWASH in wrapping paper and happy kids and food and love. It was fantabulous. And now we’re totally worn out! LOL

Mama Buzz sent me this YouTube with a tissue warning. You’ll need one!  I have NO idea how they figure out what prescription these wee ones need.  But clearly (see what I did there, “clearly” ha ha!), they can.  So heartwarming!

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Mascot Update: Bunny’s Toy Nativity

Mama Buzz suggested to Bunny that she make a nativity scene with her toys. This is what she came up with. (Joseph is really buff!) Baby Jesus’ blanket is a Holy Spirit prayer card. 🙂

2017_12 09 Bunny's toy nativity


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Happy Birthday to Lil Buzz!

Our eldest mascot turns EIGHT today!

2017_11 11 Buzz's bday

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Mascot Update: Airplane Day

Our Kidz got to board a plane, get buckled in, ride around as it taxied, then visit the cockpit! It was super fun!

2017_10 21 Airplane day - Bunny


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Gotta Love Bunny’s Class Art Project

I majored in Art History. How could I not LOVE my granddaughter’s class learning about Van Gogh?! The sign says:

We learned about the Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. We saw how he used swirls of thick paint to make the night sky in his “The Starry Night” painting. Like him we became painters, but instead of using brushes we used sporks and cotton swabs to make swirly-textured lines on our glossy finger-paint paper shaped into feathers. Our swirly feathers make up these wings with the help of all the kindergarten classes. It’s fun to be a painter!”

2017_10 13 Bunny's class art project


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Mascot Update: Bunny Writes

Bunny has mild autism and has been in special ed pre-school and getting therapy. She has made so much progress that, this fall, all her peeps decided she was ready to mainstream kindergarten (with some helps). We’re so proud of her. And check out what she did this week, entirely on her own! She didn’t copy anything and Mama Buzz didn’t tell her what words to write or how to spell them. Wow!

2017_10 12 Bunny writes

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