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Gotta Love Bunny’s Class Art Project

I majored in Art History. How could I not LOVE my granddaughter’s class learning about Van Gogh?! The sign says:

We learned about the Dutch painter, Vincent van Gogh. We saw how he used swirls of thick paint to make the night sky in his “The Starry Night” painting. Like him we became painters, but instead of using brushes we used sporks and cotton swabs to make swirly-textured lines on our glossy finger-paint paper shaped into feathers. Our swirly feathers make up these wings with the help of all the kindergarten classes. It’s fun to be a painter!”

2017_10 13 Bunny's class art project



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Mascot Update: Bunny Writes

Bunny has mild autism and has been in special ed pre-school and getting therapy. She has made so much progress that, this fall, all her peeps decided she was ready to mainstream kindergarten (with some helps). We’re so proud of her. And check out what she did this week, entirely on her own! She didn’t copy anything and Mama Buzz didn’t tell her what words to write or how to spell them. Wow!

2017_10 12 Bunny writes

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The Buzzers are such excellent parents! Check out the kids’ railing they all painted together.

2017_09 20 Railing

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MASCOT UPDATE: They’re just so darned CUTE!

Nurse Bootz giving his patient a sponge bath.

2017_09 07 Nurse Alex bathing doll

Autumn lasts about five minutes in Alaska, so the Buzzers made the most of it with a trip to the botanical gardens.

2017_09 16 W botanical gardens

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Lil Buzz made a ramp out of the xylophone, then dropped plastic beads on it to hear them play the notes.

2017_08 18 Bead Xylophone

In other news, we are SO PROUD of Bunny, who made the scary jump from Special Ed Pre-K to Mainstream Kindergarten!  She’s on the Autism Spectrum (though much less than Buzz), but has been doing SO WELL with her therapies and performance in school that Mama Buzz and all her peeps agreed she was ready!

She’s in the same classroom where she had summer classes, so is very comfortable there.  And she is still going to take the Special Ed bus with Buzz that she’s used to, have some extra help with a few things in the classroom, and go to Speech, Occupational, and ABA therapies after school.

But she totally ACED her Kindergarten academic evaluation.  She can count to 100; they only asked for 20!  LOL  And she knows her alphabet and can spell all three of her names, plus “Mom”, “Dad”, and her sibs’ first names.  So, between being accustomed to the whole school routine and being ahead on the academics, she’ll be able to focus on the social stuff that is her big autism-y challenge.

Gosh, it’s dusty in my office right now.


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MASCOT: Alaskan Summer

The season may be short, but the flowers love the long days. And Bunny loves the flowers. 🙂

2017_08 09 Alaska Summer

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MASCOTS: Another visit to the Children’s Museum

2017_08 03 Walter & Alex at Children's Museum

2017_08 03 Alessia Children's Museum

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Buzz and Bunny are learning about weather

2017_07 29 Weather chart

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